NEW Solution for Scars is your must- have medical cabinet staple and ultimate boo boo fixer!

Science of Skin (SOS) is a new, first to market solution focussed skincare treatment brand that really works!

Founded and developed by two leading cosmetic surgeons, the brand’s hero product – Solution for Scars is a multi-purpose wonder cream. After years of research and development, this little skin saviour is scientifically and clinically proven to reduce redness, scar thickness and the appearance of scars by over 40% . But, it doesn’t stop there, Solution for scars is also affective on a wide range skin complaints and issues.

Solution for Scars contains active ingredient, EGCG, which is an extract derived from green tea. This natural, but powerful ingredient penetrates the skin, soothing the itch and reducing the redness, ultimately working to heal the skin – changing the destiny of the skin post injury.

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