• Man’s Unbearable Ten-Year Skin Itch Cured by Green Tea Formula
  • New cream has cured the symptoms of man’s 10-year eczema condition
  • Used to scratch constantly and was left with bleeding and unsightly scarring
  • No longer feels the itch meaning skin has healed smoothly
  • First cream to work on skin’s healing response and is scientifically proven to shrink scars – by up to 40%

A 44-year-old service architect who spent ten years constantly scratching his skin due to two skin conditions has seen them disappear in a matter of weeks, thanks to a new, breakthrough, scientifically-developed cream. Previously, doctors had told Mark Cowley that nothing could be done for the conditions that had plunged him into a seemingly unbreakable itch/scratch cycle that left him with unsightly scarring and low self-esteem. Now he’s not only stopped scratching, but his skin is now clear.

Mark, who is married with two step-children, was diagnosed with seborrhoeic eczema in 2002. Seborrhoeic eczema usually causes irritation and scaling on the scalp and face, but in Mark’s case it affected his groin and both his legs. On top of eczema, Mark also developed Lichen Simplex Chronicus, a condition which meant that he was unable to stop scratching the affected areas, causing sleepless nights and deep scarring. Mark was given many treatments, whilst being told that nothing would cure his condition. It was only when Mark took up a friend’s offer to trial a new scientifically proven product Solution for Scars™ (, co-developed over two years by one of the world’s most published wound healing clinician scientists in collaboration with a leading plastic surgeon, that he finally saw improvement, and the conditions that had ruled his life for so long began to heal. Mark explains:

“The constant sensation of needing to scratch was, at times, unbearable and it would get to the point at which I would want to take a knife to my skin just to ease the discomfort. Obviously I never did, but that’s the level of desperation I was feeling. It really got me down; I was barely sleeping, and when I did, I woke up covered in blood as I would even scratch in my sleep. I was told by skin specialists that nothing could be done – that I would have this condition forever, and that the scarring was so deep-rooted that nothing would heal it. I tried so many lotions and potions that I have lost count! I even had Botox treatment in the hope that it would ease some of the intense itching sensations, and it worked to an extent, but not everywhere and obviously didn’t do anything about the scarring. When my friend told me she needed volunteers for a new scientific scar product, I jumped at the chance! Sceptical, maybe, as I had tried a lot of things in the past, but it was worth a shot. Little did I know that shot would change my life!”

Solution for Scars™ is a new breakthrough topical cream formulated after two years of research by clinician scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, based at the University of Manchester, and leading plastic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Based on a natural specific active green tea extract identified by their research, it is the world’s first topical treatment scientifically proven to work on the skin’s inflammatory response and shrink symptomatic (red, itchy, raised, inflamed) scars- by as much as 40%. This is significant as most of the currently available gels and oils that have been prescribed for decades, have limited scientific basis for their use. Rather than using the usual products available to coat and protect an already-formed scar, the team identified that active green tea’s unique properties start working effectively from early on. Thereby, the active extract addresses both the initial redness and irritation, as well as helping radically change the course of scar development- allowing for a completely different approach to scar management.

Once a wound is closed, the body naturally enters into an inflammatory phase. The skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Available scar treatments have historically provided mainly inert silicone-based formulations, with little scientifically proven data behind them. They only offer temporary relief, by sitting on the upper layer of the skin, acting as a barrier and trapping moisture. Most contain no active ingredients. A new evidence-based study, published this month in the Archives of Dermatological Research on the role of topical treatments and dressings in the management of scarring*, has reviewed the lack of data, and summarised concisely the ineffectiveness of some of these current treatments.

Designed to be applied as soon as the wound is closed, but also suitable for symptomatic scars whatever their age, which Mark also had owing to the length of his condition, Solution for Scars™ starts actively reducing irritable skin by immediately controlling the irritation and redness, enhancing the skin’s reparative response. On new scars, it minimises the appearance of the scar as it begins to develop and promotes healthier recovery as the skin can heal without interference from constant itching and uncomfortable symptoms. This results in a scar that appears smoother and less visible.

Mark continues:

“I have no qualms in saying that this cream has turned my life around. After two weeks, I had stopped scratching completely, for the first time in ten years. The scarring that had built up over those ten years began to disappear after just two months of using the cream. It works so much better than I would ever have dared imagine. There used to be a ten-inch section on the front of my left leg that was covered in scar tissue, now it is barely noticeable. The cream has completely removed my habitual requirement to scratch; I have broken a decade-long cycle. It has changed my life and restored my skin to what it used to be.”

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, who has given more than 450 presentations worldwide on the topic of wound repair and regeneration and published in excess of 390 original papers, reviews, scientific abstracts and book chapters, is an active member of the American Wound Healing and the European Tissue Repair Societies. As an international expert in Keloid scarring (an invasive, aggressive and recurrent scar type) he wanted to find a solution that combined the best that science and nature could offer. He explains:

“We are thrilled that Solution for Scars has provided Mark with relief from daily pain and discomfort and allowed his body to start naturally healing. Our research has broken the mould when it comes to effective products to make a significant difference in the successful management of scarring. Solution for Scars™ works differently and far more effectively than some of the existing products on the market. Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – and we now have the scientific evidence to back it up.”

Mr Douglas McGeorge, one of the most sought-after aesthetic plastic surgeons in the UK, had also noticed a lack of effective products on offer to patients after surgery. He explains:

“Solution for Scars is a first-aid kit essential for any bathroom cabinet. Based on naturally occurring actives, it’s as suitable for breast augmentation or facelift patients, as it is to children’s scraped knees or even skin conditions, such as Mark’s.”

Solution for Scars is available via priced at £18.99 for 30ml. The product, which is fragrance and paraben free, also includes microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

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