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Question? Which to use

There are different Solution creams, which would be the best recommended to use. I have had a scar from my epilepsy, trying to get rid of it by fading it out

Can you use it for bullous pemphigoid scars

Will it help fade bullous pemphigoid scarring

Relief from itching and dry skin.

A work colleague recommended Solution for Scars to me after I complained of itchy dry skin from eczema. After a few days of use the dry, red patches had disappeared and to .y relief my skin was less itchy. A really great product, soaked in quickly and no nasty smell or greasy residue like some other products I've tried. Will definitely keep using it.

Smooth skin with reduced breakouts - rosacea

I've used this for a couple of months with the cleanse no. one and I can't fault it. I have rosacea and using these two in conjunction with each other have really helped reduce redness and prevent breakouts. My skin has felt smooth with the tiniest bit of moisturiser and it has definitely reduced that heat in my skin that rosacea brings.

Mini but powerful

Very impressed with this, only used a day or two after a bite and it still helped reduce the itch and soreness well. Such a dinky bottle/dispenser it is super handy.

Fades redness, cleans without drying

Brilliant product that will now be part of my daily routine. I suffer from rosacea and tried this to see if it would help reduce my redness and breakouts. I did before and after pics but they don't do this justice as my raised capillary redness is still there. This has been super at reducing the peripheral redness, eliminating breakouts and keeping my skin clean and smooth without any drying out. I used in conjunction with rescue no. one.

C section scar

This is a lovely product which helped immensely with my c section scar.

Jelly Fish sting

I used this product on my Jelly Fish sting, I normally use it for mosquito bites on holiday but I had this with me so I tried it and I was impressed how much it reduced the raised sting and the burning sensation. The picture I took not long after it happened and I kept using it until the redness all went

Faster healing and very thin scar

Having had multiple medically required surgeries I was not new to scarring, however on this occasion my friend suggested trying Solution for Scars following the need to have full breast reconstruction. At my post op review, my surgeon commented on the speed of my healing and told me to continue using whatever it was I was trying this time. I am absolutely delighted with the results as I feel the scars are hardly noticeable

Solution for Scars™
Caroline Mooney
Breast surgery scar

I started to use this product following a friends recommendation when my stitches from breast surgery were tight and itchy and causing me discomfort. I woke up the following morning to find the redness and tightness had really calmed down which was much quicker than I expected. I continued to use every day and am really pleased with the really thin scar left behind which is barely visible.

Miracle Treatment

Science of Skin treatments have worked wonders for my skin. I use Rescue No.One in the morning and at night and have seen a huge difference to my complexion and spot scars. Highly recommend.

Magical Cream!

Thank you SOS for creating this magical cream, the results speak for themselves. From 3 weeks post C-section , my scar was minimal and keeps improving!

Fantastic Product For Teens

My daughter has been using this since she started to get breakouts and oily skin around 12/13 - her skin is pretty much always clear now! The fact it can been just left on or used as a wash is a win for a lazy teenager. Fab product.

Rescue No. One
Pier-Ann Milliard
Smoother skin!

This product really works. After one container of Rescue No. One, I saw a net difference in my skin. I use it twice a day, and I can tell the difference as my skin is smoother in texture, and my skin tone, even. I have WAY LESS darker spots caused by my acne and the texture of my skin (especially on my cheeks) is flattened and smoother! I love this product and will continue to use it until my skin heals completely and become perfect (to my eyes). I highly recommend this product. Thanks for helping me with my biggest struggle!

It seems to be working

Bought one of these as I have loads of red flat acne scars left from picking and squeezing my skin. My skin is fairly clear with the occasional spot but nothing budged the scars in over a year. Bought one bottle and it definitely seems to be working but I think you need to do it for a few months more to get a huge difference so I am buying my second bottle now.

Finally, something that really works!

I have quite red and scarred skin across my cheeks. I really noticed a difference, even after just a few days. Added bonus of softer feeling skin, and less oily.

I'm still hopeful

I've used this product just over 5 weeks as I had some spots back in May 2021 (writing this march 2022) that never healed properly, still renewing it's skin constantly, red and sometimes itchy. I've never experienced this before or after.
I was very excited when I saw this cream. I've used it multiple times a day, every day. Sometimes I feel like there is a change but looking at the before and after picture it's not obvious that there is any change at all. So sadly for me it looks like it's not what I need. But I will use it until the very last drop hoping something will change.

This is transforming my skin!

Having struggled with maskne and hormonal breakouts and trying nearly every product under the sun (and then some), I’m so glad to have found this product. My skin is clearer, more even and overall just happier! Highly recommend!

Best moisture

This moisturiser is the best on the market. I have been using for the last 12 months. My skin has stopped with the spot break ups I used to get. It also helps with spider veins and redness under the eyes. You only need to use a small amount and it really does go along way. Nice thick moisturiser that your skin can soak up in seconds. Not greasy at all your skin feels fantastic after application.

My skin feels amazing!

After finishing my course of roaccutane I suffered with a lot of acne scarring, very deep and very stubborn. I saw a difference within a month of using this product and I’m still using it everyday 2 years later. I now swear by this product, it makes my skin feel so smooth and reduces redness as well! .. would recommend to anyone suffering with stubborn acne scars. Loooove it


I have multiple surgery scars, I have noticed a big difference in the appearance of my scars, they’re less bumpy, no redness, the scars appearance is much smoother and faded. Just purchased a second bottle

Amazing product

I tried this product after hearing fantastic things. I'm always nervous about trying a new product on my face due to a lifetime of spot prone skin. Most products bring me out in a bad breakout, which ultimately creates more scars to deal with. The product is AMAZING. Not only have I had no negative reaction in the while time I have been using it, but my scarring is really fading. I use it morning and night as a moisturiser (something us blemish prone folk can be really anxious about!) and under my make up as a primer. Would highly recommend and will certainly be sticking with this cream! Thank you so much.

Very good indeed

I got this to help with a rash/redness and dry flaking skin area I get on my face, which is made worse by mask wearing. The CleanseNo One has helped a great deal in reducing the problem. I have used it for about a month and the results are very good the area has calmed down considerably and I think the signs are it will continue to get better.

Great product

Used it on two areas left after skin cancers removed. So far so wonderful! Scars are disappearing rapidly and no side effects. Very good indeed.

Post-op incision line from Aortic Valve Replacement

Emergency op for the above over Easter this year. Tried other products to keep the incision line moist and soft, with only varied success. Started using Scar Solution about 8 weeks ago. Area now less inflamed and bumpy, Easy and comforting to apply.