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Solution for Scars
Patricia Hodgson
Search for scar reduction

I had a blepharotomy in March, and have been researching scar treatments for my eyelids. I have been applying SOS scar cream for 10 days. Too soon to tell, but the scars are starting to smooth out.

Definitely worth a try!

I suffer really badly with mosquito bites. Tried this for the first time last summer and do think it helped to reduce the itchiness, if applied straight away. However I don’t think there’s anything out there that works 100% but this helps. Worth giving this a try!

Solution for Scars
claire walker

It seems to be clearly up the spots well.

It’s starting working after a month

Jury Out

Just over three weeks in with regard to the scar reduction cream. Perhaps it needs longer, but at present it looks no better than I would expected it to look if I had used nothing at all.

Cath Bailey

This is my third bottle, it’s incredible. I have acne scars and large pores, uneven skin tone but all healing and hardly any break outs since i started using this

Solution for Scars
Judith Ann Briggeler

Hi l found this to be the best cream for my scars

Solution for Scars
Emma Nicholson
It works!

I use this religiously on my breast uplift scars and have a marked difference from use. Now on my second bottle. Would highly recommend.

Solution for Scars
Karla Patman

I’ve been using the scar improvement cream for just over a month and can see visible changes already.
The scar on my face is due to having skin cancer removed approximately a year ago.
I have added a picture to show just how much it has improved the look!

Put this on a fresh flea bite and a few hours later it was gone! Helps soothe the itching really well.

Dina Campbell

A very nice moisturiser and has cleared my skin problem so glad I ordered this cream

No red bits


Solution for Scars
Sanchia Hylton-Smith
Not effective for me

I had a cyst on my shoulder which left a scar once it had drained. I used this twice a day for a month, as directed. I took before and after pictures. There is little discernable difference sadly. It is a bit lighter but for the price of this I'd hoped for a better result.

Angela Venniker

I dont think the products do what they say to be very honest. I have tested the solution of scars and it doesnt do anything more to a new scar than if i didnt use it. I use the rescue one more as a moisturizer but again it doesnt have the affect thats advertised. Im hoping if i continue using it then something will change but who knows. It has been a while now.

Solution for Scars
Ancilla Mendonca
The best product

Recently I had Chicken pox and my face had deep scars. I came across Science of Skin and read the reviews. I have started applying for 3 weeks now twice a day and there is huge difference in before and after. It has lighten the scars and look more clearer complexion. Happy to see my face in the mirror as it gives me that confidence to step out for work.
I would continue for 2 more months to achieve better results. Overall I am convinced and happy to recommend it to anyone looking for reducing old or new scars. It works it's magic. Also I had no itching or redness after applying. Small amount of dot of cream works wonders.

Many Thanks SOS

Breast Care Kit
Sharron Ferguson
Breast Care Kit

Great product as this really helped my skin condition after surgery, visible results from first day of use. Thank you !

Kate Procter
Incredible Product

I've been using it now for around one month and the difference in my skin is amazing. I've also purchased the Cleanse No 1, foaming cleanser which cleans my skin wonderfully without stripping it. Well done on these products, SOS team! My only observation is that it would be great if the Rescue No. 1 came in a much larger size to cut down on the amount of single use plastic. Maybe a 100ml size?

Rescue Cleanser 150ml
Florence Chaplin
Love this product!

This product has helped my skin so much as a teenager!I love this cleanser

Solution for Scars
Kylie Rathbone
Recent surgery scars & dry skin

Within 24hrs of using your cream the skin around my recent surgery was moisturised and all the dryness was gone. I’ve been using it on the scars too and all seems to be healing really well. Only been using it two weeks so far, but I am very impressed so far.

A Real Find

I am always getting bitten by mosquitos and gnats, in fact my family reckon that bugs home in on me and call me the bug feeding station! My granddaughter also suffers. Your bites solution really works and goes everywhere with me. It works far better than antihistamine creams. A real find.

Your product is wonderful!

In late September 2022 my Mum had to have a biopsy on the side of her nose, as there was a suspicious patch of skin. It was early October before the results came back and the diagnosis was a pre cancerous Solar Keratosis. The skin was very sensitive and in trauma after the stitches were removed & then cryotherapy treatment was needed.

As you can see the photos were quite traumatic.

I ordered the first scar gel in September for my Mum, after seeing your product on Google. Hoping it would help to heal as soon as possible.

She used it in between having the stitches removed & before the cryotherapy. Then as soon as the blistering from cryotherapy settled down, she massaged in your scar gel. It really helped so much.

In fact I ordered another! Your product is wonderful & helped heal her skin back to normal again!

Thank you 🙏 😊

Thank you for creating such a wonderful solution!

Last year I was shocked to discover I had a giant ovarian cyst 18cm x15 cms and would need a hysterectomy. My operation took place on the 30th August 22.

My incision was large and has left me with a 20cm scar vertically down my abdomen.

Once the staples were out and the scabs had gone (approx 3-4 weeks post operation) I started to use Solution for scars daily morning and evening. My scar has healed so well, it is soft all of the way down with just one small bit at the top that has a little hard scar tissue. I continue to put the cream just on that bit and it is getting softer. I am so pleased with the cream and amazed with the result. I thought I would be worried about how the scar looked but it isn’t really that noticeable already.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful solution!

Recommended to me by my surgeon

I had surgery last year with quite an extensive scar. Your scar cream was recommended to me by my surgeon. I was dubious at the start. But your scar cream was amazing definitely reduced the appearance of the large scar very quickly. I found your product worked very well for what it claims to do.

This product really works wonders

I bought the scars solution for my son when he had chicken pox. I used it from the beginning to help healing the scabs and it was amazing! They were healing so much quicker and no scars. Also, he had one small scar in his forehead as he lost the scab when he went swimming and I started using the lotion on it every day, for my surprise it started building like a net on top of his scar and then it was closed completely, leaving the area smooth and clear. This product really works wonders.

The difference was dramatic!

I purchased solution for scars to help my daughters skin after chicken pox, the difference was dramatic!

I was pleased to then pass on the remaining to a dear friend with scarring after an breast operation. She was over the moon and loved the results.