• World’s first topical treatment developed from actives scientifically proven to ‘shrink’ scars – by as much as 40%
  • Co-developed by leading plastic surgeon to help patients heal well from operations
  • Works wonders in relieving symptoms of chicken pox resulting in smooth recovery

In a surprising yet welcome twist, the world’s first topical treatment developed from actives scientifically proven to shrink problem scars and co-developed by one of Britain’s foremost plastic surgeons looking for better skin healing solutions for his patients, has become the must-have remedy for parents treating children’s scrapes, injuries and even chicken pox blemishes.

Created alongside one of the world’s most published wound healing clinician scientists, the cream unveiled by the specialist duo works far more effectively than over the counter remedies on the market – and its unique, active ingredient is completely natural.

A specific active green tea extract identified by their research has been proven to counteract the redness and itchiness felt as skin heals, and has also been proven to actually shrink existing, symptomatic scars by as much as 40%. This is significant as most of the currently available gels and oils that have been prescribed for decades, have been shown in academic studies to have limited scientific basis for their use – in fact, they do little other than sit passively on the surface of the scar.

The ground breaking research led by scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat (clinician scientist based at the University of Manchester), in collaboration with Mr Douglas McGeorge, a former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has demonstrated that this particular active form of green tea extract allows a completely different approach to scar management. Instead of the usual products which simply coat a scar, the team identified that the properties of this unique ingredient start working from early on, radically changing and accelerating the course of healing. The product addresses the initial redness and irritation, as well as helping to alter the usual course of scar formation.

Emma Blackman, a marketing consultant from Lancashire, used it on her daughter Martha, who is one and a half years old, (above) whilst she suffered with chicken pox. She was thrilled with the results:

“I know from my own chicken pox scars and from reading up on the condition that the skin is usually scarred from scratching. I started applying the cream to Martha as soon as her spots had scabbed, which is when the itching response really kicks in. The relief to her suffering was immediate. Usually to get Martha to lie down and stay still is a task in itself, however she was so relieved to feel the cream soothe her skin and calm the itching she barely moved as I applied it! The relief the cream offers then meant she wasn’t scratching and her skin healed in a smooth way, resulting in no scars at all. I can’t recommend this product enough.”.

How it works:

Once a wound is closed, the body naturally enters into an inflammatory phase. The skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Available scar treatments have historically provided mainly inert silicone-based formulations, with little scientifically proven data behind them. They offer only temporary relief by sitting on the upper layer of the skin, acting as a barrier and trapping moisture – most contain no active ingredients.

Designed to be applied as soon as the wound or spot is closed, or on existing scars that are still symptomatic (red, itchy, hot), Solution for Scars™ by Science of Skin ( starts actively controlling the irritation and redness, enhancing the skin’s reparative response and thus already minimising the appearance of the scar as it begins to develop. It has a direct effect on its progression and promotes healthier recovery, as the skin can heal without interference from constant itching and uncomfortable symptoms, resulting in a smoother healing process and a scar that appears less raised or visible than it would have done otherwise.

As an international expert in skin health and scarring and one of the most published clinicians worldwide on the topic of wound healing and skin scarring, Dr. Ardeshir Bayat wanted to find a solution that combined the best that science and nature could offer. He explains:

“We are thrilled that Solution for Scars is not only a must-have for post-operative wound healing but also an essential medicine cabinet must-have for day to day cuts, scrapes and blemishes such as caused by chicken pox. Although the use of green tea may seem commonplace, ours is a specific ingredient made up of many different compounds and the formula induces a completely new outcome. Its early intervention has been proven to change the course of scar formation, a concept that had never been contemplated previously. Solution for Scars™ works differently and far more effectively than the existing products on the market. Solid research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – with scientific evidence to back it.”

The product, which is fragrance and paraben free, also includes microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

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