World First: New Studies Shows Effectiveness of Natural Substance Scientifically Verified to Shrink Scars.

It would be unusual to encounter surgeons; whose tools to help our skin recover from wounds and incisions have long involved high-tech sutures, pristine needlework, lasers and topical silicone gels; waxing lyrical about the properties of ancient medicinal treatments going back millennia. Yet one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and an internationally acclaimed wound healing scientist are doing just that: having scientifically proven for the first time ever the undisputed power of one particular natural ingredient over than the sophisticated oils and gels that have been prescribed for decades – and for which there is limited scientific basis for their use.

By scientifically investigating the properties of ancient remedies, one of Britain’s foremost plastic surgeons alongside one of the world’s most published clinician scientist (with expertise in wound healing) from the UK have evaluated one of the world’s first scientifically proven treatment for scars – and it’s completely natural. Whilst green tea has been consumed in the Far East for generations and traditionally recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, a specific active green tea extract identified by their study, is proven to actually shrink scars. It is now one of the active ingredients in Solution for Scars™ ( a brand new over-the-counter treatment launching this month.

A ground breaking long-standing research programme led by surgeon scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, in collaboration with consultant plastic surgeon Mr Douglas McGeorge, a former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has revealed that this particular active form of green tea extract may allow a completely innovative approach to scar management. Rather than using the usual products available to coat and protect an already-formed scar, the team discovered that active green tea’s unique properties start working effectively from early on, during healing of a scar. Thereby, the active cream addresses both the initial redness and irritation as well as helps change the course of scar development.

Once a wound is closed, the body naturally enters into an inflammatory phase. The skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Available scar treatments have historically provided mainly inert silicone-based formulations, with little scientifically proven data behind them. They only offer temporary relief, by sitting on the upper layer of the skin, acting as a barrier and trapping moisture. Most contain no active ingredients. A new, evidence-based review, published this month in the Archives of Dermatological Research, on the role of topical treatments and dressings in the management of scarring,* has reviewed the lack of data and summarised concisely the ineffectiveness of some of these current treatments.

Solution for Scars is designed to modify the different stages of the healing process and focusing on the remodelling stage of scar development. It is applied as soon as a wound is healed, when the stitches are removed. , Solution for Scars™ alters the cellular response to healing, controlling the irritation and redness, enhancing the skin’s repairing response and minimising the appearance of the scar as it begins to develop. It has a direct effect on the progression of scar formation and promotes healthier recovery. The skin can heal without interference from constant itching and uncomfortable symptoms, resulting in a smoother, less visible scar.

As an international expert in Keloid scarring (an invasive, aggressive and recurrent scar type) and one of the most published scientists worldwide on the topic of cutaneous wound healing, Dr Ardeshir Bayat wanted to find a solution that combine the best that science and nature can offer. He explains:

“Although the inclusion of green tea may seem common, it’s an ingredient made up of many different compounds. We’ve been developing the research into various individual components of green tea and, following exhaustive experimentation, we identified a particular extract, which is the key active ingredient in our effective formula called Solution for Scars. In contrast to the treatment options on the market, our formula induces a completely new outcome for healing. This promotion of early intervention has been proven to change the course of scar formation, a concept that has not been contemplated previously.”

Douglas McGeorge, one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the UK, who has worked in close collaboration with Dr Bayat, in this research, had also noticed a lack of effective products on offer to patients after surgery. He explains:

“Patients could be treated by the world’s best surgeon yet most will focus on the visible aspect of lasting scars. Marketing constantly bombards people with the dream of having ‘perfect skin’ and the look of conspicuous scars is undesirable. As well as producing the must-have product for the household medicine cabinet, our research has been directed to help surgeons provide the best aftercare treatments possible; to enhance the effects of their work! Solution for Scars™ provides a better outcome both symptomatically and visibly. As it’s based on naturally occurring actives, it can be affordable to everyone – as suitable to breast augmentation or facelift patients, as it is to children’s scraped knees.”

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, who has given more than 450 presentations worldwide on the topic of wound repair and regeneration and been published in excess of 390 original papers, reviews, scientific abstracts and book chapters and who is an active member of the American Wound Healing Society and the European Tissue Repair Society, continues:

“Our research has broken the mould when it comes to effective products to make a significant difference in the successful management of skin scarring. Solution for Scars™ works differently and far more effectively than some of the existing products on the market. Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – and we now have the scientific evidence to back it up.”

The product, which is fragrance and paraben free, also includes microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

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