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Science of Skincare: what is EGCG?

Science of Skincare: what is EGCG?

In the latest of our myth-busting, Science of Skincare blogs, our co-founder and internationally recognized renowned skin and wound healing biologist, Dr Ardeshir Bayat, gives us the lowdown on the ingredients used in our Science of Skin products

What is EGCG?
It is a unique and potent extract of green tea called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, but more commonly known as EGCG.

What are the skincare benefits of EGCG?
It is nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant and has a significant impact on our skin’s healing processes.
Our own previous studies carried out at the University of Manchester demonstrated that EGCG can significantly reduce skin scarring and can even shrink keloid scars by up to 40%.

How does EGCG work?
When you skin is damaged, it can often get stuck in a healing cycle. Mast cells rush in and help to protect the body and create an inflammatory response to the injury. At the same time your body also starts forming new blood cells in a process known as angiogenesis.
If the angiogenesis and mast cells processes, which are both markers of inflammation, are prolonged they often leave your skin scars (and you!) red and angry.
Our research found that EGCG reduced the signs of prolonged angiogenesis associated with the injured skin, which in turn reduced redness, soreness and excessive irritation.
Additionally, mast cells were shown to be significantly lower when treated with EGCG compared with those treated with a placebo cream.

Which Science of Skin products contain EGCG?
All of them. It is our signature ingredient and in its current combination formulation it is unique to Science of Skin formulations.

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