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Solution for Bites™

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Soothe and calm the effect of bites as soon as you are bitten.

Combining effective, scientifically proven ingredients, Solution for Bites™ is a fast-drying, no-mess formula in a small, handy rollerball applicator, which offers your family quick relief after being bitten.

Featuring a cooling and hydrating base of Aloe vera, plus EGCG – a clinically proven, naturally active ingredient found in green tea.

This powerful pocket solution tackles bites fast, working with your skin’s own recovery processes.​

Fragrance, paraben and alcohol free.

Ideal for insect bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges, as well as nettle stings.

142 in stock

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Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

Our superhero ingredient! Clinically proven to reduce redness, this incredible extract helps to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Pro Vitamin B5

Supporting skin repair and improving skin condition.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice base cools and hydrates the skin.

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Insect Bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges Insect Bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges
Nettle Stings Nettle Stings
Star Rating

Bites Away

Joanne Rowlands on July 31st 2018*

Small and neat roller ball container to fit in even the smallest of handbags to help with the sting and itch of those nasty mozzie/midge bites

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This Product Works…

Joanne Lister on August 25th 2017*

Extremely fast dispatch and delivery. Applied to insect bite on my leg and it completely stopped the itching for 12 hours. Re applied as soon as it started itching. Within 2 days the bite had healed. Excellent result. No smell, dries quickly and small size so can carry easily in handbag. Free sample of Solution For Scars enclosed which I used on my husbands Hip Replacement scar, this now looks like a scratch and not a scar. Would definantly recommend both products.

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Beat those Bites

Reveal magazine on July 27th 2017*

The 5ml bottle is the perfect size to take out and about this summer.

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Ditch the itch

Bella magazine on July 14th 2017*

Natural, skin soothing remedies.

Star Rating

And WOW does it work…..instantly!

CountryWives - the online magazine for discerning older women on July 12th 2017*

This solution contains Active EGCG Green Tea extract and Pro Vitamin B5 which soothes and calms the effects of bites and stings on the skin. And WOW does it work…..instantly!

It is ideal for insect bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges, as well as nettle stings.

Why was it not around when I had young children?

All of my family suffer from a irritating reaction to mosquito bites so I think I will be ordering these little sting-savers in bulk for my whole family.

Star Rating

No more itching

The Diary of a Beauty Addict on June 14th 2017*

No more itching all night after a day in the sun! I was bitten again in the garden yesterday but thanks to this I had no itching and no swollen bite mark! Heaven!

Star Rating

…calm the itch

Balance Magazine on June 13th 2017*

If you are prone to being bitten by mosquitos, calm the itch with natural plant extracts, including EGCG and aloe vera

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Instant relief from itching

Emma D on May 03rd 2017*

I have always had terrible reactions to insect bites. My skin breaks out in large, red and very unattractive welts (usually all over my legs). Apart from looking revolting, the itchiness drives me to distraction. A friend recommended I try Solution for Bites and it worked a treat, stopping the maddening itch almost straight away. I would definitely recommend for anyone who reacts to bites like I do.

Mosquito bite scars

Annie Silcock on February 14th 2017*

Whilst on holiday I was really badly bitten by mosquitoes and then suffered an allergic reaction to the bites. I was concerned that the bites would mark my skin. Within days Solution for Scars worked incredibly well at reducing the redness of the bites and I have been left with no visible scaring. I would highly recommend the cream for quickly reducing the redness of mosquito bites.