Scars – What the Expert Has to Say

Throughout our lives, our bodies go through a lot. From cuts and grazes, to surgery and acne, trauma to the skin can occur at any age, and the subsequent damage of the dermis causes an inflammatory response which often leads to scarring.

But what are scars, why do they form, and what can be done to reduce their visibility and improve their overall health? Award winning Dermatologist and founder of Science of Skin, Douglas McGeorge, unveils the facts as well as revealing that intervention during the scar healing process is better than leaving them to heal naturally as some believe to be more effective…

Why do we get scars?

Scars are the result of an imperfect inflammatory healing process, designed to heal wounds as quickly as possible. The process, unlike regeneration, leaves marks in the tissues – scars.

Why do scars go red?

Scars have an increased blood supply during the healing phase and it is the colour of the blood which makes them pink; in the same way as our cheeks go pink when we blush.

Why do scars itch, how can we stop this?

Chemicals secreted by the inflammatory cells create the itching associated with wounds; notably histamine, secreted by mast cells. Traditionally this was treated by anti-histamines. Solution for Scars and Solution for Stretch Marks provide a radically new way of reducing the irritation, by reducing the number of mast cells.

Will a scar disappear completely / how long does it take for a scar to heal?

Scars never disappear but the redness and stiffness lessen with time. Most scars have matured by a year, Solution for Scars reduces the thickening of scars and the redness, speeding up the process.

Why are we told to leave scars, when prevention can lead to a less visable scar?

Until Solution for Scars and Solution for Stretch Marks were created, there were no scientifically proven treatments that improve the appearance of scars. Silicone creams and oils keep moisture in a scar which makes them feel more comfortable, however they will not improve the appearance of the scar. Rather than leaving the scar to heal naturally, as most people assume, applying Solution for Scars will ultimately leave the scar less visible and more comfortable.

An award-winning plastic surgeon and one of the leading surgeons in the UK, Douglas McGeorge, has a wealth of surgical experience both within the NHS and private sector.

Douglas founded Science of Skin to focus scientific research looking at skin health and scarring, taking natural active ingredients and combining them with cutting-edge skin health science to create a range of products that are scientifically proven to work and improve skin health.

“As a plastic surgeon, scarring is one of the final frontiers to optimising results. Solution for Scars is a break-through product that actually alters the inflammatory response to injury, often so detrimental to perfect healing.”

  • Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation of scars
  • Formulated with EGCG, an active extract of green tea, for its natural healing abilities
  • Can be used on surgical scars, bumps and grazes, C-section scars, and accidental scars.
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