Do you find your face a little ruddy after an alcoholic drink? You’re not alone – nearly 500,000 people worldwide suffer the effects of a phenomenon known as ‘alcohol flush’. Many think of this redness as an unavoidable result of a glass of wine, however it can be shunned and there is treatment. Science of Skin founder and plastic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge divides the facts from the fiction…


FACT: Alcohol flush is the result of a genetic disorder. People who flush after they’ve been drinking suffer from a condition called Alcohol Flush Reaction (AFR)

FICTION: This only affects those of Asian heritage Although the first studies were done in Asia, and it is commonly referred to as ‘Asian Flush’, it has the ability to affect anyone who consumes alcohol. However it does effect 36% of those from North-East Asia

FACT: Flushing occurs due to toxins found in alcohol. The redness is caused by a build-up of a toxin, acetaldehyde, which is created through the metabolism of alcohol in the body

FICTION: Redness after a drink can’t be solved

Solution for Scars, a revolutionary product containing anti- oxidant EGCG, has been shown to help reduce the redness in the skin. The redness is caused by vaso-dilation of the small blood vessels, and Solution for Scars calms this response
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