Harry Amelia * - Stretch Marks

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Big Brother star Harry Amelia described the stretch marks on her stomach following the birth of her first child as as a “car crash belly”. The model was concerned about the effect the stretch marks would have when she went back to work. She said: “But with my primary source of income coming from being a model it makes me worry for the future once my maternity leave is over. “But I’m determined to get my body back, albeit slowly, and get back to work so I can provide for my son and give him a future I could only dream of as a child.” However, after several week treating her stretch marks with Solution for Stretch Marks, from Science of Skin, she was delighted with the results. Posting on her Instagram channel, she wrote: “How good is @scienceofskinuk?! Stretch marks almost gone!! Kapowww.” She told Science of Skin: “It is absolutely amazing stuff. It’s also worked miracles on my nephew’s scars from his cleft lip operation – actually better than the silicon cream the hospital gave my sister. She couldn’t believe it.


"How good is @scienceofskinuk?! Stretch marks almost gone!! Kapowww."

Harry Amelia, Big Brother star

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