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At Science of Skin we are committed to developing the most effective skincare solutions possible. Over the last 6 years, building on years of our own scientific research, we have developed a range of clinically proven, solution-focused skincare that get real results.

Analysing and independently testing ingredients, we have taken the very best from science and nature to develop products that our customers come back to time and again as reliable solutions for a range of skincare issues.

Founded by one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons Douglas McGeorge OBE with our roots firmly in science and skin health. Years of collaboration with a leading skin scientist and a desire to address unmet scarring solutions resulted in the development of the breakthrough cult scar treatment cream, Solution for Scars.

Since 2016 the range has grown to include a maternity stretch mark range, Solution for Bites and our award-winning range for Acne Scarring and problem skin.

Love Your Skin

Natural · Cruelty Free · Vegan

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