Mark* - Eczema Scars

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Mark, who is married with two step-children, was diagnosed with seborrhoeic eczema in 2002. Seborrhoeic eczema usually causes irritation and scaling on the scalp and face, but in Mark’s case it affected his groin and both his legs. On top of eczema, Mark also developed Lichen Simplex Chronicus, a condition which meant that he was unable to stop scratching the affected areas, causing sleepless nights and deep scarring. Mark was given many treatments, whilst being told that nothing would cure his condition. It was only when Mark took up a friend’s offer to trial  Solution for Scars™ , that he finally saw improvement, and the conditions that had ruled his life for so long began to heal. Mark explains:

“The constant sensation of needing to scratch was, at times, unbearable and it would get to the point at which I would want to take a knife to my skin just to ease the discomfort. Obviously I never did, but that’s the level of desperation I was feeling. It really got me down; I was barely sleeping, and when I did, I woke up covered in blood as I would even scratch in my sleep. I was told by skin specialists that nothing could be done – that I would have this condition forever, and that the scarring was so deep-rooted that nothing would heal it. I tried so many lotions and potions that I have lost count! I even had Botox treatment in the hope that it would ease some of the intense itching sensations. It worked to an extent, but not everywhere and obviously it didn’t do anything about the scarring. When my friend told me she needed volunteers for a new scientific scar product, I jumped at the chance! Sceptical, maybe, as I had tried a lot of things in the past, but it was worth a shot. Little did I know that shot would change my life!

"I have no qualms in saying that this cream has turned my life around. After two weeks, I had stopped scratching completely, for the first time in ten years. The scarring that had built up over those ten years began to disappear after just two months of using the cream."

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