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Thrilled to bits! - Tricia

January 26th 2016

I had three moles removed off my face and so was a little worried about how the scars would look – even though they are only small. I was fortunate to have the founder of this company, Dr McGeorge, as my surgeon and it was suggested that I try this to improve the look of the scars. I have been amazed at how great my face looks after only a few weeks – with make-up the scars cannot be seen at all! I had the surgery done at the beginning of a two week holiday and no-one has noticed that I have had anything done when I have gone back to work! A little bit of the lotion goes a long way, is absorbed easily and causes no adverse reaction. I began to use it once the stitches were out and apply it three times a day and have seen a big improvement. It is still early days but I have no reason to think that the scars will not continue to fade with this product.

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