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Review for Solution for Scars - Andrea

November 12th 2018

I may not be the best person to review this product because I’m hopeless at consistently using a cream once per day, let alone twice per day and then massaging it in for a minute, as per the guidance for this product. I did apply the product twice a day for the first few days, then once per day for the next few days and tried to massage it in for a minute on each occasion. But I have to admit that usage since has dwindled to only now and then when I can motivate myself to do so – which isn’t very often! I was using it on several small but rather thick, pink scars left by insect bites on my feet/ankles which happened about 3 weeks before getting the product. Due to my not applying the cream for long in line with the guidance and also as the instructions say it may take 6 months to notice a significant difference, it’s probably not valid/fair for me to accurately review the product. However, I did think the scars seemed to heal and reduce in size/pinkness more quickly than if I’d not used the produce or if I’d just used an ordinary antiseptic cream, for example, based on experience with other scars previously.

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