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Reducing problems of keloid tissue - Jacqui

December 21st 2016

I developed very painful keloid scar tissue following major surgery; this was removed when I required further surergy 9 months later. The use of silicon dressings prevented the keloid tissue developing again while in use but once stopped it quickly developed once more, as painful as ever. I was prescribed silica gel to use which helped reduce the discomfort to an extent. About 12months later I began treatment with steroid injections along the length of the scar, roughly every 6wks for the following 12months. These reduced the extreme discomfort and size of the scar but without applying silica gel twice a day it soon became itchy and uncomfortable again. On changing to Solution for Scars it ititially became slightly itchy but very quickly settled down. This is a scar of longstanding and I certainly didn’t expect it to disappear over night.

I was so impressed with the results that I am now on the 2nd container of the cream. Not only is it far easier and more pleasant to use than the silicon gel but it has reduced the redness of the scar noticeably. Unfortunately photographs do not do it justice – but how it looks has always been the least of my concern! Being along the length of the sternum it is seldom on show and as I have fair skin the scar is best kept out of the sun anyway. It is the resulting ‘comfort’ of being able to wear clothes without irritation; being able to use a car seatbelt without pain and the absence of itching that to me are the greatest improvements. In fairness, the steroid injections had greatly helped but the scar was still raised, very red and without the silica gel quickly became itchy again. The cream has soothed and reduced the scar further and I shall continue to use the cream for as long as it is necessary. If the scar reduces further in the amount that it is raised, then this will be an added bonus – but comfort wise I couldn’t be happier!

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