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Highly Recommend - Mary Hernon

October 02nd 2015

As a consultant gynaecologist who recently became a patient, I highly recommend Science of Skin’s Solution for Scars. I used it to great effect on the scars I sustained during treatment for breast cancer. The scars are now pale and flat. I also used it on my skin after radiotherapy. It is fragrance-free which is essential when you feel unwell. It absorbs quickly and easily and is very soothing. Previously, I had been using aqueous cream, 1% hydrocortisone ointment and bio oil. I like the use of green tea extract and magnolia bark in solution for scars. It was good to know that the solution was having an effect at the cellular level so I was positively aiding my recovery by using it. I was reassured that the solution had a robust scientific basis because it was developed by a consultant plastic surgeon and by a clinical scientist who has many published papers on scarring and healing in human skin.

Miss Mary Hernon
Consultant paediatric, adolescent and adult gynaecologist

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