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Fantastic - Samantha

March 17th 2020

This product is fantastic!!!!!!
I have suffered with spots since a teenager and am now an adult in my forties and still suffering!!!!
Over the years I have spent a fortune on various products, promising to do wonders and aid my skin to heal better. Many did not work or did little. I have used both Solution for Scars and Rescue No One and have been amazed at the results. These products REALLY WORK well on old and new scars. If I use them on new healed spots, within a week I have no redness at all!!!! It’s really boosted my self confidence as I can see my skin improving daily. Also, I do not feel dread if I get a spot because I know I won’t have the long lasting redness affect.
I highly recommend this product.
Excellent results, if used as instructed.
Brilliant value for money.
Fantastic customer service.
Safe, natural ingredients.

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