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Excellent - Oliver

September 15th 2020

Two years ago I had an operation That left two large scars on my chest. The scars became very large and hypertrophic, and nothing I tired seemed to help. Eventually, my surgeon actually did a second operation to revise the scar in the hope that second time around things wouldn’t heal so badly. He told me to use a silicone tape for four months after the revision op. This did help, and the scars did not stretch but they still became raised and very red. I stumbled across Science of Skin’s website via Instagram. I purchased the Solution for Scars and have been very impressed!!
I have only been using the Solution for Scars for two weeks and I can already see a difference – raised parts of the scars already softening and flattening. I can’t wait to see how they look after a few months use of this product! I will be repurchasing and would recommend this to anyone who wants to diminish the appearance and discomfort of scars. Excellent!

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