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Awesome for even old scars! - Faye Jones

August 19th 2015

I ended up with an unsightly, bumpy scar after a suspicious lump was removed from my arm and the surgery had to be repeated and for nearly 20 years though nothing more could be done for it.

That is until I started using Solution for Scars.

Gradually, I could feel the lumps, bumps and ridges of the scar smoothing out and the appearance improving, to the point now where my arm is smooth and apart from where the incision was originally made, which has diminished in colour and size, the remainder of the ‘scar’ has gone. I say ‘scar’ because it’s virtually no longer there!

I would highly recommend this product to people with both old and new scars as the improvement for me, after 18 years has been miraculous. I am so chuffed!

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