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Acne and sun damaged skin

Anonymous May 23rd 2017

I have suffered from Acne and sun damaged skin for years and years – I must have tried hundreds of different products but nothing was getting Rid of my sun damage red patches and acne! Scar – science of skin was my last trial before going to have a laser treatment and omg! What a result!!!! I am getting compliments after compliments – I have a higher self confidence – o smile mor, don’t have to walk with my head down anymore – what a result in 2 weeks !!!

I had visible veins on my nose ! Could see the red veins and today I don’t need any make up cover – cause they all gone! My only request is DO NOT USE with make and use only very tiny bit will still work!! What an amazing product – my only con is – this product needs more suppliers and advertisement – there are hundreds of people like me who needs help!! Fame is very important !!!

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