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What our customers say...

Star Rating

Great product

Jan Frazer April 26th 2021*

Used it on two areas left after skin cancers removed. So far so wonderful! Scars are disappearing rapidly and no side effects. Very good indeed.

Star Rating

Post-op incision line from Aortic Valve Replacement

Victoria Beer April 23rd 2021*

Emergency op for the above over Easter this year. Tried other products to keep the incision line moist and soft, with only varied success. Started using Scar Solution about 8 weeks ago. Area now less inflamed and bumpy, Easy and comforting to apply.

Star Rating

Great for Mask Wearing

Wendy April 06th 2021*

My daughter suffers so badly from ewearing her mask all day at school – so I thought i woudl try this out. Its made a real difference to her skin – controlling the breakouts and reducing the mask shaped red patch we was developing. Seems to last a while too! Thanks

Star Rating

Just finished my Second

EG March 08th 2021*

Just finished ny second bottle of Defence. Its been brilliant and im 38 weeks tomorrow and no stretch marks to be seen!

Star Rating

Cleanse no 1

Jane Morgan March 02nd 2021*

My daughter has been using the Rescue no. One since last year and loves it because it seems to fade blemishes. She can’t wait to start using the cleanser that I bought for her birthday.

Star Rating

Amazing Product!!

Ellie March 02nd 2021*

Amazing product that helped to calm adult acne and reduce scars in a matter of weeks! Have tried a lot of products but none have worked as well as rescue no. 1 has. Will definitely be repurchasing – a new staple in my skincare!

Star Rating

New daily routine

Stephanie February 09th 2021*

I’ve started using this morning and evening as part of my daily routine and I’ve really noticed my skin feeling calmer and it leaves it feeling really clean. Very pleased so far, using this and the Rescue cream as I have quite hormonal skin.

Star Rating


KIM Miller February 09th 2021*

using it for three weeks nearly-some signs of improvement

Star Rating

I love the cream

Olivia H January 22nd 2021*

I love the cream! its such a nice consistency and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. It really helped my skin, especialy after wearing a mask all day. I’ll definitley be purchasing more! Thank you !

Star Rating

I LOVE this Cleanser

Jo January 22nd 2021*

I am already a fan of the Rescue product and this cleanser is a brilliant addition. My skin feels alot better already, its always red and sore in winter. Bring out more products please!

Star Rating

Glowing Skin

Jane January 15th 2021*

I really loved Science of Skin’s, Rescue No. One, so I decided to give this new one a go too.

It’s just as good. Left my skin feeling super clean and glowing (much needed after weeks of homeschooling!)

I also like it’s 2in1 function, so I’ve been using it as a normal cleanser but also as a leave on treatment when my skin needs an extra boost.

If you like Rescue, you’ll love this.

Star Rating

Really effective

Jodie January 15th 2021*

I can’t believe how good this stuff is! Im currently on roaccutane and whilst one battle it the acne itself the other is the scarring it leaves you with.
This stuff has worked straight away I’m really impressed with how less noticeable my scars are!

Star Rating

Healing SOS

JanB January 15th 2021*

I have a 5″ scar following ankle surgery 7 weeks ago. I started using the cream about two weeks in when the plaster came off and within a week could see a marked improvement.
The scar on my leg has healed really well and is neat. My skin was dry and flaky from being in plaster and so the cream also soothed the itching successfully. The ankle bone itself is still swollen and so whilst the scar is healing, the area is still quite tender and a bit pink.
Scars on me are often a bit lumpy but this one is smooth and clean and I am sure that the cream has done its job.
I also burned my finger with the iron and managed to damage the blister that formed. Within a day I started using the cream and it healed really quickly.

Star Rating

Rescue No. 1

Miss Morgan January 15th 2021*

I would have given this 5 stars as my daughter loves it. But we are very disappointed as it didn’t come with the free mini size bottle as advertised.

Star Rating

Taken away my chicken pox scars

Linda Moses January 15th 2021*

The cream is very light and it has taken away most of my chicken pox scars.

Star Rating

Vast improvement

Joanne January 09th 2021*

After a bad bout of itching my skin was left red and with raised bumps that would not go.
Since starting on the solutions for scars there has been a massive improvement. It has taken about 6 months but am pleased with the results.

Star Rating

Rescue One

Megan December 09th 2020*

Been using product for 2 months now and haven’t noticed any difference at all, I have acne scarring and if anything I feel my skin has gotten worse. Such a shame considering all other reviews and pictures look so good. Shame for price and size of the bottle too I was really hoping for a better result.

Star Rating

This thing works!

AO October 19th 2020*

Such an amazing product! I usually have really clear skin but soon as the lock down started, i got really ad breakouts around my cheeks and jawline. The spots eventually stopped but since i had been touching them loads, they left nasty scars. I came across this and the price seemed very reasonable compared to all the high end ones i had been using. Massive difference in 2 weeks of regular use. A lot of the lighter ones have gone after 1.5 mont of use and the more darker ones are up to 50% lighter. I ordered another one to continue using it. You have to be regular and patient. It definitely worked for me.

Star Rating

simple and effective

Bet Filby October 15th 2020*

My partner is plagued by bites in the summer and has not found anything that gets rid of the itching – until now. I have had a few bites myself and so have used the solution and found it works really well. It might take two applications, but then… more itching! It’s so easy to use, especially if like me, you get itchy spots behind the knee.

Star Rating

Saved my Winter skin issues

Jerry B October 01st 2020*

I always get really rubbish skin in the winter – central heating causes havoc and i get red sore patches and break outs. A friend recommended Rescue and I am really impressed. Its taken all the redness down and stock my skin feeling sore – long may it last!

Star Rating

Helps me with Mask issues

claire September 30th 2020*

So glad I found this! I wear a mask for work and I am getting really bad sore patches where it rubs and breakouts – this is helping so much and my skin is much less angry.

Star Rating

This Really Works!

Gillian September 15th 2020*

I was really sceptical about this cream but couldn’t get rid of a red mark on my nose left by using Efudix for a keratosis. I have been using this cream for about 3 weeks twice a day and it really has improved! The texture is much better and the mark has faded I’m sure in a month or so it will be so pale it wont be noticeable at all! So happy I purchased and gave it a go!

Star Rating

I did not receive my order

Anfal Khaled September 15th 2020*

I didn’t receive my order !!!

Star Rating


Oliver September 15th 2020*

Two years ago I had an operation That left two large scars on my chest. The scars became very large and hypertrophic, and nothing I tired seemed to help. Eventually, my surgeon actually did a second operation to revise the scar in the hope that second time around things wouldn’t heal so badly. He told me to use a silicone tape for four months after the revision op. This did help, and the scars did not stretch but they still became raised and very red. I stumbled across Science of Skin’s website via Instagram. I purchased the Solution for Scars and have been very impressed!!
I have only been using the Solution for Scars for two weeks and I can already see a difference – raised parts of the scars already softening and flattening. I can’t wait to see how they look after a few months use of this product! I will be repurchasing and would recommend this to anyone who wants to diminish the appearance and discomfort of scars. Excellent!

Star Rating


Stacey September 15th 2020*

Amazing cream worked within 4 weeks of using to make a difference.
Had 2 scars after a bad fall on my face and didn’t think they would reduce as I have dark skin.
Read the reviews and chose this cream and it’s really working…still using twice daily to see if they will completely fade.
Well worth the price also!

Star Rating

Didn’t work

Sally September 15th 2020*

Didn’t reduce scars

Star Rating

Great service

Donna September 15th 2020*

Great customer service, hadn’t received my products due to courier problems and the SOS team dealt with it super fast. Have been using solution for scars and rescue no.1 for quite sometime and both products have helped clear my skin and kept acne problems at bay. Many thanks

Star Rating

So calming!

Linzi September 15th 2020*

It’s been 2 weeks since I started using this product and I can already see my redness from my acne scarring fading already! The green tea extract really helps to soothe the skin and settle it down and I can’t wait to see the progress in another 2 weeks ☺️ just wish it came in a slightly bigger size as I don’t want to run out!

Star Rating

Scar cream

Lisa Farrelly September 15th 2020*

After a breast reduction in March 2020 and using the solution for scars every day after the staples came out, I’ve found the scaring reduced greatly, the skin softened, enormously after the reduction.
It’s now the end of August 2020 I’m still using the cream and I will till I’m satisfied with my scars…

Star Rating

Quality product

Melissa Dunkley September 15th 2020*

This is a lovely good quality natural product. I bought it for the maintenance for my scar. Although my scar is a very old scar/scald more than 30 years old an fairly keloid, it won’t disappear.
However I have had no reactions as this product is completely natural. I would certainly recommend it for someone with new scaring after surgery/scalds/cuts/abrasions, it would definitely reduce redness and inflammation.

Star Rating

Science of skin

Christine Emmerson September 15th 2020*

Have been using since knee replacement Nov.2019 .At 9 months post op the large scar has faded .Also used on my face after sun damage biopsy and treatment with Efudix which left a large scar on my face .The facial scar has faded and is hardly visible with lovely smooth skin .

Star Rating


J Keay September 15th 2020*

Visible signs of scar fading, scar tissue thinning less painful, does what it says would recommend.

Star Rating

Breast scar

Kitty Dickson September 15th 2020*

Started using this cream four weeks after I finished radiotherapy for breast cancer. I use it on my lumpectomy scar and within 10 days I have noticed a massive difference in the colour and the scar seems flatter. I will continue to use it and have also ordered the acne scar cream for my daughter to try. Thank you

Star Rating


J Keay September 15th 2020*

Visible signs of scar fading, scar tissue thinning less painful, does what it says would recommend.

Star Rating

Breast reduction

Lisa farrelly September 15th 2020*

Since my breast reduction in March I’ve used the solution for scars, it’s softened my scars noticeably the scars up to and around my nipple are now virtually white it’s amazing, I highly recommend this cream for anyone having an operation or with existing scars

Star Rating

Solution for Scars

Barbara September 15th 2020*

I had a very bad dose of Shingles on my forehead and since using this product the scarring has faded. Hopefully in time it will fade altogether.

Star Rating

Early days for big improvement

Hanife August 15th 2020*

I purchased 2 bottles of this product after speaking to someone on live chat.Its a nice cream but quite expensive for a 30ml.Its easy to apply non sticky which is a bonus.Ive only been using it just under a month and only seen a little difference.I used the cream for deep scratch marks on my leg and cuts and scars from picking spots and scabs.I think i still have a long way to go for a big improvement.Im remaining hopeful, and hope the scars will go away soon.

Star Rating

Thank you Science of Skin!

Siobhan July 07th 2020*

It’s a bit too soon to tell whether this has helped fade my scars but I can say for certain that both Solution for Scars and Rescue No. 1 (I received a trial size of Rno1) made my skin look more clarified and feel very soft after application. I have very sensitive skin and eyes and didn’t have any flare ups from either product, and they both sat very well under make up. I would definitely repurchase.
Also, I received absolutely amazing customer service from the team after my parcel went missing – thank you Science of Skin!

Star Rating

A wonder treatment!

Celia Ashcroft July 04th 2020*

I have suffered for decades with horrendous itching, swelling and infections from bites gained in the summer months (particulary at dusk). This solution actually takes the swelling down, reduces the itching with a day and therefore preventing my normal infections. In the past, an insect bite could have reoccurring swells and itches for months afterwards. Since using this solution, both last year and this year, this has not happened. As a bonus, there is no smell and the roll-on means there is no mess either. Truely, a miracle cure. Thank you so much for making this product.

Star Rating

It worked!

Lucy June 26th 2020*

Bought this a little over 2 months ago and started using it 3 times a day. Morning after a shower, afternoon, then night time.
It definitely has improved the look of my stretch marks. There’s the odd reddish one so I’m still using the cream but they’ve gone down dramatically. I actually feel so much more confident in my legs now!
The lighter skin coloured stretch marks are still there but less noticeable. So happy I bought this product.
If you’re currently trying it, or considering it, stick with the cream give it a month or so and you’ll see a change!

Star Rating


Keay June 25th 2020*

Brilliant would recommend to anyone with a scar, noticed a difference within a week

Star Rating


Eleanor June 22nd 2020*

This was amazing. I suffered 2nd degree chemical burns on my face and thought I’d give it a go and I am blown away with the results. The doctors said I would have severe scarring but I feel these have helped drastically reduce it as it was just horrible to start with. I also used SOS rescue No1 as was so happy with the first product.

Star Rating

Really surprised at the results

Vanessa June 15th 2020*

Don’t expect miracles, but I have to say since using this, my stretch marks on my stomach have improved noticeably. I had twins nearly 2.5 years ago, my skin isn’t very elastic and is prone to stretch marks so growing twins in my little tummy gave me just the most horrific set of scars and skin like a deflated balloon. This cream has made a noticeable difference and I just wish I’d known this brand existed before I fell pregnant so I could have used the defence cream. Thank you science of skin x

Star Rating


JK June 11th 2020*

Marked changes with scar, less pink, also scar tissue reducing would recommend this cream.

Star Rating


Lorna June 06th 2020*

I’ve been using for just over a week now and wow I can’t believe the difference already, I have tried other things in the past which didn’t tend to show any difference in the appearance of scars at all but this product is a game changer,it really is like miracle cream for scars i use twice a day morning and night i can’t wait to see the results as I continue to use would 100% recommend this very happy will definitely be purchasing more.

Star Rating

Rescue No. One

Sara June 01st 2020*

I have scars from acne and this cream helped with my scarring on my cheeks and forehead. I found that this helped to improve the texture and depth of my scars.

I will definitely continue using this cream.

Star Rating

Great Product

Savannah May 28th 2020*

I ordered this cream as a last resort, I’ve been using it now for about 3/4 weeks, I apply it 3 times a day and I’ve definitely noticed my scarring has reduced, still a bit of a way to go but will definitely stick with this cream from now on.

Star Rating


Collette Williams May 18th 2020*

I found the cream sos very effective. And deffintley would recommend the product to people

Star Rating


Dannii May 15th 2020*

i had a load of red blemishes from spots on my chin and around my nose/mouth and this cream has completely changed that. my skin is clear now and i’ve never been happier with it!! 100% worth the purchase

Star Rating

Amazing product!

Jo May 13th 2020*

Amazing product! I have suffered with bad acne for years and I have been on lots of different medication and tried so many different products but none have worked like this! Seen such good results in a short amount of time, with it not only helping to clear my acne but also helping to clear my scars! I have even been able to come off my medication as my skin is the best it has been in a long long time, thanks Science of Skin!

Star Rating

Clearer skin, rapid results

Charlotte F May 12th 2020*

Really impressive so far – my daughters hormonal acne has improved quickly after using this product. Blemishes appear much less red and skin is calmer. Hope the effects last as she has been using the product for 2 weeks. Recommended.

Star Rating

Solution for scars

Dan May 11th 2020*

Actually pritty surprised how well this has worked I’m not one for writing reviews but scars can cause all sorts of problems especially mental, if it’s a fresh scar buy this it will help iv used it for 3 weeks now twice a day I got a nasty gash on my fore head and its done wonders bio oil ain’t got nothing on this take my word for it I have alot of scars this has brought the best results so far.

Star Rating


elle May 11th 2020*

I started using the solution for scars cream around 5 weeks ago now and I have noticed that the cream definitely has helped flatten my scar, I use twice a day in the morning and before I go to bed and I also use bio oil once a day and I have noticed by using these creams together they have definitely taken done some of the redness. I fell over and cut myself around January time so its a pretty new scar , but so far so good just make sure you allow time for this cream as it doesn’t have an affect over night but for long term use its great!

Star Rating

Rescue one

zara May 11th 2020*

Overall, works as a great moisturiser. I do have a comprehensive skin-care routine which includes anti-redness/inflammatory ingredients such as niacinimide , so the extent to which I can attribute less reddening of the face is uncertain. However, I do think it aids with inflammation and ‘cools’ down active acne. I have used this on a few pimples that I got, and usually I do see some scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation; this product has significantly reduced it. The only negative thing I have to say is, as someone with sensitive skin, sometimes (although not all the time) the product caused mild tingling. But, overall, content with the product.

Star Rating

Healing for Scars

Alan Strange May 11th 2020*

I first started using Science for Skin cream for Scars some 4 years ago after my Open heart operation. My wife had major operation (Cystectomy) 2 months ago and already her operational scar has calmed and is healing very well. For any person wishing to help heal any operational scars or for any other skin ailments use this cream, provided it is advised accordingly, your skin deserves it.

Star Rating

Solution of scars

Jazmin May 11th 2020*


Star Rating

Not Impressed

Paul Donohue May 11th 2020*

Makes your skin nice and soft but have noticed no difference in my skin or scaring.

Star Rating


Jaimee Hallett April 27th 2020*

So amazed with this product. Only been using for just under 2 weeks and seeing noticeable results already. I use for acne scarring on my face and my skin has never felt or looked better. Cannot wait to see how my skin continues to improve. Highly recommend!

Star Rating

It works

Catriona MacKinnon April 26th 2020*

It took about 3-4 weeks to see improvement but thankfully my facial scar has improved greatly and I have applied 2-3times daily. I still have cream and I’ve been using for over 4 weeks. If I need more I will get some but I think the improvement is so good I might not need to.
Thank you for quick service and excellent results.
It also just feels lovely on my skin and has good texture and not perfumed.

Star Rating

Rescue number 1

Julie April 25th 2020*

In our opinion this product helped clear my Sons acne blemishes . He still gets spots but this product has calmed his skin.

Star Rating


Susan April 24th 2020*

Customer service team are amazing and so helpful and the product has worked wonders on my skin! Can already notice a difference

Star Rating

definitely works.

Colleen Rouse April 07th 2020*

I had a knee replacement 18 months ago and had initially been using Solution for Scars which seemed to be working well but I discontinued use because there was a part of the scar that didn’t seem to be disappearing so I thought it just needed time. Have bought another bottle recently and started using again for another area of discolouration on my legs and decided to give the knee scar another go. Within a few days it is definitely making a change to the last redder area that had persisted!

Star Rating


Fatima April 05th 2020*

This is the first time I’m writing a review for a product, because this really does deserve one!
I’ve noticed such a massive reduction in my acne scarring and marks after just using this cream as instructed day and night for a week.
Super happy with the results, my skin is clearing up and I cannot wait to see where this takes my skin in a months time.
Thank you SOS for developing such an amazing product!
Will definitely be repurchasing.

Star Rating

Solution for Scars

Norma Shaw March 30th 2020*

I used the cream on a wart type skin disorder and it has completely gone. It took a long time and needed a lot of perseverance. I would recommend this product.

Star Rating


Samantha March 17th 2020*

This product is fantastic!!!!!!
I have suffered with spots since a teenager and am now an adult in my forties and still suffering!!!!
Over the years I have spent a fortune on various products, promising to do wonders and aid my skin to heal better. Many did not work or did little. I have used both Solution for Scars and Rescue No One and have been amazed at the results. These products REALLY WORK well on old and new scars. If I use them on new healed spots, within a week I have no redness at all!!!! It’s really boosted my self confidence as I can see my skin improving daily. Also, I do not feel dread if I get a spot because I know I won’t have the long lasting redness affect.
I highly recommend this product.
Excellent results, if used as instructed.
Brilliant value for money.
Fantastic customer service.
Safe, natural ingredients.

Star Rating

Acne scarring

Lorraine March 09th 2020*

I used the product daily and nightly and could see a difference in my skin within a few days. My complexion was clearer and my skin tone was even. I continued to use my moisturisers on top of the product . Overall I am very happy with the product and and have recommended the it to my teenage children who have also experienced positive results.

I still have the odd break out-however, I worry less about scaring thanks to ‘Solution for Scars’ .

Star Rating

Science of Skin

Pamela mitchell March 05th 2020*

I used this product every day after my shower I think I may have had three bottles of Solution for scars. My scars are old surgical scars and are on my breasts. The product showed some slight change as there were patchy small white areas amongst the very red scars. One breast looked better than the other. I felt I could not really say it made a significant difference as sometimes looked better then a few hours later looked as red as ever. So it varied but did not make me think that this scar fading cream was remarkable in fact I would say it was disappointing. I would not purchase it again.

Star Rating

not as good as I thought it would be

Jess March 02nd 2020*

I purchased “rescue no. One” after dm science of skin on Instagram and asking which one to get as I was unsure, around 2 months ago, I get that it will take time but I have seen no improvements in my blemished acne scars. I use it every morning and night and nothing has changed in the scars.

Star Rating

Rescue no 1 Science of Skin

Jane Morgan February 26th 2020*

I had seen this advertised on the internet by a woman with acne and I bought it for my daughter who loves it. Too early to see if it improves but it did for the woman.

Star Rating

Great SOS cream!

Mandy Bloom February 23rd 2020*

I bought one Rescue No. one cream to try. I was so pleased that I bought another two for future use. I gave one to my brother who was very impressed too.

Star Rating

It’s cleared up my scars

Alice February 20th 2020*

Even after my active red and angry acne calmed down, I was left with a lot of scars, red marks and a really uneven skin tone, and my skin was really irritated for a while so even though my acne had gone I still felt a bit insecure. I started using Rescue No. One and I really noticed a difference after a couple of months. It’s cleared up my scars and made me feel a lot more confident. I can go out without make up now.

Star Rating


Joanna February 14th 2020*

I didn’t have much hope about this to be honest.
But I’ve decided to try. And I’m so happy I did
I suffered 2 degree burns after bad IPL treatment
I thought I will be left with scares for life. After many hours of researches I’ve decided to give this solution a try and I’m so happy I did! My skin healed lovely and nearly no marks left . It’s a shame I can’t upload pictures because you would be shocked, what was done to my face and how it recovered
Excellent product !

Star Rating

Just ok

Yana February 09th 2020*

Cream is nice, but it doesn’t help with the scars. Probably scars are much too strong against a cream, which is just some kind of moisturiser.

Star Rating

Extremely pleased.

Mandy February 09th 2020*

Great product. It started working from the first time I put it on my face. I have introduced it to my brother who also has seen benefits. Would recommend.

Star Rating

Scars on face

Kate Jutson January 23rd 2020*

Have not used it long enough to give an appropriate review but I think it leaves the skin feeling well nourished.
I would add some vitamin A. Retinol to the product to enhance the effect.
Thank you for this lovely product.

Star Rating

Rosacea acne flare up

Nicole January 20th 2020*

I have rosacea acne and was looking for a product to reduce the redness and scarring from previous rosacea acne flare ups so that my cheeks were not as prominently red. I invested in this product as I’d seen some brilliant reviews and before and after pictures online and through my friends, and tried many other products with no good results. I’m loving the progress so far and am looking forward to continuing use of the product with my usual skincare routine!

Star Rating

a large patch of psoriasis

Janine Hampton January 15th 2020*

It has made a considerable difference to a large patch of psoriasis on my left shin. It has been so red and lumpy that I have avoided showing my legs even in the summer. The patch has lost its angry look and subsided quite a lot, and has actually started to reduce in size, so I can see bits of clearer skin
I shall persevere with it as I feel that in time, my leg will look something approaching normal. Pleased so far!

Star Rating

So pleased with the results

Mrs Calderhead January 15th 2020*

Used on my and my daughter’s face following an outbreak of spots leaving dark marks scars. Inflammation settled very quickly and scars fading nicely.
Very pleased with this product.

Star Rating

A clear complexion to my skin

Lorraine January 12th 2020*

This is the best product I’ve ever used that has provided a clear complexion to my skin. I am very happy with the product I just wish there was more in the container.

Star Rating

Grwat product

Lynn Laverick January 08th 2020*

My daughter and I have used solution for bites recently when travelling around Egypt. Can be hard to evaluate as you dont know exactly how you would be with an alternative however we are convinced of the effectiveness of the product as unusually none of our bites gave us any problems after prompt applicatiin if the solution. Such a handy sized product for slipping into the pocket or handbag too. Wouldnt be without it.

Star Rating

Not just for scars.

Russell Baston December 27th 2019*

I used Solution for Scars, successfully, on an operation scar, it really helped with calming the ‘itching’ and reducing the redness and ‘lumpiness’. I had some left over and I get occasional flare ups of a rash/sore area which starts in the nasolabial folds, I thought I’d give some Solution for Scars a try, and it’s turned out to be the best thing I’ve used. It takes down the redness and inflammation very quickly and stops it spreading, it’s usually gone completely in 2-3 days.

Star Rating

Excellent product

Chris Larson December 10th 2019*

I first used this after a mastectomy and was amazed at the fast healing of the wound. I’ve just had a scar revision and am using it again with the same excellent results. My plastic surgeon was impressed. I also gave my teenage grandson a bottle after he’d had open heart surgery and he also swears by it.

Star Rating

Great product

Claire Williams December 05th 2019*

I have a hypertrophic scar following surgery on a broken wrist earlier in the year. My scar was quite red and raised and nothing seemed to really make it any better. I was a bit sceptical but thought I would give Solution for Scars a go anyway. I have been using it 2-3 times a day for the last 2 months and my scar is definitely much lighter and flatter. I would definitely recommend giving this product a try.

Star Rating

Scar cream – excellent product

Michelle Price November 05th 2019*

Excellent product I have only been using for 2 months on my daughters scar but can see the difference already. The results are amazing

Star Rating

Scar cream

Mrs L Albiston November 04th 2019*

Still using cream find it very soothing

Star Rating

Great product

Vicki November 01st 2019*

I got this to help reduce a scar on my face before getting married. I had tried bio oil before to little effect. I wish I had used this product all along it has really helped my scar to fade and given me more confidence going into my wedding
I will continue to use this product

I’ve found the solution!

Alisa Rose October 17th 2019*

Hey guys, just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve been using your SOS rescue no.1 for spots and scarring and it’s improved my scars tenfold! I’ve been so self conscious about them and I’ve found the solution!

Star Rating

Wasn’t hopeful

Angie Baxter October 04th 2019*

I wasn’t hopeful any product would help minimise the scar on my eye following a fall. I gave solution for scars a go. You have to be patient and stick with it following advised instructions.
3 months later my scar has reduced, redness gone and at times difficult to see it now.

Star Rating

Melanoma removal scar

Suzanne Flynn September 26th 2019*

So far so good.Difficult to give a star rating as I have only been using this for about 2-3 weeks.
The scar is certainly looking lighter and less swollen and red since using Solution for scars so,hopefully things will continue to improve.
This cream is very nice to use,creamy and light without any greasiness.Im tempted to use it on my face to see if it gets rid of red blotches and broken veins!

Star Rating

I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use. 

Gillian August 27th 2019*

Firstly I loved the texture, smell and lightness of the cream.
The areas I focused on were my face and décolletage where I have a lot of acne scars.
To begin I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use.
The uneven skin tone in my chin has also improved immensely.
The scars have significantly improved and lightened.
Overall I was very impressed with the difference using the product made, particularly on my décolletage, I feel I need to use it for longer to see the same results on the areas of my face. So I would certainly carry on using it.

Star Rating

so much smoother and softer like normal skin.

Kate Riley April 24th 2019*

I had to go to the GP every other day to have the dressing changed. The scar was all lumpy and bumpy, it was very rough and uncomfortable. Then one of the nurses recommended Solution for Scars as her daughter had used it. It has changed my life. It has reduced the redness and the scar is healing so much smoother and softer like normal skin.

Star Rating

Gradually reducing the severity of my neck scar

Claire Hackshall March 21st 2019*

I have been using Solution for Scars for around three months now, on a very long and deep scar to my neck (from an operation). It is very soothing to use, particularly when the scar gets itchy, and it is definitely making a big difference. I love using it!

Star Rating

nice product

Frances Cawley March 07th 2019*

good product. easy to use. very speedy delivery. I am continuing to use it on a 6 inch scar on my lower leg

Star Rating

the redness/marks on my skin have reduced

Jade Deeley February 26th 2019*

I have loved using the cream morning and night, I have noticed that the redness/marks on my skin have reduced and it is keeping my breakouts to a minimum. I love that it is a lightweight cream, as I have acne prone skin, I hate putting heavy products on my skin as I feel like I’m clogging my pores up! It’s a great product.

Star Rating

Science of Skin

Pamela Woffindin February 26th 2019*

Some improvement in appearance of scar after 4-6 weeks use but someway to go yet.

Star Rating

Amazing Difference To My Skin

A Norris February 22nd 2019*

It’s improved the quality of my skin and taken down the redness of the scarring after 3 weeks – can’t wait to see the results in 2 months.

Star Rating

It has shown massive changes to my skin

Harvey February 22nd 2019*

My first thoughts of the product are that it is excellent, only a couple of weeks using it has shown massive changes to my skin, and it does not dry my skin out like other products I have tried have done.

Star Rating


Sharon Holmes - Skin Cancer Survivor February 20th 2019*

After a month it was incredible: you could hardly see the scar. Six weeks later, my daughter couldn’t even see it. Now I struggle to remember which side it’s on.

Star Rating

My redness has gone down

Charlene Melows February 19th 2019*

I like the product so far my redness has gone down a little bit.

Star Rating

My skin feels amazing

Vicky Stephenson February 19th 2019*

I can see results already and my skin feels amazing in the morning when I wake up.

Star Rating

nice product

Frances Cawley February 19th 2019*

I have been using solution for scars on an ankle replacement scar for the past five weeks. Before that the ankle and scar were in a cast for four weeks and so inaccessible. The product arrived very promptly. It massages into the skin easily, you don’t need to use very much each time and it leaves the skin feeling soft. The scar is less red and I will continue to use it. I cannot say what the scar would have been like if I had use no cream or another product but I am satisfied with progress so far

Star Rating

Softer skin

Jennifer Withers February 19th 2019*

Definitely fading scars and thicker area softening

Star Rating

It really does make a difference

Nu Badat February 05th 2019*

An excellent scar reduction cream. It really does make a difference. A lovely texture and non irritating so feels wonderful on your skin.

Star Rating

It takes away that washed-out Winter pallor

Gillian Baxter February 05th 2019*

I have been using Solution for Scars as a face-cream for some months now. (I am 82) It takes away that washed-out Winter pallor; fades age blemishes and suits me admirably.

I am pleasantly surprised to see the improvement over-all of my facial complexion and the comfortable feeling, following applying the Solution.Again, thankyou.

Star Rating

Very Pleased So Far

Claire Hackshall February 05th 2019*

I have been using Solution for Scars for two weeks now, since my operation scar had healed enough for me to start using the product. My scar definitely showed an improvement within a couple of days and I hope that as time goes on it will continue to do so.

Star Rating


John Bergin January 30th 2019*

My girlfriend uses it on scars from a cesarian done 20 years ago that causes pain and looks raw and sore.
She is a Chinese national and the surgery was not as refined as it would be here.
She has found major relief with the cream and uses it daily.
It has eased the itchiness and also reduced the rawness of the scar.
Overall a product that has helped immensely in giving her a better quality of life without having to resort to remedial surgery

Star Rating

So far, so good

CJ January 29th 2019*

Definitely worth a try. I have scarring from years of acne and breakouts. There has been an obvious improvement.

Star Rating


Judith Porter January 06th 2019*

The area treated has improved in texture and is no longer driving me mad by itching. It looks slightly less visible and the absence of irritation has certainly helped with this.

Star Rating

Solution for Scars

Angela Bucknall November 24th 2018*

I had a carcinoma taken off my nose and the redness and scaring was quite nasty. I have been using it for three weeks and the redness and scaring is decreasing. I will be using it for several weeks to come so that the cream can have more time to heal the skin. I think the cream is helping to improve the skin but it needs more time.

Star Rating

Solutions for scars

Jennifer Withers November 19th 2018*

The product was very easy to use as it absorbed very quickly into the skin and did not leave any greasy residue. I was amazed at how long the product lasted for such a small amount.

Star Rating

My scar has improved

Lindsey Lewis November 13th 2018*

I have used Solution for Scars twice a day following my total knee replacement. I am delighted with the result as my scar is much improved with less redness and puckering. I would recommend this solution to anyone having a similar problem.

Star Rating

Review for Solution for Scars

Andrea Ward November 12th 2018*

I may not be the best person to review this product because I’m hopeless at consistently using a cream once per day, let alone twice per day and then massaging it in for a minute, as per the guidance for this product. I did apply the product twice a day for the first few days, then once per day for the next few days and tried to massage it in for a minute on each occasion. But I have to admit that usage since has dwindled to only now and then when I can motivate myself to do so – which isn’t very often! I was using it on several small but rather thick, pink scars left by insect bites on my feet/ankles which happened about 3 weeks before getting the product. Due to my not applying the cream for long in line with the guidance and also as the instructions say it may take 6 months to notice a significant difference, it’s probably not valid/fair for me to accurately review the product. However, I did think the scars seemed to heal and reduce in size/pinkness more quickly than if I’d not used the produce or if I’d just used an ordinary antiseptic cream, for example, based on experience with other scars previously.

Star Rating


Mrs L. Wolk November 10th 2018*

Shame I didn’t take a before picture! Although I only use the cream once a day it has made a difference to a rather ugly scar in the middle of my calf which was caused by a steam cleaner falling heavily on my leg. Will continue to use the cream.

Star Rating


Pamela November 10th 2018*

I have been using this product for several weeks and have noticed a slight improvement.

Star Rating

Good so far

Michelle November 06th 2018*

I’ve only been using this cream for 5 1/2 weeks, but so far I’m pleased with the results I’m seeing, I will keep using it and I’ll definitely be buying another one.

Star Rating

Result of using product

Sue Read October 24th 2018*

I have been using Skin Solution for Scars on a scar on my face left by surgery 6 years ago.

After one month I am very impressed with the improvement. The scar is much less noticeable, and the surrounding redness is also much reduced.

Thank you.

Star Rating

Pacemaker scar

Jane Lester October 22nd 2018*

In July I had a pacemaker fitted. It was an emergency. Having previously had three “C” sections and an operation for a busted head of humerus, I am aware that I heal rapidly but very red and angry looking. So having read about your product in the Daily Telegraph I was very keen to give Solution for scars a go, hoping to minimise the scar and it’s redness and to be able to wear V neck tops.

So far it has certainly softened the scar. ( it was glued, no stitches ) however the redness remains, but I will continue to use your product as it is very soothing when applied.

Star Rating

truly impressed

Montserrat Moya North October 21st 2018*

I’m truly impressed with the results after couple of days using the cream, every day I can notice the improvement.

Star Rating

Scar treatment

Rosemary Gifford October 21st 2018*

Brilliant result following ankle replacement, also good on scar from first ankle replacement, December 2016.

Star Rating

Better results than expected!

Lynne Clapp October 20th 2018*

Have used the solution for about a month around the nose area where I have some scaring from acne. It has helped with the redness but an unexpected result has been that the open pores on my nose have become less visible. May be 5 star after using for a bit longer if results continue to be good.

Star Rating

A big improvement.

Nora Drew August 28th 2018*

Started to use solution for scars few weeks ago on shin where had biopsy taken 2 and half years ago. Since I started to apply solution for scars it . I notice a steady improvement. I apply twice a day. I will send you a before and after picture in another couple weeks. Great product and thank you for great service too.Nora Drew

Star Rating

breast augmentation scars

Diana Woodhead August 27th 2018*

been using this for the past two months and my scars are making good progress, easy to apply and absorbs well

Star Rating

Life changer!!

Shôna-May August 24th 2018*

I had dark marks and scars left all over my face from a spot-popping addiction!
This cream has cleared my skin in just 2 weeks and the scars have definitely faded! If used correctly you will see results! I have combination skin and also find this is very moisturising for my skin without making it look too oily – also nice as a base before foundation.

Star Rating

Must have

Rebecca August 21st 2018*

I’ve suffered with acne since I was 11 and now nearly 12 years on I’ve just got scars and marks. I’ve used this for nearly a month now and I absolutely love it, my marks and scars are clearing, the redness has gone and if I do get a spot there is no mark left behind. I’m finally getting comfortable and happy with my skin. 100% recommend!

Star Rating

Working well

Colleen August 13th 2018*

Love this product which feels soothing and very comfortable to apply.
Post operative knee replacement scars seem to be reducing well.

Star Rating

A must have cream

Suzanne Laird August 10th 2018*

I tried solution for scars on my acne scarred face and neck and I’m so happy with the results! The scars on my neck have faded nearly completely after 3 weeks of treatment. My facial scars are so much lighter too. I highly recommend this product.

Star Rating

excellent cream

craig mclean August 06th 2018*

got this for my 4yr old daughter who had a little accident , only been using for about a month and already great results …highly recommend as this is the best on the market

Star Rating

Bites Away

Joanne Rowlands July 31st 2018*

Small and neat roller ball container to fit in even the smallest of handbags to help with the sting and itch of those nasty mozzie/midge bites

Star Rating

Best scar treatment

Yamina July 27th 2018*

I have been struggling with acne for about 3 years and i always thought picking my spots would get rid of them. i was wrong, they left very visible marks. But with this cream the scars have faded in 2 and half weeks. Can’t wait to see more results in the future.

Star Rating


Kath McCleary July 14th 2018*

Used before so I know it’s remarkable and as before it is amazing, my scars are getting better day by day

Star Rating

Post op scars.

Thelma Taylor July 13th 2018*

Have been using for some months. Just had second hip replaced. Helps reduce redness and improves appearance of scars.
A good product.

Star Rating

Post surgery scars

Sian July 08th 2018*

I’ve been using this for the past six months post-surgery and it’s reallly helped with the scarring, it’s far less itchy and a lot less red with this cream. It’s a definite buy for scarring post surgery!

Star Rating

Solution for scars – acne scarring

Elizabeth June 19th 2018*

Amazing!! I have been using this once a day after showering for about 1 month and have noticed  a reducing in scarring. After reading about the benefits of egcg, I have also been drinking green tea daily which may have also contributed, however I wouldn’t be without this cream now!

Star Rating

Good stuff

Frances Hubbard June 19th 2018*

I’m very happy about the positive difference SfS has made to my skin during almost two months of use.

From the beginning it was comfortable to use and worked well under makeup. (It also seems to have softened a small scar on my cheek I wasn’t even trying to target.)

I ‘ve just ordered my third bottle. Please could SoS consider selling it in larger containers?

Star Rating

Solution for scars

Catherine howson June 02nd 2018*

I have been using solution for scars now 4 weeks for scarring from having upper and lower eye surgery.  The bottle supplied is value for money and seems to go on forever as I still have quite a lot left

Star Rating

A perfect treatment

Anne Marr June 01st 2018*

Recently having had a basil cell carcinoma( perched on the top of my ear helix )removed the medically recommended after care was hardly suitable.  Science of Skin made an immediate difference.

Needless to say there is a slight change in the ear shape (kudos to an excellent dermatological surgeon) but after using the Science of Skin Scar cream there is not any discernible redness and little to no scarring.

Star Rating

Used for reducing eschar scar after ankle fracture surgery.

Ann Roberts May 20th 2018*

I had a bad ankle fracture on 9 March 2017. Lots of fracture blisters, surgery to both sides of my ankle, an area of prolonged healing due to eschar formation and I have been left with brown skin over the healed areas. I have moisturised it with various creams since healing, but no real resolution or improvement was shown. This is something I thought I would try more effort at reducing and did a lot of Google research before deciding on this treatment. I started on 17 April 2018, using it twice daily. There is already a noticeable difference/lightening to the area where the clips/sutures were removed and a more gradual improvement to the area around the eschar scar and where fracture blisters were. It’s not been two weeks use yet, so I’m very happy with progress. This is a 14 month old collection of scars so I expected it would take a lot longer to see any slight improvement, so I’m impressed with the treatment. Very small dabs of cream are needed as it is very concentrated and it does take a while rubbing in to be absorbed. I will persevere and can recommend a trial it. Obviously everyone has different skin and requirements/expectations.

Star Rating


Tanya May 05th 2018*

I received this so quickly after ordering and whilst it may seem pricey a little bit does go a long way. I suffered from bad acne scarring on my cheeks and pigmentation due to my Asian skin tone and at first I didn’t think it did anything but within 2 weeks I noticed my scars on my cheeks had appeared significantly smaller and there’s only very little redness. I really hope this keeps working.

Star Rating


Sanri Maritz April 20th 2018*

My scar are better but I will need to continue with the product for a few more months.

Star Rating

Revision of facial scar

Mrs Helen Thompson April 07th 2018*

I had a revision of a facial scar which had been caused by a skiing accident a few year’s ago. The original scar had become lumpy and indented.
I have been applying the Solution for Scars 2-3 times per day and after 4 weeks , I am really pleased with the results so far. . i look forward to further improvement over the next few months.

Star Rating

Excellent cream

L Peart April 06th 2018*

I recently had some laser treatment and was left with red, burnt skin (big lesson learnt here, never again!!). I have very sensitive skin so I’m always wary of trying new products but as I was desperate decided to give the Solution for Scars a go. I’m delighted that I did as it has help enormously in the last two weeks. The redness has diminished, the scars are better and I’m now seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel which is a huge relief. So, I can certainly recommend this amazing cream which I will continue to use until my skin is completely better. Very pleased with this cream.

Star Rating

Really happy with results so far after 3 weeks

Phoebe April 05th 2018*

Acne scars have already begun to fade, redness has gone down and they just look less noticeable. Been putting it on at least twice a day. Very happy with the solution I hope it lasts a long time because it’s damn expensive for a small bottle

Star Rating

Magic cream

Karen Selfe April 03rd 2018*

Very pleased with the cream, very buttery and really smooths in with light rubs into the skin. Still early days for me, but am pleased so far how the cream sinks into the skin, will keep you informed.

Star Rating

Scar cream

Jan Butler-Palmer March 27th 2018*

I am now on my second bottle and i can definatly see improvment. Very pleased with this product.

Star Rating

I loved this product

Michelle peppiatt March 21st 2018*

This product did wonders in comparison to other brands i have used that have been a bit more expensive. The volume of solution for scars lasted me exactly two weeks so id recommend using a little for an area your working to recover the skin from scaring. I found that a small amount was enough to cover quite a large scars improved greatly. I loved this product

Star Rating


Christopher Hadley March 15th 2018*

Been using this item for a couple of weeks now and to be honest, have found a slight noticeable change in the old scars i have. Will continue to use and properly re-order.

Star Rating

Has made some positive changes to my skin

Amber March 13th 2018*

There is no magic cure for acne scaring so I wasn’t expecting miracles, however this cream had really helped my hyperpigmentation left behind from a bad period of acne. I feel so much more confident with my skin and am even able to leave the house without foundation which Is a big step for me. There’s still a long way to go, but after one month of using the cream I can certainly see a positive change.

Star Rating

Amazing product but very little of it

Faiza March 13th 2018*

I really like the product but I felt like my scars faded more after I stopped using it rather than whilst using it. Its really easy to apply and never stings. I have very deep scars from Dermatillomania all over my body and so I needed more of the cream even though a small amount goes a long way. I have purchased another bottle but I would love if you could increase the size of the bottle as 30ml isnt enough for me.

Star Rating

Chicken Pox Scars

Janet Tutton March 13th 2018*

My daughter recently had chicken pox which left four scar marks on her face. Since using Solution for Scars twice daily over the last 2 weeks we have noticed that the scars have lost some of their redness and are shrinking in size. The cream is non greasy and very little is needed each time. Our daughter has sensitive skin and this product has not caused any problems for her. We are very happy with the product and plan to keep using a while longer. Would definitely recommend.

Star Rating

Scar damage after hip operation

Thelma Taylor March 13th 2018*

After using found my scar improved. Very pleased with product.

Star Rating

Really great.

Lisa Simpson March 13th 2018*

I wish I had taken a before photo, I feel stupid for not doing so.

I’ve been using this twice a day for 4 weeks now I think, and I barely notice my scar. it seems like it has faded more to pink than aggressive red. We all know scars will never go away but this has helped it be less noticeable. I’m very happy and will keep using it. I am wedding dress shopping in 4 weeks so I will review the progress again then.

Star Rating

Best cream to get rid of dark marks

Serena March 13th 2018*

Started using this cream and within a week I could see a difference, marks have gotten less noticeable, and I love my skin now. Defiantly re-purchasing.

Star Rating

Best thing I’ve ever used

Jess March 13th 2018*

This is the best product I’ve used for my face! I’ve been using this product around a month and I can see a massive difference. I can see scars and redness around my face going and it makes my skins feel so smooth. Would recommend this to anybody!

Star Rating

Solution for Scars for Acne Scarring

Elizabeth March 13th 2018*

I have been using this for about 3 weeks and have noticed a reduction in my scars and hyperpigmentation, however I’m sure if I was using more regularly the improvement would be greater! The biggest change has been in my skin condition, I used to have dry patches, oily patches and spotty patches, however this all seems to have evened out!! Also, the cream feels so moisturising and nourishing to my skin, without causing breakouts. This would be 5* but unfortunately I had to drop a * because of the price.

Star Rating

Scarring on three year old

Catherine March 13th 2018*

Used the cream for a forehead scar on my daughter after an accident. Very happy with the results so far, scar has softened. Thank you so much.

Star Rating

Really good so far

Liz March 13th 2018*

I purchased a pot of Solution for Scars after reading the reviews and thought I would give it a try. I had breast surgery last November and the scars were quite red and angry. I have been using this solution twice a day for just over 2 weeks and can already see the difference. The Scars are not nearly as red and seem less raised. This may be an expensive product but it goes a long way as you don’t need a lot, they say you get what you pay for, this I think is very true in this case. I shall continue to use this product and should I need another pot, I would buy one. So far, I can highly recommend it.

Star Rating

Easy to apply

amanda March 13th 2018*

Excellent delivery of product and customer service, answered all questions. Using the product every day. Easy to apply, and no reactions. Awaiting results on old scar, may have noticed slight shrinkage to date. Keep perservaring

Star Rating

Scar cream

Jan Butler March 13th 2018*

Only been using it a short time but there is a definate improvement in the lumpy bits and i will continue to use it.

Star Rating

Sos scar cream

hanna karim March 07th 2018*

Brilliant product had dark scaring within few days showed alot of difference…

I will be sticking to this cream untill they fully go…

Star Rating


Gina February 07th 2018*

Used the the scar cream now for 3-4 weeks already seeing a big difference. Parts of the scar have started to fade considerably.

Star Rating

Best scar cream

Sonia February 05th 2018*
Star Rating

Solution for scars

Elizabeth Penrose January 31st 2018*

Works very well to improve the areas of scarring caused by sun-damage on my face and hands.

Star Rating

Sos scar cream

Jane Bramah January 30th 2018*

I had my knee op on 28th Nov 17 and had my stitches out a few weeks later. I really suffered with the itching and soreness of the scar so googled what was best to put on scars. I had actually bought the Bio oil and used that for a few weeks but it didn’t seem to take the redness away. I saw sos online and saw some of the reviews which were good and even though it was quite expensive I ordered it. Only took a few days to be delivered and was surprised it was only a small bottle for the price i paid but what a difference it made even after a few days the redness settled down… absolutely love this product would defo recommend it to other people.

Star Rating


Annette Redpath January 25th 2018*

Had no problems using the product and scar healed nicely. Thank you very much science for skin

Star Rating

Good product

Charlotte Marshall January 24th 2018*

Ive only been using this product for 2-3 weeks and its already reduced the scars dramatically can barley notice you have anything there

Star Rating


Eimear January 02nd 2018*

Excellent product!

Star Rating

Acne scars

Amy December 13th 2017*

Has really helped my acne scars can’t wait to see what my scars will look like in the next few months, with the results that I am seeing already!

Star Rating

solutions for scars

joanne November 24th 2017*

nice creamy texture used whole bottle for surgical scars seems to have made a difference

Star Rating

Top product

Elaine November 20th 2017*

This cream is gentle, easily absorbed and actually ‘a little goes a long way’..
It is a pleasure to use with great results!

Star Rating

Fantastic product!!

Lauren Cocks November 13th 2017*

I suffer with hormonal acne and have done for many years now but have never found anything that works on my scarring.

I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks now and there is definitely a noticeable difference in how my skin looks. It’s not as red as it used to be and is now finally beginning to look much more subtle.

I’m so glad I decided to try this product and will be sticking to it from now on!


Star Rating

Worked 4 me

Jacqui November 09th 2017*

A mosquito bite I had in the summer left a bright pink scar on my leg … even though the scar was a few months old the product worked quickly to make the blemish disappear completely in just 3 weeks. .. thank you

Star Rating

The result after use a 2 week and start to see my keloid scar look different

Asanai Kaew-injai October 25th 2017*


Star Rating

Scar Treatment

E. Crickmar October 16th 2017*

I have used this cream three times before on various scars I have had because it really works. The scars eventually fade and flatten out and it … I have also recommended it to friends.

Star Rating

Great for post breast reduction surgery…

Katie October 10th 2017*

Have used for the last few weeks post breast reduction surgery. Raised lumpy scars are doing well with regular massage and this cream seems to be making a huge difference. I used bio oil before and that seemed to make the scars redder. Science for scars has helped reduce the redness extremely well.

Star Rating


Iliyana vasileva October 05th 2017*

I have a visible result after two weeks of using the scar cream solution!
Thank you SOS!!

Star Rating


Gill October 03rd 2017*

Miracle solution for scars. My scars have faded and are now hardly visible. This is my third bottle.

Star Rating

Regarding my mole removel scar

Manjit October 01st 2017*

Very usefull for me my scar is faiding now .Great stuff to use thank you.

Star Rating

Overjoyed so far!

Sharon H September 25th 2017*

Four years ago, after placing my trust in a qualified Practitioner, I had a veinwave treatment on my left cheek due to a facial trauma. I was assured no scarring however to my horror I was left with indented ‘trackmarks’ which are far worse than the original issue! In the three weeks of using this worthy product, redness is reduced as are facial veins in appearance. Perhaps too early to say if the indentations will improve – I’m really hoping so as other reviews seemed to have improved chickenpox marks. At last a product that delivers!

Star Rating

I’ve been living with uncomfortable keloid scars until now

Marion Monroe September 20th 2017*

I am in my 80s now but in my 40s I endured about ten years of breast cysts, which I had to undergo surgery for.
Thankfully none of them were malignant but because of the way my body heals, I was left with a number of keloid scars.
I’ve lived with these keloid scars for 40 years and used various things to try to make them more comfortable.
One of the scars, in particular, sits under my arm and rubs against my bra, which makes it very uncomfortable. I’ve even tried putting a gents’ hanky between my bra and the scar to make it less painful.
I read about Solution for Scars in the Mail on Sunday and it was something I hadn’t tried before so thought I’d give it a go. It is the first thing which has worked for me in 40 year and I’m so pleased with the results.

Star Rating

Very happy

Manjit September 20th 2017*

My scar is fading. I’m really happy with the product.

Star Rating

Scar treatment

Alma September 14th 2017*

I’ve been using this cream for 2 weeks now and the scar is definitely flatter and less red.

Star Rating

Surgical scar

HELENA BRIDGETT September 04th 2017*

I had a surgical scar on my neck after an operation in June 2017. It was quite large and red and lumpy. I was worried about using anything on it from the start but after 3 weeks decided to try SOS and immediately noticed that it was becoming less taut, lumpy and red.I am still using it, I do not know whether the appearance is all down to using SOS but I felt it helped with the fairness

Star Rating

Sue’s knee

Margaret Sue Harvey August 31st 2017*

I had a second scar on scar very painfull but your product is helping slowly but surely

Star Rating

Brilliant product!

Irene Rodgers August 29th 2017*

This cream has worked wonders on a scar I had from a biopsy which was very red, sore and itchy. Within 3 days of using it, the itchiness has gone and the scar is almost invisible!

Star Rating

scar tissue

Jennifer Swift August 25th 2017*

I have taken a picture before and will send in a picture after using the first container up. It certainly appears less aggressive but have not used for that long yet.

Star Rating

This Product Works…

Joanne Lister August 25th 2017*

Extremely fast dispatch and delivery. Applied to insect bite on my leg and it completely stopped the itching for 12 hours. Re applied as soon as it started itching. Within 2 days the bite had healed. Excellent result. No smell, dries quickly and small size so can carry easily in handbag. Free sample of Solution For Scars enclosed which I used on my husbands Hip Replacement scar, this now looks like a scratch and not a scar. Would definantly recommend both products.

Star Rating

Scar cream

Sally Meeks August 22nd 2017*

I bought the cream for my daughter after reading the article in the Mail, I think it is having a positive effect on her 9 month old scar from a knee operation.

Star Rating


Claire Carr August 20th 2017*

My son had Lazer surgery that went wrong and was left with quite a red scarred area on his nose. After using the cream we have noticed a huge improvement, the scarring has changed. Still have another operation to go with him. I would recommend giving it a go it has worked for my son and we will continue to use.

Star Rating


Sadia August 17th 2017*

I absolutely impressed with this product my scars have faded a LOT!! The only downside is the bottle lasted me 2 weeks!! With most of my scars still present i will constantly have to keep repurchasing till my scars fully go which means I will have to spend a lot to get rid of it. I used it 2 times a day and sometimes 3 but I only used to use half a pump for my face but it is already finished. I just purchased another bottle. I just wish the bottle was bigger but it is amazing. Already spent £40 going to have to spend probably about £100 more to get clear skin

Star Rating

Good results

Kathleen George August 16th 2017*

I have noticed a considerable improvement in my shingles scars since I started this treatment. I am very pleased with the result. The redness is greatly diminished and I am confident that it will fade completely in time. Thank you for your interest.
Kind regards Kathleen George

Star Rating

Scar treatment on face.

Mrs P Jones August 16th 2017*

This product is very pleasant to use but as yet there isn’t a total result in the scaring on my face. I find the cream does calm the skin but the redness does return later. I am keeping using the product so hopefully things will soon settle. Thankyou.

Star Rating

Best £19 i’ve spent!

Jade August 12th 2017*

I had an operation a year ago to remove a lump from my shoulder and I was left with a pretty horrible scar due to the way my skin heals. I’ve tried everything in the past to try and make the scar less red and raised but nothing has seemed to work!
And then my mum came home with a newspaper clipping of an article about Solution for Scars. I thought you myself anything is worth giving a try and I’m so glad that I did! I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks but already I can see a big difference in my scar! And other people have been commenting on how much better it’s starting to look to. I can’t wait to compare before and after photos once I’ve come to the end of the bottle.
I was definitely sceptical at first but I’m so chuffed that I didn’t let that stop me spending out the money to buy this product!
In my opinion this product should be mentioned to patients after their surgery because I’m sure that there is thousands of people out there who are suffering with the same scars not wanting to heal that have no idea about this product and how much it helps.. even in a short amount of time!
I have been sharing it on instagram and already so many people have asked me where I got it from.
Thank you for inventing such a brilliant product! 🙂

Star Rating

Miracle Cream

Cindy August 10th 2017*

I’m over the moon with this cream. My scars have reduced drastically and of the five scars, three are now barely visible. I am working on the other two and need to order more cream now!

Star Rating

Looking good

Michelle August 09th 2017*

So far so good! Had a nasty fall and scarred my face and and although I am not vain I was self conscious as it was under my nose. This cream has lessened the fierceness of the scar and I am hopeful will make it almost invisible. More than happy!

Star Rating


Jennifer Swift August 08th 2017*

I have been using this product for approximately 3 weeks now and have found that my scar is less aggressive. I took a photo of it and will be submitting the before and after photos when I have completed using the 30ml container.

Star Rating

Solutions for scars

Nicola Lewis August 02nd 2017*

Absolutely love this product. Due to a recent injury my 4 year old daughter has a significant scar above her eyebrow having had 9 stitches. Initially we were extremely upset and concerned about her scar especially as after using bio-oil/coconut oil and sun cream daily for numberous weeks the scar wasn’t responding too well. However after applying solutions for scars, we noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of her scar within 1/2 weeks of daily usage. After a lot of research, I am fully confident that this product will achieve the best outcome for our daughters scar. We will continue daily use of this product and we can’t thank you enough.

Star Rating

Beat those Bites

Reveal magazine July 27th 2017*

The 5ml bottle is the perfect size to take out and about this summer.

Star Rating

Solutions for scars

Sue July 24th 2017*

I’ve been using this product for approximately 3 months on a very nasty wound close to my right eye received as a result of a fall. The wound became infected and so took 2 weeks to heal and I was left with a very raised and unsightly scar. This product has been brillant in improving the appearance of the scar and I would highly recommend.

Star Rating

Chemical burn scars

Dennis Beck July 21st 2017*

So for after 4 months of suffering with the effects of chemical burns the Solution for Scars is working, after just 12 days I can see and feel the difference. I went to see a Greek dermatologist and she prescribed cream that she said was thee best at three times the cost of Solution for Scars. After applying the Greek cream to one leg and Solution for Scars to the other where the chemical burns are to see which produced the best results, Solution for Scars showed best results.
Obviously very happy with Solution for Scars so far.

Star Rating

Impressive product

Elizabeth MacQueen July 19th 2017*

I’ve been using this several times a day for a couple of weeks on my recent knee replacement operation scar. I had previously been using a different product for several weeks with no really noticeable difference. I think my scar is already showing an improved appearance since starting using this product and am hopeful of getting further improvement over the next few weeks and months.
It was recommended by my daughter who is pregnant and says she’s been using the product for stretch marks and so far she doesn’t have any at 33 weeks.

Star Rating

Not much change

Vinny Sahdev July 17th 2017*

There hasn’t been much change in my scar 🙁

Star Rating

Severe burn scars

Mogens Diamant July 17th 2017*

My wife have been using your product for the last two weeks and I will just say that it’s by far the best and she has seen a marked difference in the colouring of the scars unfortunately due to the size of the bottle and cost as we are pensioners the cost is a bit to much for us every two weeks it’s shame because it is a brilliant product. Yours sincerely mogens diamant

Star Rating

Ditch the itch

Bella magazine July 14th 2017*

Natural, skin soothing remedies.

Star Rating

Solution for Stretch Marks so helped with the itching

Louise Powney July 13th 2017*

My stretch marks were terribly itchy and Solution for Stretch Marks so helped with the itching. I also have no stretch marks at all and I am so sure it was all down to the cream, so thank you!

Star Rating

And WOW does it work…..instantly!

CountryWives - the online magazine for discerning older women July 12th 2017*

This solution contains Active EGCG Green Tea extract and Pro Vitamin B5 which soothes and calms the effects of bites and stings on the skin. And WOW does it work…..instantly!

It is ideal for insect bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges, as well as nettle stings.

Why was it not around when I had young children?

All of my family suffer from a irritating reaction to mosquito bites so I think I will be ordering these little sting-savers in bulk for my whole family.

Star Rating

Scar solution

Tandi July 10th 2017*

I have been using the product for an old scar. I started using it a month ago. How long will it take for the scar to completely disappear? Is there a stronger solution I can use?

Star Rating

Skin knitting before my eyes

Jill July 04th 2017*

Had a total knee replacement seven weeks ago, and my knee resembled slabs of spam roughly stapled together. Two weeks ago I started to use Solution for Scars; a little really does go a long way.

Now, just a fortnight later, it’s starting to look like a human knee again. Even the puckered parts that I thought I was stuck with are flattening out- probably the combination of the cream and regular application and massage.

Star Rating

Amazing results!

Thomas Edwards June 28th 2017*

Amazing results in a short time i will continue to use based on the short term improvements

Star Rating

Excellent product

Fiona S June 27th 2017*

I received a can of stretch mark defence spray from a friend when I was 12 weeks pregnant, I have been using it twice a day after the shower ever since. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with a decent size bump and have no stretch marks at all!
The light oil spray is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave my skin or clothes feeling greasy, I apply it to my bump, hips and waist and have so far only needed to reorder one further can, so a little definitely goes a long way. With my first pregnancy I had loads of angry red stretch marks and my skin was so itchy, but stretch mark defence has made such a difference in this pregnancy, my skin feels soft and moisturised, hasnt itched at all and as I said before there is not a single stretch mark visible. I’m really impressed and will continue to use this product after baby is born to help my skin stay healthy as I lose my bump. Thoroughly recommend and will be gifting this to all my mum-to-be friends

Star Rating

Solution for scars

Isobel June 27th 2017*

Since having a solar keratosis excised in February I, at first, used bio oil but for the last 2 months I have been using solution for scars and I can say I see a little improvement in the appearance of said scar so I hope I will continue to see some more improvement as time goes on.

Star Rating

Surgical scars

Lilian June 17th 2017*

Hello, after 5 weeks from my operation : my wound now is in pink colour and healing well, but I need to wait months to see the final results ..thank you ….

Star Rating

Help with reducing the appearance of scars

Margaret June 17th 2017*

It is early days and I’m persevering with this product on a regular basis, but I still have problems. I’m hoping that in a few months there will be more positive news to report.

Star Rating

Spray, rub and go!

Blogger - SaharaSplash June 15th 2017*

This stretch mark defence spray from Science of Skin has been amazing. I had tried several oils on my skin but didn’t like the residue it left afterwards. This simple spray on oil completely absorbs into my skin so I can spray, rub and go!

Star Rating

Knee replacement surgery

EDIE GRAHAM June 14th 2017*

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a new scar .
I’m now eight weeks post op of knee replacement surgery. I have been using this product since week 4 and what a diffrence it has made, both to the healing of scar and allowing more flexibility. I was given exercises by the hospital which due to tightness of new scar tissue were difficult to do. .
After applying this product just 3 times I could feel the diffrence and it has got better with every application. You only need to apply pea size amounts of the product so it is good value .
Had my 6 week check up with surgeon and he was impressed how well my scar was healing so told him to recommed it to his patients.
So again I would recommend this product .

Star Rating

No more itching

The Diary of a Beauty Addict June 14th 2017*

No more itching all night after a day in the sun! I was bitten again in the garden yesterday but thanks to this I had no itching and no swollen bite mark! Heaven!

Star Rating

Overall good results.

Shabnam June 13th 2017*

Overall good results. Some scars are still visible, I may need to use the product for a little longer.

Star Rating

…calm the itch

Balance Magazine June 13th 2017*

If you are prone to being bitten by mosquitos, calm the itch with natural plant extracts, including EGCG and aloe vera

Star Rating

pre and post op liposuction

Gail Fuller June 12th 2017*

Have used this cream for hydration prior to abdominal lipo suction so will keep you informed of skin condition once tapes and garment removed then will start using solution for scars

Star Rating

A big thank you for an excellent product

Linda Dinnick June 10th 2017*

Have been using Solution for Scars for a couple of weeks now.
Not on an actual scar but a patch of reddened skin that has not responded to anything else tried over the years.
Am delighted to report a great improvement already.
A big thank you for an excellent product.

Star Rating

Accident at school

Pauline Jablonska June 06th 2017*

My little boy Tommy had an accident at school and suffered from a laceration to his head. We have been using Solution for Scars for five months now with great results and aim to carry on for another year at least.

Star Rating

Acne scars

Danielle Colquitt June 01st 2017*

I thought Science of Skin was an amazing product while I was using it. I replaced my normal moisturiser with it and used it twice a day all over my face and it made a visible difference to my scars within a month.

Star Rating

It’s great

Spaseeker May 31st 2017*

This is great. I have a lot of surgery due to an ongoing condition and therefore, lots of scarring.

I’ve used all the usual products that claim to reduce/eliminate scarring and had no joy.

I bought solution for scars just to try and boy, have I been impressed !!

The scarring from my last surgery at the beginning of April has almost disappeared. To the extent that, when my nurses saw me, they commented on how calm the skin was looking and asked what product I’d been using.

Where the sutures have been removed there is a small amount of scarring visible. The scar in my leg is practically invisible as well.

I’m going to try solution for scars on my old abdominal scars and see if it makes a difference. I’m not expecting it to do so as the scarring is a lot older but I’m going to give it a go.

I have more surgery planned for next month and I know that the scars will fade once I start using solution for scars.

Fabulous product, easy to use, no nasty smell, sensible sized container, fast delivery, I can’t recommend it highly enough – it’s worked for me !!!!

Star Rating

Does work!

Laura May 26th 2017*

Currently using this on a hypertrophic piercing scar on my tragus, the scar’s about 5 years old and although I’d been using Bio oil, it didn’t do much overall.. I’ve been using solution for scars twice a day for about a month now and I’ve already noticed a difference. The redness has died down a lot and the scar isn’t as raised.. so far so good!

Star Rating

Chicken Pox Scars

Sue Hutchinson May 23rd 2017*

My daughter (5) had 2 very bad patches of chicken pox scars on the back of her neck and on her lower back.

The results were so amazing that I am now using it on her sister (7) who has severe chicken pox scarring.

We are still using the Solution for Scars cream on my younger daughter and will continue to do so.  Your product isn’t cheap but a little goes a very long way and the results are fantastic.

Star Rating

Far better now

Kate Pegum May 19th 2017*

I’m really pleased so far.

Star Rating

Dog bite

Julie Marie May 19th 2017*

I bought Science of Skin after suffering a dog bite and the results have been great and is now beginning to fade the scars. Thank you!

*Please note: Solution for Scars is not for use on broken / damaged skin or open wounds*
Star Rating

Solution for scars

Becky Chappelow May 17th 2017*

Excellent product. I have used this on my daughters chicken pox scars and I have been amazing how quickly it has helped them. Both in colour and appearance.

Star Rating

Science of skin solution for scars

Mrs Margaret Webb May 14th 2017*

I have found the solution most helpful.

Star Rating

skin improvement

mrs Mhairi Darling May 12th 2017*

Used cream on scar on face and also on operation scar on hip. Great improvement on facial scar less so on operation scar.

Star Rating

would recommend this cream to everyone 100 %

Rachel May 09th 2017*

Started using the cream about 2 weeks ago love it noticed scars fading a lot some even completely gone so happy with results so far would recommend this cream to everyone 100 % FANTASTIC thank you

Star Rating

As recommended by celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell, celebrity makeup artist May 04th 2017*

…a fab natural solution for scars

Star Rating

Instant relief from itching

Emma D May 03rd 2017*

I have always had terrible reactions to insect bites. My skin breaks out in large, red and very unattractive welts (usually all over my legs). Apart from looking revolting, the itchiness drives me to distraction. A friend recommended I try Solution for Bites and it worked a treat, stopping the maddening itch almost straight away. I would definitely recommend for anyone who reacts to bites like I do.

Star Rating

Improving scars

Helen Morgan May 02nd 2017*

I first used Solution for Scars after surgery. It certainly helped to relieve the soreness of the scar and the appearance by reducing the redness and thickness of the scar. Latterly I have been using it on my husband , after triple by pass surgery to reduce the soreness of his scar. He has also found it very helpful. Thank you to everyone who worked to develop this cream.

Star Rating

Highly recommend!

Chloe Layton May 01st 2017*

I use ‘solution for scars’ for my acne scars – progress is slow but the product really is good highly recommend!

Star Rating


Sumon Sanyal April 13th 2017*

“mini” solution great on scars.

Star Rating

Starting to see improvement

Stephen Webb April 12th 2017*

I really like the product. Over the past few days I have noticed that my scars are becoming less red and irritated and are starting to heal. I can’t believe that it has happened so quickly.
5 stars

Star Rating

So far so good

Chloe April 12th 2017*

I started using ‘solution for scars’ to treat my acne scars. I’m very self concious about them so was willing to give anything a try. After coming across this website and looking at reviews I thought it was worth a shot. In my opinion this product is working really well, I can already see my acne scars are starting to fade just after only 3 weeks! I definitely recommend this product to those who suffer from acne scars, it’s an easy and affordable product to use.

Star Rating

Scar Treatment

Susan Blanchard April 07th 2017*

I have only been using this product for 3 weeks. From the first week I started using it I could see the difference​ in my scar. The redness was lessening and the texture was changing. Now I can see the faint line in places that hopefully I will eventually left with. I will continue using the cream over the coming weeks.

Star Rating

Scar removal cream

Annie Mactavish April 06th 2017*

Have only used for 3 weeks and has made an immense difference to scars . Scars no longer visible.

Star Rating


Sibel April 03rd 2017*

This product is just magic! I suffered from severe chickenpox at the age of 20 second time round. And no girl would want to be left with scars or anything on their face or body! I researched soooo much about products and I felt like this one was the right cream for me to purchase! And thank God I did! You will see results in 2 weeks not major but defiantly will see results each week! I apply in on my face and chest 2-3 times a day, I can’t explain how much I love this product! It is a mustttt i already recommended it for my friend who has acny and she’s even loving it! No need to think twice about this product just buy it! So worth the price aswell!

Star Rating

Solution for scars

Mo March 29th 2017*

I have used this for the last four months, the scars are fading well. I only need a little makeup to cover them now, if I continue to use the product, I expect no make up will be needed at all.

Star Rating

It really works

Carol Gibbins March 21st 2017*

Am absolutely delighted with this product. Following surgery in January this year I started to use this product 2 weeks later after scar had healed. I noticed afer a couple of weeks applying the cream 2/3 times daily a significant difference. Now to date the scar is barely visible. Would recommend the product – it really works.

Star Rating

Expensive but good

Em February 28th 2017*

Expensive but good

Star Rating

Great product

Lydia February 26th 2017*

I would definitely recommend this fantastic product. It’s expensive but I think it’s worth every penny.

Star Rating

Scar cream

alex hyde February 23rd 2017*

I been using the cream on my scars for 3/4 weeks, its amazing how different my arms look. I have recommended it to my family and friends. I cant wait to show my arms off it summer because I never been able to do it because of the scars on my arms made me look like a leopard .

Star Rating


Christine Maylin February 15th 2017*

I have been using Solution for Stretch Marks, just concentrating on the fine lines and so far so good; they have not grown or darkened in colour – fingers crossed.

Mosquito bite scars

Annie Silcock February 14th 2017*

Whilst on holiday I was really badly bitten by mosquitoes and then suffered an allergic reaction to the bites. I was concerned that the bites would mark my skin. Within days Solution for Scars worked incredibly well at reducing the redness of the bites and I have been left with no visible scaring. I would highly recommend the cream for quickly reducing the redness of mosquito bites.

Star Rating

Wow absolutely brilliant

Fiona Mould February 12th 2017*

My daughter got chicken pox just after Christmas and was left with some very deep nasty scars. We got told about solutions for scars once the spots had healed we started using the cream, it’s making amazing progress. The scars are slowly getting less and less obvious but we still have some way to go!! But using this cream has made a massive difference to the scars on her face.

Star Rating

Lovely change

Lucy Horn February 08th 2017*

This oil is very different to those I have used previously; to start with it is a fine spray that you direct onto your bump and then rub in. So easy to use and I am sure this will be handy as my bump grows.

Star Rating

Good stuff

Laura Pattison February 08th 2017*

Can’t give to much of a review as I’m only 11 weeks pregnant and only just started to use it, it feels lovely on your skin though just hoping it helps me not to get stretch marks will you review further on in pregnancy

Star Rating


Marie Williams February 05th 2017*

There is no particular scent, just a clean, fresh smell and no oily residue, so perfect for after a morning shower and before work! The oil feels lovely on my skin and I have found that a little goes a long way.

Star Rating


Amber February 03rd 2017*

I’ve been using it a bit inconsistently, however I’ve still managed to see a drastic improvement in my stretch marks. Will hopefully get more consistent and see proper results!

Star Rating

Pretty good results

Roger Wolfendale February 02nd 2017*

Had an op on my hand at the end of September 2016 which looked, and felt, pretty horrific. I’ve been using the product two or three times a day for most of that period and the scar looks a lot better. However, it still feels a bit lumpy and I’ve now run out of the cream and have had to reorder.
So overall a very good rating but it would have been useful to have had enough for say 6 months supply rather than 3.

Star Rating

Solution for Scars on operation scar

Linda Wells January 26th 2017*

I have only been using this product for about a month and whilst it has reduced the ‘lumpiness’ of the scar significantly, I am hoping continued use will also reduce the ‘redness’ as well with time. In general very good so far.

I’ve seen such a big difference to my skin

Zara January 24th 2017*

It’s been few days of me using this product. I’ve seen such a big difference to my skin and not only have I noticed but a lot of my friends and family have also noticed the acne scars on my face pretty much disappearing. I do still have a lot of the bottle left which I will continue using and I will definitely be sharing my results.

Star Rating

Surface chenical burns on chin

Dorothy Willing January 17th 2017*

I think I can see a very slight improvement on chin but as the ‘burns’ – caused by leaving Veet on too long – and the fact that these have been on my chin for several years, no doubt nothing will happen overnight to improve the chin. I will, however persevere and hope for a gradual improvement. Regards Dorothy

Star Rating

C-Section Scar

Jasmine Henderson January 10th 2017*

I’m so pleased I found you and your wonderful scar treatment! I had been using a well known brand of oil from 8 weeks post c-section but started to find that after a while it made my scar more inflamed and itchy so I decided to look for something else and I’m so glad I did as since starting with your Solution for Scars, my scar is much less inflamed and no longer itchy. I have taken a picture before starting treatment and will take another in a month or so to compare the difference. Thank you!

Star Rating

Still trying

Nancy January 06th 2017*

Used for about. Month now. Not noticed any change yet but will keep using.

Star Rating

So far, so good

Marion Leeson January 05th 2017*

Since I received this lotion I have been using it twice a day for on 2 sets of scars on my leg and knee. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but the scars do seem to be less visible.
Watch this space!

Star Rating

Science of skin

Edward Davis January 03rd 2017*

My plastic surgeon recommended Solution for Scars following removal of a carcinogenic lump from my forehead, the scar has healed perfectly in less than two weeks. I am delighted with the result and am now trying it to remove skin damage on my scalp through sun damage. Too early to see results but very hopeful.

Star Rating

Surface chemical burns on chin

Dorothy Willing December 29th 2016*

I think I can see a very slight improvement on chin but as the ‘burns’ – caused by leaving Veet on too long – and the fact that these have been on my chin for several years, no doubt nothing will happen overnight to improve the chin. I will, however persevere and hope for a gradual improvement. Regards Dorothy

Star Rating

Early days

Brian Hughes December 28th 2016*

I bought the product for my daughter who has suffered scarring on her forehead after a severe bout of shingles. After one course of treatment it is too early to rate the usefulness of the product. I will be buying more and my daughter will continue using it for at least the next six months. A rating then may be more relevant

Star Rating

Reducing problems of keloid tissue

Jacqui Bulmer December 21st 2016*

I developed very painful keloid scar tissue following major surgery; this was removed when I required further surergy 9 months later. The use of silicon dressings prevented the keloid tissue developing again while in use but once stopped it quickly developed once more, as painful as ever. I was prescribed silica gel to use which helped reduce the discomfort to an extent. About 12months later I began treatment with steroid injections along the length of the scar, roughly every 6wks for the following 12months. These reduced the extreme discomfort and size of the scar but without applying silica gel twice a day it soon became itchy and uncomfortable again. On changing to Solution for Scars it ititially became slightly itchy but very quickly settled down. This is a scar of longstanding and I certainly didn’t expect it to disappear over night.

I was so impressed with the results that I am now on the 2nd container of the cream. Not only is it far easier and more pleasant to use than the silicon gel but it has reduced the redness of the scar noticeably. Unfortunately photographs do not do it justice – but how it looks has always been the least of my concern! Being along the length of the sternum it is seldom on show and as I have fair skin the scar is best kept out of the sun anyway. It is the resulting ‘comfort’ of being able to wear clothes without irritation; being able to use a car seatbelt without pain and the absence of itching that to me are the greatest improvements. In fairness, the steroid injections had greatly helped but the scar was still raised, very red and without the silica gel quickly became itchy again. The cream has soothed and reduced the scar further and I shall continue to use the cream for as long as it is necessary. If the scar reduces further in the amount that it is raised, then this will be an added bonus – but comfort wise I couldn’t be happier!

Star Rating

really works

Sophie December 14th 2016*

Can see it’s working, still using the product as I’ve not long had it, I’ve only applied it once a day, could do with using it day/night for a more visible difference! But worth the money, as it’s the only product that’s helped my skin!

Star Rating

Solution for Scars

Mrs Marion Bremner December 14th 2016*

I have only been using this for 3 weeks but my scar is already showing signs of healing. It is less red and starting to flatten. I have already recommended it to someone else to try.

I would recommend this product to other mums

Lynsey Orme December 12th 2016*

I would recommend this product to other mums. I liked the cream, I liked its appearance, it was not too greasy like other similar products can be. It also smelled nice. When I applied the cream it felt like my skin was really moisturised and also it felt like it soothed my stretching skin as well.

An absolute miracle to me

Lauren Withers December 12th 2016*

SOS stretchmark solution not only made my skin feel less tight and itchy, it prevented me getting any stretchmarks through my entire third trimester AND what’s even better is the old silvery stretchmarks I had on my stomach from rapid weight gain in my early 20s were fading and almost invisible within 2 weeks of repeated application, which is an absolute miracle to me. I’ve always been very self conscious about my stomach even after I lost the weight I had put on, but found after using this product I was exposing my stomach and showing off my bump to people all the time.

Star Rating

Perfect skin repair

Alan Strange November 17th 2016*

Since my open heart surgery a few months ago I have used Science of Skin solution for scars on both my chest and inner forearm. My concerned friends and Doctors have all marvelled at how good my scars are healing and quite quickly too. Whatever the ingrediants are they are doing a blooming good job. Worth every penny. Thank you for this wonderful healing cream.

Star Rating

Forehead scar

Catherine Lee November 06th 2016*

Using solution for scars for my little girl. Has helped fade her scar. Really happy with how her scar is progressing. Fingers crossed, soon be very faded.

Star Rating

Not just scars

Russell November 03rd 2016*

I purchased Solution for Scars for treating the incision from surgery I was having. While waiting for the wound to mature to start using I used it on a face rash worked like magic! I’m about to start on the scars proper so will post before and progress pictures.

Star Rating


Vanessa October 28th 2016*

In love with this product

My wound now is in pink colour and healing well

Lillian October 26th 2016*

After 5 weeks from my operation : my wound now is in pink colour and healing well, but I need to wait months to see the final results ..thank you ….

Star Rating

It’s only been 4 weeks since starting using this cream however I’ve started to see some differences

Jacqui Wilkinson October 24th 2016*

It’s only been 4 weeks since starting using this cream however I’ve started to see some differences. It’s been 7 weeks since my operation so I am healing too. I apply twice a day at minimum.

Star Rating


Zahra October 21st 2016*


Star Rating

Love this product

Isobel October 21st 2016*

Love this product

Star Rating

Lovely to use

Megan October 21st 2016*

Lovely to use. Really refreshing and a great size. Hope to see benefits of use soon!

Star Rating

Non greasy

Siena October 21st 2016*

Non greasy

Star Rating

This product ticks all the boxes October 19th 2016*

This product has been excellent. I have been using it after a recent operation under my eye. sos for scars has been amazing no problems at all even with my very sensitive skin. So glad I found this product and would recommend it to everyone 100%

Star Rating

Inflamed scar

Helen Morgan October 19th 2016*

After having a lump removed from the side of my breast the wound took a long time to heal because it was in a difficult position. Once healed the scar became infected and remained sore and inflamed for some time after treatment. Using Solution for Scars cream 3 times a day has controlled the soreness and brought about all round improvement. I will continue to use the cream for a while because it has been so beneficial both in the feel and appearance of the scar. Thanks everyone, its a great product.

Kind regards , Helen M

Star Rating

Facial surgery from nasal lining melonoma

Denise October 19th 2016*

It’s very early days in my recovery. I started using this product once the sutures were removed and swelling had gone down considerably. So only been using the product for just over a week . It is has it claims very easy to massage in and you only need a small amount . It hasn’t irritated my skin at all . Which surprised me has I generally have sensitive skin . I’d like to rate it again after longer use . But so far can definitely recommend the product .

Star Rating

Early start

Jacqui Wilkinson October 17th 2016*

It’s only been 4 weeks since starting using this cream however I’ve started seen some differnences. It’s been 7 weeks since my operation so I am healing too. I apply twice a day at minimum. I’ll do another review in another month to see how it’s going…I’ll load photos too

Star Rating

Review of solution for scars

Ali September 07th 2016*

Product is smooth and easy to apply but it is too early to see any difference after such a short while.

Star Rating

solution for scars

Rachel Warner September 07th 2016*

Excellent product. Really had a good effect scar tissue.

Star Rating

Fantastic product

Isabel Edwards September 07th 2016*

Absolutely love this product. Using post surgery on scars and everybody is amazed at how I’m healing. Having had upper and lower eyelid surgery the areas I am treating are very visible to others , so the scar healing is very important. Feels very reassuring knowing the product you are using is scientifically proven to work. My husband also now uses this product to treat his eczema !

Star Rating


Gillian Townsend August 13th 2016*

After a week of using the cream my results have been amazing.

Smooth and nourished

Full-time Mum & blogger, Mummascribbles August 12th 2016*

It rubs in beautifully leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

I don’t seem to have gained any further stretch marks

Full-time Mum & blogger, Mummascribbles August 12th 2016*

I love that it isn’t greasy. So often you massage these things in and you end up feeling like your hands have been sat in a tub of oil but this soaks in and disappears, leaving your stomach feeling lovely and smooth. You don’t have to wait for it to soak in, enabling yourself to get dressed right away. So, does it work? Well I don’t seem to have gained any further stretch marks and I do have a rather large stretched bump now!

A clean, fresh smell and no oily residue

MoJo Mums - blogger August 12th 2016*

I am pregnant and have been applying various creams and oils to my bump daily, so far no major stretch marks but I have seen the beginning of a few fine lines so I was more than happy to review the SOS Stretch Mark Defence.

This oil is very different to those I have used previously; to start with it is a fine spray that you direct onto your bump and then rub in. So easy to use and I am sure this will be handy as my bump grows!

There is no particular scent, just a clean, fresh smell and no oily residue, so perfect for after a morning shower and before work! The oil feels lovely on my skin and I have found that a little goes a long way…

I have also been using the Solution for Stretch Marks, just concentrating on the fine lines and so far so good; they have not grown or darkened in colour – fingers crossed!

Would I recommend these products? Yes, I think so, certainly based on the results I have had so far.

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Valerie Cahil August 01st 2016*

Have used Solution for Scars on my husband’s legs for 3 days and can already see a big difference in the redness .He,s so pleased with the results. It only takes a small amount to cover the area and smoothes into the skin lovely . So glad we found it.

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Excellent so far!

Lisa July 28th 2016*

Only had this product a few day but can see a huge difference already. After trying many many products i think ive found the perfect one for me.

It absorbs quickly and there is far less oily residue

Alex Gladwin July 12th 2016*

The Stretch Mark Defence spray is actually a new one for me in terms of having a spray form of stretch mark defence, it’s nice because it absorbs quickly and there is far less oily residue.

This is a really good product

Pat Pryde July 11th 2016*

I have a nasty cancer scar on my shin which was mottled brown and this has lessened it drastically.

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Love this product!

Isobel July 11th 2016*

Great product!

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Great Product

Isabel July 08th 2016*

I have only just started using this product, but so far extremely happy. I am using post surgery on my eyes. Really feel it moisturises tightness and so far everyone is amazed at my recovery / healing as only 2 weeks in. Seems like a kind of miracle cream! Takes away irritation and generally calms and soothes skin. Feel really happy with it as also says scientifically proven. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and also recommended to my best friend for her daughters acne.

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This product has been very good for my new tattoo!

Emma July 06th 2016*

I was experiencing soreness, swelling and then dryness for a week afterwards, I could feel my skin itching and stretching as I moved which made it very difficult to carry on with daily life…

But, the solution for scars treatment has cleared all of this up within a few days, I only used a pea sized amount as directed on each application and I am thrilled with the results, my skin is healed I have no scabbing or dryness and the itching has completely gone.

I will definitely use this again when I have my next tattoo.

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Solution for Scars….maybe??

Lindsey July 04th 2016*

It’s early days to say how my skin will react. This is the first time I’ve tried this product and I purchased to try and help my acne scarred face and chest. So far, I can say the cream has definitely calmed down new breakouts on my face, taking the redness and flakiness away, which means my foundation looks better. The texture of my face has improved and feels smoother too. As for my chest, well, the small white shiny scars have been there for years. I always get worked up when the sunny weather arrives as I can’t wear revealing/cool clothing as I always cover my chest area. I know this won’t be a miracle solution, but hopefully the cream will help in some way.

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Fab product – My skin looks amazing.

Gemma Kildare June 30th 2016*

Its my first pregancy and im totally paranoid about getting stretch marks. Thought i would give this a try. Its a lovely spray – very light but my skin is in great condition. No stretch marks yet … but i still have a bit to go! Will keep using it.

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Great Product

anon June 16th 2016*

Great product quick service very pleased with product

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An Immediate Improvement

Amanda Donaldson June 16th 2016*

I didn’t know what to use on my scars as they where on my face, I noticed an immediate improvement on using the cream and after using for 10 days the scars have much improved and the scars feel moisturised and I can see the improvement daily.

My skin has already started to see results

Ana Maddock June 12th 2016*

My skin has already started to see results. I have found that my taut shiny marks have lost some of their stretched-out shine and have begun to give the appearance of lightly marbled skin as they are beginning to diffuse.

My skin felt soft and healthy

Parenting blogger, Lamb & Bear June 12th 2016*

I was really happy with both of these creams and found them to be really hydrating. At first they felt quite wet when I was rubbing into the skin, which is something I dislike about moisturisers etc, however both creams rubbed in really well and felt really nourishing.

As this was my second pregnancy, I already had stretch marks from my first pregnancy, so obviously I wasn’t going to be scar free by 9 months, however I don’t think my marks were any worse.

After using the Stretch Mark Defence for a few weeks I really thought my skin felt soft and healthy. Now I’ve had my baby I’ve moved on to using the Solution for Stretch Marks and although I don’t think it will get rid of my stretch marks entirely, I’m hoping they will fade like they did after my first pregnancy.

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I wish I had these products to use throughout my first pregnancy.

Kimberley Robertson-Hunt May 30th 2016*

I love SOS products, the only negative comment would be I wish I had these products to use throughout my first pregnancy.

I especially love the stretch mark defence, the really fine spray means it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin or on your hands when applying it. Since using it day and night I haven’t had an itchy bump either so top marks all round.

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L H May 16th 2016*

Quick delivery, great product.

I’m much happier with my belly

Blogger, A Mum Reviews May 12th 2016*

I use the cream on my belly and it helps my skin to feel healthy, tighter and smoother. It’s a very concentrated cream and I only need to use a small amount for each application. So far, I’ve used the cream once a day for two weeks and I’m much happier with my belly. I think the stretch marks will fade quickly if I keep using this cream after my bath/shower each night. The formula sinks in quickly and easily.

I did not get any new stretch marks while using this product

A Mum Reviews blogger May 12th 2016*

Moisturising has never been so easy and quick! My skin was left feeling hydrated and cared for and there was no greasy residue. The spray format is so handy and refreshing too when the weather is hot.

I did not get any new stretch marks while using this product and my existing ones felt soothed by the hydration from the spray.

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Great Product

ZT May 06th 2016*

Great product, visible sign from the first day of use.

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Very Impressed

Pavanjit Panglin April 25th 2016*

Only been using this product for a few days and already my scars are lighter.

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I am pretty pleased with the results

Shirley April 07th 2016*

I am using the cream on a scar and bump which happened due to an accident about four years ago and of which I am conscious.  The cream has helped take the redness away and soften the scar.  The bump also looks a little smaller than it did.  All in all, I think the cream has helped soften the appearance and I am pretty pleased with the results.

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It will feature in my skin care kit

Karen - Blogger April 06th 2016*

Over a month I definitely noticed improvement in the texture and appearance of the scars…the acne scars on my face are less red. This makes me happy.

Read full review here

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I’m seeing results

Lady Marielle - Blogger April 05th 2016*

I’ve been using this religiously for the last few weeks. Which is saying a lot for me! I tend to forget things but this? Not this. I have it set up right next to my laptop. Soon as I come down to work, I take a little bit and rub it over my scars. I’m seeing results so I wanted to share this with you all.

Read full review here.

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My battle with my Csection scar is almost over. As I call it: A Miracle in a bottle!

Arts Mum - Blogger March 30th 2016*

It’s been almost 3 months and my scar almost disappeared, is now a little thin line. I am seriously amazed by it.
As a mother of a toddler, bumps will occur (it did already… a lot) and I used a little of this cream and worked fine, no yellow or purple bruises.

One of the things that you can use as well is in acne marks. I have seen some pictures of it and people that I met say that is really working well on their acne marks.

Other than that, I will continue to use on the stretch marks as well.

Another thing I tried with the SOS was in a rash mixed with my eczema. I had a rash on my wrist because of a wristwatch bracelet and there was this mix of rashy eczema lumps. I used the SOS, 3 times a day, and after 3 days it was perfect.

For me this is a little tip, that I wished I had knew right after I had my baby, so I wanted to share this with you.

Read full review here.

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I am delighted – what a great product.

Jackie, Shropshire March 17th 2016*

Throughout my life I have had several operations and some of my scars have not healed smoothly. When I had surgery this time, it was suggested
that I use Solution for Scars to minimise scarring. I massaged some into my scars three times daily (30 seconds morning, teatime and bedtime) and
it has made such a difference. At ten weeks post op – no lumps and bumps and they look like thin pencil lines now. I am delighted – what a great product. Thank you.
Jackie – Shropshire

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Thank you so much for introducing us to this product!

Anita Berry March 14th 2016*

We’ve been using it for about 4 weeks now and it has helped enormously with the terrible itchiness that my daughter had been experiencing in the worst scar on her elbow.We use the cream twice a day and she tells me that she is rarely bothered with itchiness now – so great progress from where we were a month ago. Its too soon to say whether the appearance of the scar has altered but our priority was to try to find a way of avoiding the itchiness Anna was experiencing.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this product – I’ve just ordered another bottle on-line!

Warmest thanks

Anita Berry

Star Rating

Really Pleased.

Dr Sarah Norman March 05th 2016*

I’m really pleased with Solution for Scars. I find it really helps post procedure, to reduce inflammation following thermocoagulation for facial thread veins. I’m also recommending it to a variety of patients with scars. The samples have been very useful in this regard. On a personal basis I’m sure it has improved a burn recently sustained to my own hand from cooking fat.

Now it’s my daily basic to prevent stretch marks

Lovely Style Blog February 12th 2016*

I’ve been using it for about one month and a half now and I only have to say that it’s amazing. Recently I’ve been suffering about new stretch marks and I was looking for a product to solve/stop/prevent this problem. After trying two famous brands without results I discovered Science of Skin. I was amazed that this product has been formulated by a great plastic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge with scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat. I was really excited to get this formula on my hands and try it and now it’s my daily basic to prevent stretch marks. I really recommend it!

Star Rating

Faded so much

hajer - blogger February 11th 2016*

I am surprised at how it really reduced the redness and if you look closely you can still see the scar but it has faded so much!
And I was supposed to use the cream 3 times a day but there were days where i forgot, so let’s keep in mind that if I committed the results would be even better. Either way I am very happy with the results but I am still going to continue using it for another month (since it is advised to use for a full 3 months) and I am also currently using it for an acne scar on my cheek.

See full review here.

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I love this powerful cream

Carry - Blogger February 08th 2016*

I used the treatment only where I have old acne scars or some redness that I need to cancel, this is because I don’t need the treatment on my entire face but if you have a full face problem you can use it all around. 

I attach you some photos of my before and after to let you see by yourself the results: after one week my acne scars were visibly reduced and redness too! 

Read full review here.

Star Rating

Fab stuff!

Sarah Cottingham February 03rd 2016*

Bought this after using other products to try and ease the itchiness and soreness of my scar, from the removal of my hickman line.
It’s brilliant: after a couple of applications it worked. I use it twice a day, the redness, soreness and itchiness has gone. In my opinion it’s well worth the money!

Star Rating

Thrilled to bits!

Tricia January 26th 2016*

I had three moles removed off my face and so was a little worried about how the scars would look – even though they are only small. I was fortunate to have the founder of this company, Dr McGeorge, as my surgeon and it was suggested that I try this to improve the look of the scars. I have been amazed at how great my face looks after only a few weeks – with make-up the scars cannot be seen at all! I had the surgery done at the beginning of a two week holiday and no-one has noticed that I have had anything done when I have gone back to work! A little bit of the lotion goes a long way, is absorbed easily and causes no adverse reaction. I began to use it once the stitches were out and apply it three times a day and have seen a big improvement. It is still early days but I have no reason to think that the scars will not continue to fade with this product.

Star Rating

On my second bottle…..

Tricia January 26th 2016*

“I am on my second bottle of solution for scars and I can see a little difference in lightening of the scars from my face which were very dark from acne and spots. Thank you”

Star Rating

still working on it!

Susan January 14th 2016*

I have lumpy scars on my face from a car crash which was along time ago. I am using this and hope to see an improvement over time. The lotion is very nice to use, sinks in well and I think it is already looking a bit smoother. I have reactive sensitive skin and this does not irritate it at all and does not leave a greasy feel. My normal skin care and make up are fine with it too. I have only given 4 stars because I’m not sure about the results. Nothing drastic yet, but I hope there will be!

Star Rating

Very Good Results

Linda, Lancashire January 13th 2016*

I have had very good results so far with my first “Solution for Scars” which I am using on “pock mark type holes” from problems with acne which I have had for years. Although I have now Acne Rosacea your product does not have any adverse effects on my skin. I am very impressed, the holes have “flattened” and are now not as noticeable.

Star Rating

really noticed a difference in the colour and thickness of my scar

Helen - Blogger January 12th 2016*

I used the cream twice daily for four weeks and really noticed a difference in the colour and thickness of my scar. The skin felt softer and thinner, not thick and taut like before, and the redness disappeared, leaving just a faint, darker coloured line marking where the caeserean incision had been made. I needed only a little of the cream at each application and the a pump dispenser made it so easy to get the required amount without wastage.

If you’ve had a caeserean yourself and still have a bit of a ‘tummy’ you will know that you get a fold of skin over the scar that if moist and warm can feel irritating, and I found that some products for scars such as Bio Oil added to the irritation because of their oiliness. Thankfully Solution For Scars was quickly absorbed and left the scar feeling comfortable.

Read full review here.

Star Rating

Satisfied customer

Mrs Hagan January 04th 2016*

I was working towards the removal of a tattoo on my breast but developed a keloid in the area where treatment was carried out. The keloid was raised, bumpy and very itchy. A friend described it as my third boob ( I was not amused). I started off using a different preparation and read a review on your product and thought I would give it a go. I could see a big difference after a couple of weeks, it was less raised and did not itch as much. I am on my second bottle and can see that the keloid continues to improve. I would definitely recommend this product.

Star Rating

Great for chickenpox

Emma Blackman October 15th 2015*

My 18 month old daughter recently had chickenpox and this was recommended to soothe and stop the itch as well as help with any scarring. It has worked beautifully and it calmed her down immediately on application – stopping her scratching. It took down any redness and the scars are healing really well. Wonderful stuff – gentle enough for little ones!

Star Rating

Highly Recommend

Mary Hernon October 02nd 2015*

As a consultant gynaecologist who recently became a patient, I highly recommend Science of Skin’s Solution for Scars. I used it to great effect on the scars I sustained during treatment for breast cancer. The scars are now pale and flat. I also used it on my skin after radiotherapy. It is fragrance-free which is essential when you feel unwell. It absorbs quickly and easily and is very soothing. Previously, I had been using aqueous cream, 1% hydrocortisone ointment and bio oil. I like the use of green tea extract and magnolia bark in solution for scars. It was good to know that the solution was having an effect at the cellular level so I was positively aiding my recovery by using it. I was reassured that the solution had a robust scientific basis because it was developed by a consultant plastic surgeon and by a clinical scientist who has many published papers on scarring and healing in human skin.

Miss Mary Hernon
Consultant paediatric, adolescent and adult gynaecologist

Star Rating

Less bumpy!

Hilary Svennevig September 05th 2015*

I had a total hip replacement 4 months ago, and have been using Solution for Scars for the last 4 or 5 weeks. My scar is still red (it is about 6 inches long) so have not seen any fading yet, but it is slightly less bumpy. I will buy one more bottle and if there is no improvement, I’m afraid it is back to Bio Oil. I really want this to work!

Star Rating

Really impressed

Emma Wilkinson September 02nd 2015*

I have a keloid scar on my shoulder as the result of an accident 5 years ago. I have previously been prescribed silicon-based gels by the doctor which had no impact on my scar. Additionally, I had a course of steroid injections to flatten the scar and whilst they worked, once the course was stopped the scar grew back and became lumpy again. I had given up hope of finding something that would work and was reluctant to try creams based on past experience. However, my friend recommended this and I thought it was worth a try as my scar was becoming increasingly itchy. After just a couple of weeks of use, there is already a notable change in appearance with my scar starting to become flatter. The frequency of itching has also reduced and I hope that it will continue to improve with further use.

Star Rating


Andy Abram September 02nd 2015*

I had a nasty blistered burn on my arm recently when coming into contact with a lawn mower exhaust. The blister took some time to heal and also left an itchy slightly inflamed red scar on my arm. After a few treatments with solution for scars the affected area was much paler and had lost the itchiness and inflammation completely. Rapid results, really impressed and would highly recommend this product.

Star Rating


LINDA KERR September 01st 2015*

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and cant believe how quickly it has helped me. I have had ulcers in my vulva area and have been attending the hospital with no improvement. I have been in pain with this for ten years and had given up on getting a resolution. in two weeks the pain has gone and I am confident it will heal in time.I have also used it on my 87 year old mother who has paper thin skin which tears very easily and takes a long time to heal. she is thrilled with the reduced healing time using this cream.

Star Rating

Awesome for even old scars!

Faye Jones August 19th 2015*

I ended up with an unsightly, bumpy scar after a suspicious lump was removed from my arm and the surgery had to be repeated and for nearly 20 years though nothing more could be done for it.

That is until I started using Solution for Scars.

Gradually, I could feel the lumps, bumps and ridges of the scar smoothing out and the appearance improving, to the point now where my arm is smooth and apart from where the incision was originally made, which has diminished in colour and size, the remainder of the ‘scar’ has gone. I say ‘scar’ because it’s virtually no longer there!

I would highly recommend this product to people with both old and new scars as the improvement for me, after 18 years has been miraculous. I am so chuffed!

Star Rating

Great results after a week!

Alison Turnbul August 06th 2015*

Its only been a week – but my scar is looking and feeling a lot better. It used to be terribly itchy and sore (its about 3 years old) but this has made a real difference and it feels so much better!

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