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Real Science

Bench to Bedside

We have to go back another 5 years to an initial conversation between our co founders Dr Bayat and Douglas McGeorge MBE that changed the course of scar treatments and gave birth to the concept of Science of Skin.

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Why did we develop Solution for Scars?

Frustrated by the lack of attention that scarring was given in the surgical environment and driven by a life-long passion and belief that we could do more to help those with scarring issues, Prof Ardeshir Bayat gave up being a practicing Plastic Surgeon and moved into Manchester University as a senior associate Professor – setting up his lab specifically to look at wound healing – with a focus on active ingredients found in the natural world.

Douglas McGeorge MBE

Both Prof Bayat and Douglas McGeorge MBE (a consultant plastic surgeon) are driven by the single belief that by combining the most exciting compounds and ingredients found in nature with state of the art science, you can create skincare that is both cruelty free, vegan and clinically and scientifically proven to work.

Ardeshir Bayat in his lab

Prof Bayat in the Laboratory at Manchester University

Months of clinical and scientific research in our labs, plus listening to our customers about what they need, led us to develop disruptive skincare that challenges existing products in the market on their effectiveness and scientific know-how.

Our Timeline

Our research begins looking at plants and how they regenerate – eventually focusing in on the role of Phytochemicals found in a particular strain of Green Tea.

An in Vivo study on live scar and skin samples prove that this Green Tea Phytochemical (also found in Plums) EGCG is proven to shrink the worst keloid scars by up to 40%

Science of Skin was born and our new scientific knowledge about how these amazing naturally occurring ingredients was channelled into formulating a scar treatment that would be as effective as possible. We researched all of our ingredients to find the most complimentary and exciting actives to make the cream as effective as possible.

Solution for Scars was born and our clinical trials on real live humans began in Manchester!

We started to look to expand our range – looking at another skin issue – Stretch Marks. Through extensive research we developed two new products that were aimed at preventing and treating Stretch Marks.

Stretch Mark Defence and Solution for Stretch Marks were launched.
Feedback about Solution for Scars helping those who had reactions to insect bites pushed us on further to investigate the bite treatment market. Our research led us to develop a vegan solution to insect bites – drawing on the effective properties of EGCG and capsicum to create our pocket rocket Solution for Bites

Back to the lab and we are targeting acne scarring with our amazing new formulation based on Solution for Scars and the No.One range was born. Looking at exciting natural ingredients that look to rebalance the micro biome and not strip the skin like traditional spot treatments.

Rescue No. One was launched! A breakthrough treatment for acne scarring and redness.
Our clinical trial on Solution for Scars is published in the American Journal of dermatology and peer reviewed – Solution for Scars and our breakthrough science is clinically proven to reduce scarring, reduce redness, increase scar movement and increase scar hydration.

We will see the launch of our next product in the No. One family … watch this space to find out more !

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