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What our customer's say...

Star Rating

It worked!

Lucy June 26th 2020*

Bought this a little over 2 months ago and started using it 3 times a day. Morning after a shower, afternoon, then night time.
It definitely has improved the look of my stretch marks. There’s the odd reddish one so I’m still using the cream but they’ve gone down dramatically. I actually feel so much more confident in my legs now!
The lighter skin coloured stretch marks are still there but less noticeable. So happy I bought this product.
If you’re currently trying it, or considering it, stick with the cream give it a month or so and you’ll see a change!

Star Rating

Really surprised at the results

Vanessa June 15th 2020*

Don’t expect miracles, but I have to say since using this, my stretch marks on my stomach have improved noticeably. I had twins nearly 2.5 years ago, my skin isn’t very elastic and is prone to stretch marks so growing twins in my little tummy gave me just the most horrific set of scars and skin like a deflated balloon. This cream has made a noticeable difference and I just wish I’d known this brand existed before I fell pregnant so I could have used the defence cream. Thank you science of skin x

Star Rating

Solution for Stretch Marks so helped with the itching

Louise July 13th 2017*

My stretch marks were terribly itchy and Solution for Stretch Marks so helped with the itching. I also have no stretch marks at all and I am so sure it was all down to the cream, so thank you!

Star Rating

pre and post op liposuction

Anonymous June 12th 2017*

Have used this cream for hydration prior to abdominal lipo suction so will keep you informed of skin condition once tapes and garment removed then will start using solution for scars

Star Rating

Expensive but good

Em February 28th 2017*

Expensive but good

Star Rating


Christine February 15th 2017*

I have been using Solution for Stretch Marks, just concentrating on the fine lines and so far so good; they have not grown or darkened in colour – fingers crossed.

Star Rating


Amber February 03rd 2017*

I’ve been using it a bit inconsistently, however I’ve still managed to see a drastic improvement in my stretch marks. Will hopefully get more consistent and see proper results!

I would recommend this product to other mums

Lynsey December 12th 2016*

I would recommend this product to other mums. I liked the cream, I liked its appearance, it was not too greasy like other similar products can be. It also smelled nice. When I applied the cream it felt like my skin was really moisturised and also it felt like it soothed my stretching skin as well.

An absolute miracle to me

Lauren December 12th 2016*

SOS stretchmark solution not only made my skin feel less tight and itchy, it prevented me getting any stretchmarks through my entire third trimester AND what’s even better is the old silvery stretchmarks I had on my stomach from rapid weight gain in my early 20s were fading and almost invisible within 2 weeks of repeated application, which is an absolute miracle to me. I’ve always been very self conscious about my stomach even after I lost the weight I had put on, but found after using this product I was exposing my stomach and showing off my bump to people all the time.

Star Rating


Vanessa October 28th 2016*

In love with this product

Smooth and nourished

Anonymous August 12th 2016*

It rubs in beautifully leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

A clean, fresh smell and no oily residue

Anonymous August 12th 2016*

I am pregnant and have been applying various creams and oils to my bump daily, so far no major stretch marks but I have seen the beginning of a few fine lines so I was more than happy to review the SOS Stretch Mark Defence.

This oil is very different to those I have used previously; to start with it is a fine spray that you direct onto your bump and then rub in. So easy to use and I am sure this will be handy as my bump grows!

There is no particular scent, just a clean, fresh smell and no oily residue, so perfect for after a morning shower and before work! The oil feels lovely on my skin and I have found that a little goes a long way…

I have also been using the Solution for Stretch Marks, just concentrating on the fine lines and so far so good; they have not grown or darkened in colour – fingers crossed!

Would I recommend these products? Yes, I think so, certainly based on the results I have had so far.

My skin has already started to see results

Ana June 12th 2016*

My skin has already started to see results. I have found that my taut shiny marks have lost some of their stretched-out shine and have begun to give the appearance of lightly marbled skin as they are beginning to diffuse.

My skin felt soft and healthy

Anonymous June 12th 2016*

I was really happy with both of these creams and found them to be really hydrating. At first they felt quite wet when I was rubbing into the skin, which is something I dislike about moisturisers etc, however both creams rubbed in really well and felt really nourishing.

As this was my second pregnancy, I already had stretch marks from my first pregnancy, so obviously I wasn’t going to be scar free by 9 months, however I don’t think my marks were any worse.

After using the Stretch Mark Defence for a few weeks I really thought my skin felt soft and healthy. Now I’ve had my baby I’ve moved on to using the Solution for Stretch Marks and although I don’t think it will get rid of my stretch marks entirely, I’m hoping they will fade like they did after my first pregnancy.

Star Rating

I wish I had these products to use throughout my first pregnancy.

Kimberley May 30th 2016*

I love SOS products, the only negative comment would be I wish I had these products to use throughout my first pregnancy.

I especially love the stretch mark defence, the really fine spray means it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin or on your hands when applying it. Since using it day and night I haven’t had an itchy bump either so top marks all round.

Now it’s my daily basic to prevent stretch marks

Anonymous February 12th 2016*

I’ve been using it for about one month and a half now and I only have to say that it’s amazing. Recently I’ve been suffering about new stretch marks and I was looking for a product to solve/stop/prevent this problem. After trying two famous brands without results I discovered Science of Skin. I was amazed that this product has been formulated by a great plastic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge with scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat. I was really excited to get this formula on my hands and try it and now it’s my daily basic to prevent stretch marks. I really recommend it!

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