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Rescue no 1 Science of Skin

Jane Morgan February 26th 2020*

I had seen this advertised on the internet by a woman with acne and I bought it for my daughter who loves it. Too early to see if it improves but it did for the woman.

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Great SOS cream!

Mandy Bloom February 23rd 2020*

I bought one Rescue No. one cream to try. I was so pleased that I bought another two for future use. I gave one to my brother who was very impressed too.

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It’s cleared up my scars

Alice February 20th 2020*

Even after my active red and angry acne calmed down, I was left with a lot of scars, red marks and a really uneven skin tone, and my skin was really irritated for a while so even though my acne had gone I still felt a bit insecure. I started using Rescue No. One and I really noticed a difference after a couple of months. It’s cleared up my scars and made me feel a lot more confident. I can go out without make up now.

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Extremely pleased.

Mandy February 09th 2020*

Great product. It started working from the first time I put it on my face. I have introduced it to my brother who also has seen benefits. Would recommend.

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Rosacea acne flare up

Nicole January 20th 2020*

I have rosacea acne and was looking for a product to reduce the redness and scarring from previous rosacea acne flare ups so that my cheeks were not as prominently red. I invested in this product as I’d seen some brilliant reviews and before & after pictures online and through my friends, and tried many other products with no good results. I’m loving the progress so far and am looking forward to continuing use of the product with my usual skincare routine!

I’ve found the solution!

Alisa Rose October 17th 2019*

Hey guys, just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve been using your SOS rescue no.1 for spots and scarring and it’s improved my scars tenfold! I’ve been so self conscious about them and I’ve found the solution!

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I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use. 

Gillian August 27th 2019*

Firstly I loved the texture, smell and lightness of the cream.
The areas I focused on were my face and décolletage where I have a lot of acne scars.
To begin I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use.
The uneven skin tone in my chin has also improved immensely.
The scars have significantly improved and lightened.
Overall I was very impressed with the difference using the product made, particularly on my décolletage, I feel I need to use it for longer to see the same results on the areas of my face. So I would certainly carry on using it.

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the redness/marks on my skin have reduced

Jade Deeley February 26th 2019*

I have loved using the cream morning and night, I have noticed that the redness/marks on my skin have reduced and it is keeping my breakouts to a minimum. I love that it is a lightweight cream, as I have acne prone skin, I hate putting heavy products on my skin as I feel like I’m clogging my pores up! It’s a great product.

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Amazing Difference To My Skin

A Norris February 22nd 2019*

It’s improved the quality of my skin and taken down the redness of the scarring after 3 weeks – can’t wait to see the results in 2 months.

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It has shown massive changes to my skin

Harvey February 22nd 2019*

My first thoughts of the product are that it is excellent, only a couple of weeks using it has shown massive changes to my skin, and it does not dry my skin out like other products I have tried have done.

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My redness has gone down

Charlene Melows February 19th 2019*

I like the product so far my redness has gone down a little bit.

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My skin feels amazing

Vicky Stephenson February 19th 2019*

I can see results already and my skin feels amazing in the morning when I wake up.

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