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What our customer's say...

Star Rating

Smoother skin!

Pierre-Anne August 02nd 2022*

This product really works. After one container of Rescue No. One, I saw a net difference in my skin. I use it twice a day, and I can tell the difference as my skin is smoother in texture, and my skin tone, even. I have WAY LESS darker spots caused by my acne and the texture of my skin (especially on my cheeks) is flattened and smoother! I love this product and will continue to use it until my skin heals completely and become perfect (to my eyes). I highly recommend this product. Thanks for helping me with my biggest struggle!

Star Rating

It seems to be working

Maz April 04th 2022*

Bought one of these as I have loads of red flat acne scars left from picking and squeezing my skin. My skin is fairly clear with the occasional spot but nothing budged the scars in over a year. Bought one bottle and it definitely seems to be working but I think you need to do it for a few months more to get a huge difference so I am buying my second bottle now.

Star Rating

I’m still hopeful

Torill April 04th 2022*

I’ve used this product just over 5 weeks as I had some spots back in May 2021 (writing this march 2022) that never healed properly, still renewing it’s skin constantly, red and sometimes itchy. I’ve never experienced this before or after.
I was very excited when I saw this cream. I’ve used it multiple times a day, every day. Sometimes I feel like there is a change but looking at the before and after picture it’s not obvious that there is any change at all. So sadly for me it looks like it’s not what I need. But I will use it until the very last drop hoping something will change.

Star Rating

This is transforming my skin!

Amelia January 13th 2022*

Having struggled with maskne and hormonal breakouts and trying nearly every product under the sun (and then some), I’m so glad to have found this product. My skin is clearer, more even and overall just happier! Highly recommend!

Star Rating

Best moisture

Tim January 13th 2022*

This moisturiser is the best on the market. I have been using for the last 12 months. My skin has stopped with the spot break ups I used to get. It also helps with spider veins and redness under the eyes. You only need to use a small amount and it really does go along way. Nice thick moisturiser that your skin can soak up in seconds. Not greasy at all your skin feels fantastic after application.

Star Rating

My skin feels amazing!

Libby August 05th 2021*

After finishing my course of roaccutane I suffered with a lot of acne scarring, very deep and very stubborn. I saw a difference within a month of using this product and I’m still using it everyday 2 years later. I now swear by this product, it makes my skin feel so smooth and reduces redness as well! .. would recommend to anyone suffering with stubborn acne scars. Loooove it

Star Rating

Amazing product

Ali July 01st 2021*

I tried this product after hearing fantastic things. I’m always nervous about trying a new product on my face due to a lifetime of spot prone skin. Most products bring me out in a bad breakout, which ultimately creates more scars to deal with. The product is AMAZING. Not only have I had no negative reaction in the while time I have been using it, but my scarring is really fading. I use it morning and night as a moisturiser (something us blemish prone folk can be really anxious about!) and under my make up as a primer. Would highly recommend and will certainly be sticking with this cream! Thank you so much.

Star Rating

Amazing Product!!

Ellie March 02nd 2021*

Amazing product that helped to calm adult acne and reduce scars in a matter of weeks! Have tried a lot of products but none have worked as well as rescue no. 1 has. Will definitely be repurchasing – a new staple in my skincare!

Star Rating

I love the cream

Olivia January 22nd 2021*

I love the cream! its such a nice consistency and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. It really helped my skin, especialy after wearing a mask all day. I’ll definitley be purchasing more! Thank you !

Star Rating

Really effective

Jodie January 15th 2021*

I can’t believe how good this stuff is! Im currently on roaccutane and whilst one battle it the acne itself the other is the scarring it leaves you with.
This stuff has worked straight away I’m really impressed with how less noticeable my scars are!

Star Rating

Rescue No. 1

Anonymous January 15th 2021*

I would have given this 5 stars as my daughter loves it. But we are very disappointed as it didn’t come with the free mini size bottle as advertised.

Star Rating

Rescue One

Megan December 09th 2020*

Been using product for 2 months now and haven’t noticed any difference at all, I have acne scarring and if anything I feel my skin has gotten worse. Such a shame considering all other reviews and pictures look so good. Shame for price and size of the bottle too I was really hoping for a better result.

Star Rating

This thing works!

Alia October 19th 2020*

Such an amazing product! I usually have really clear skin but soon as the lock down started, i got really ad breakouts around my cheeks and jawline. The spots eventually stopped but since i had been touching them loads, they left nasty scars. I came across this and the price seemed very reasonable compared to all the high end ones i had been using. Massive difference in 2 weeks of regular use. A lot of the lighter ones have gone after 1.5 mont of use and the more darker ones are up to 50% lighter. I ordered another one to continue using it. You have to be regular and patient. It definitely worked for me.

Star Rating

Saved my Winter skin issues

Jerry October 01st 2020*

I always get really rubbish skin in the winter – central heating causes havoc and i get red sore patches and break outs. A friend recommended Rescue and I am really impressed. Its taken all the redness down and stock my skin feeling sore – long may it last!

Star Rating

Helps me with Mask issues

Claire September 30th 2020*

So glad I found this! I wear a mask for work and I am getting really bad sore patches where it rubs and breakouts – this is helping so much and my skin is much less angry.

Star Rating

So calming!

Linzi September 15th 2020*

It’s been 2 weeks since I started using this product and I can already see my redness from my acne scarring fading already! The green tea extract really helps to soothe the skin and settle it down and I can’t wait to see the progress in another 2 weeks ☺️ just wish it came in a slightly bigger size as I don’t want to run out!

Star Rating

Rescue No. One

Sara June 01st 2020*

I have scars from acne and this cream helped with my scarring on my cheeks and forehead. I found that this helped to improve the texture and depth of my scars.

I will definitely continue using this cream.

Star Rating


Dannii May 15th 2020*

i had a load of red blemishes from spots on my chin and around my nose/mouth and this cream has completely changed that. my skin is clear now and i’ve never been happier with it!! 100% worth the purchase

Star Rating

Amazing product!

Jo May 13th 2020*

Amazing product! I have suffered with bad acne for years and I have been on lots of different medication and tried so many different products but none have worked like this! Seen such good results in a short amount of time, with it not only helping to clear my acne but also helping to clear my scars! I have even been able to come off my medication as my skin is the best it has been in a long long time, thanks Science of Skin!

Star Rating

Rescue one

Zara May 11th 2020*

Overall, works as a great moisturiser. I do have a comprehensive skin-care routine which includes anti-redness/inflammatory ingredients such as niacinimide , so the extent to which I can attribute less reddening of the face is uncertain. However, I do think it aids with inflammation and ‘cools’ down active acne. I have used this on a few pimples that I got, and usually I do see some scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation; this product has significantly reduced it. The only negative thing I have to say is, as someone with sensitive skin, sometimes (although not all the time) the product caused mild tingling. But, overall, content with the product.

Star Rating

Rescue number 1

Julie April 25th 2020*

In our opinion this product helped clear my Sons acne blemishes . He still gets spots but this product has calmed his skin.

Star Rating


Susan April 24th 2020*

Customer service team are amazing and so helpful and the product has worked wonders on my skin! Can already notice a difference

Star Rating


Fatima April 05th 2020*

This is the first time I’m writing a review for a product, because this really does deserve one!
I’ve noticed such a massive reduction in my acne scarring and marks after just using this cream as instructed day and night for a week.
Super happy with the results, my skin is clearing up and I cannot wait to see where this takes my skin in a months time.
Thank you SOS for developing such an amazing product!
Will definitely be repurchasing.

Star Rating


Samantha March 17th 2020*

This product is fantastic!!!!!!
I have suffered with spots since a teenager and am now an adult in my forties and still suffering!!!!
Over the years I have spent a fortune on various products, promising to do wonders and aid my skin to heal better. Many did not work or did little. I have used both Solution for Scars and Rescue No One and have been amazed at the results. These products REALLY WORK well on old and new scars. If I use them on new healed spots, within a week I have no redness at all!!!! It’s really boosted my self confidence as I can see my skin improving daily. Also, I do not feel dread if I get a spot because I know I won’t have the long lasting redness affect.
I highly recommend this product.
Excellent results, if used as instructed.
Brilliant value for money.
Fantastic customer service.
Safe, natural ingredients.

Star Rating

not as good as I thought it would be

Jess March 02nd 2020*

I purchased “rescue no. One” after dm science of skin on Instagram and asking which one to get as I was unsure, around 2 months ago, I get that it will take time but I have seen no improvements in my blemished acne scars. I use it every morning and night and nothing has changed in the scars.

Star Rating

Rescue no 1 Science of Skin

Jane February 26th 2020*

I had seen this advertised on the internet by a woman with acne and I bought it for my daughter who loves it. Too early to see if it improves but it did for the woman.

Star Rating

Great SOS cream!

Mandy February 23rd 2020*

I bought one Rescue No. one cream to try. I was so pleased that I bought another two for future use. I gave one to my brother who was very impressed too.

Star Rating

It’s cleared up my scars

Alice February 20th 2020*

Even after my active red and angry acne calmed down, I was left with a lot of scars, red marks and a really uneven skin tone, and my skin was really irritated for a while so even though my acne had gone I still felt a bit insecure. I started using Rescue No. One and I really noticed a difference after a couple of months. It’s cleared up my scars and made me feel a lot more confident. I can go out without make up now.

Star Rating

Extremely pleased.

Mandy February 09th 2020*

Great product. It started working from the first time I put it on my face. I have introduced it to my brother who also has seen benefits. Would recommend.

Star Rating

Rosacea acne flare up

Nicole January 20th 2020*

I have rosacea acne and was looking for a product to reduce the redness and scarring from previous rosacea acne flare ups so that my cheeks were not as prominently red. I invested in this product as I’d seen some brilliant reviews and before and after pictures online and through my friends, and tried many other products with no good results. I’m loving the progress so far and am looking forward to continuing use of the product with my usual skincare routine!

I’ve found the solution!

Alisa October 17th 2019*

Hey guys, just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve been using your SOS rescue no.1 for spots and scarring and it’s improved my scars tenfold! I’ve been so self conscious about them and I’ve found the solution!

Star Rating

I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use. 

Gillian August 27th 2019*

Firstly I loved the texture, smell and lightness of the cream.
The areas I focused on were my face and décolletage where I have a lot of acne scars.
To begin I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use.
The uneven skin tone in my chin has also improved immensely.
The scars have significantly improved and lightened.
Overall I was very impressed with the difference using the product made, particularly on my décolletage, I feel I need to use it for longer to see the same results on the areas of my face. So I would certainly carry on using it.

Star Rating

the redness/marks on my skin have reduced

Jade February 26th 2019*

I have loved using the cream morning and night, I have noticed that the redness/marks on my skin have reduced and it is keeping my breakouts to a minimum. I love that it is a lightweight cream, as I have acne prone skin, I hate putting heavy products on my skin as I feel like I’m clogging my pores up! It’s a great product.

Star Rating

Amazing Difference To My Skin

Anonymous February 22nd 2019*

It’s improved the quality of my skin and taken down the redness of the scarring after 3 weeks – can’t wait to see the results in 2 months.

Star Rating

It has shown massive changes to my skin

Harvey February 22nd 2019*

My first thoughts of the product are that it is excellent, only a couple of weeks using it has shown massive changes to my skin, and it does not dry my skin out like other products I have tried have done.

Star Rating

My redness has gone down

Charlene February 19th 2019*

I like the product so far my redness has gone down a little bit.

Star Rating

My skin feels amazing

Vicky February 19th 2019*

I can see results already and my skin feels amazing in the morning when I wake up.

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