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The Sun The Sun

"SOS Solution For Bites is a vegan-friendly rollerball. Great if you don’t want to use synthetic products. It contains soothing aloe vera and EGCG – a natural wonder derived from green tea, proven to reduce irritation."

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Daily Mail Daily Mail

"Several studies suggest aloe vera and EGCG have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so it makes sense that this lotion will reduce inflammation from the odd small bite."

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""Try these stretch mark reducing creams and oils""

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Daily Mirror Daily Mirror

"As the scar has improved and I’ve become more comfortable with how it looks, and I decided to start training again. It has helped with my physical confidence."

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The Sun The Sun

"It [the cream] has changed my life. It has reduced the redness and the scar is healing so much smoother and softer like normal skin."

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Who What Wear Who What Wear

"I've seen great results since using this"

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Women’s Health Women’s Health

"Ultimately, people heal in different ways; it depends on the type and severity of scar, plus, age will play a factor."

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Daily Express Daily Express

"If you only buy one thing this week..."

The Telegraph The Telegraph

"After a month, it was incredible: you could hardly see it. Six weeks later, my daughter Francesca couldn’t even see it. Now I struggle to remember which side it’s on."

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Brides Magazine Brides Magazine

"infused with oils to nourish, smooth and protect and green tea extract to even out skin tone"

Mother & Baby Mother & Baby

"We asked Douglas McGeorge, Founder of Science of Skin and one of the leading surgeons in the UK, all your caesarean scar-related questions"

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Woman’s Own Woman’s Own

"It worked for me"

Inside Soap Inside Soap

"This hydrating, anti-stretch mark work to soothe and moisturise you and your bump"

My Baba My Baba Read the full article Xpose Xpose

"4 aftercare tips for new mums like the Duchess of Cambridge recovering from a third birth"

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My Baba My Baba

"New products for Mamas and Mamas-to-be"

Daily Express Daily Express

"Just the tonic!"

Beauty Junkie London Beauty Junkie London

"Been stalking this brand on social for ages so really excited to try them out"

Daily Express Daily Express

"‘Stretch marks cream fit for a royal baby? The £25 CURE to banish baby bump scars’."

Viva Manchester Viva Manchester

"With over 134 5* reviews this exciting invention has proved to reduce the appearance of scars"

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Natural Health Natural Health

"‘What’s the Alternative: Scarring’"

Daily Mail Daily Mail

"Q: My sister is about to have breast surgery (a lumpectomy) and I want to find something to help with the healing process. Is there anything you recommend? "

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Hello magazine Hello magazine

"Scar solutions. If you are undergoing radiotherapy or breast surgery, these can help minimise your scars."

Mother and Baby Mother and Baby

"Developed by a team of scarring experts, you might flinch at the price tag, but rest assured, this has been carefully developed taking the very best from science and nature. A great product if you’ve had a c-section, the cream contains a naturally active green tea extract that is said to shrink scars by 40%. "

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Beige and Blush Beige and Blush

"This powerful pocket solution tackles bites fast, working with your skin’s own recovery processes.​ Combining effective, scientifically proven ingredients, it’s a fast-drying, no-mess formula in a small, handy rollerball applicator, which offers your family quick relief after being bitten."

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Reveal Reveal

"Beat those bites"

Bella Bella

"Science of Skin's SOS Solution for Bites - the pocket-sized roll-on contains soothing extracts of green tea and aloe vera."

Country Wives Country Wives

"And WOW does it work…..instantly!"

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Purple Pumpkin Blog Purple Pumpkin Blog

"Baby Shower Gift Guide for Mummy-To-Be & New Baby "

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Mail on Sunday Mail on Sunday

"Turning over a new leaf: How a cream containing green tea could help scars become less red, thick and itchy "

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Daily Mail’s Beauty Bible Daily Mail’s Beauty Bible Read the full article Balance magazine Balance magazine

"If you are prone to being bitten by mosquitos, calm the itch with natural plant extracts, including EGCG and aloe vera"

Vevivos Vevivos

"What I really like about this particular bottle is that it is a spray delivery system. This means that there is no oily residue to contend with – unlike other products I have been using – as it’s quickly absorbed into the skin."

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The Treatment Tester The Treatment Tester

"I have been using the cream twice a day when I get out of the shower morning and night. It is not tacky and dries nicely on the skin so I can put my clothes on after application. I have noticed the scar on my leg reduce in redness"

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Health & Fitness Health & Fitness

"A phytochemical in green tea has been found to reduce the redness and thickness of scarred skin after 14 days of topical application."

Daily Mail Daily Mail

"Scar creams such as this act as a skin barrier, and green tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant. I applied this to an inflamed area of my own skin and the next morning it was completely settled."

Aesthetic Medicine Aesthetic Medicine

"Proven to significantly reduce the redness and thickness of a scar in just two weeks"

People’s Friend People’s Friend

"Two top cosmetic surgeons have teamed up to develop a scar treatment cream which helped heal damaged skin tissue"

Woman’s Weekly Woman’s Weekly

"Scar cream helped my daughter's skin heal"

Beauty Magazine Beauty Magazine

"We asked a team of experts to explain the key issues that can affect expectant mothers, and share their advice to overcome them."

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Irish World Irish World

"To feel more confident about your post-baby body, why not try Science of Skin’s Solution for Stretch Marks to tackle any marks left behind after pregnancy. "

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Tatler Tatler

"do accept his own Solution for Scars ointment that he sends you home with after surgery (it helps with redness and itching)."

Your Wellness magazine Your Wellness magazine

"Solution for Scars improves not only the look but also the symptoms of red, swollen, itchy scars - however old or new they are"

Bargain Beauty Blogger Bargain Beauty Blogger

"We've tried it on acne scarring and it's pretty impressive"

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Affinity Magazine Affinity Magazine

"This month's must have gifts and accessories "

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Daily Mail Daily Mail

"lab tests have shown the cream could reduce the scars by up to 40%"

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Mother & Baby Mother & Baby

"Science of Skin would now be my recommended ‘go to’ brand to use to nourish your skin pre and post pregnancy."

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Saga Magazine Saga Magazine

"It helps to reduce the appearance of newly formed scars"

The Sun The Sun

"Mum tells of miracle cream that left her young daughter with extreme chicken pox scar-free"

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Vegetarian Magazine Vegetarian Magazine

"Science of Skin develop solution-focused skincare remedies using naturally active properties of green tea extracts."

Mother & Baby Mother & Baby

"If you are pregnant, protect yourself from stretch marks with Science of Skin, Stretch Mark Defence"

Tatler Tatler

"Enhances the skin's reparative response, controls irritation and promotes recovery"

Daily Express Daily Express

"A proven formula that was developed by a UK plastic surgeon"

Running Fitness Running Fitness

"A natural proven formula which supports the skin's structure at the first signs of stretching and helps reduce redness, irritation and itchiness"

Daily Mail Daily Mail

"Scientists claim they've finally cured stretch marks - with green tea!"

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Inspire Magazine Inspire Magazine

"Recently had an operation and concerned about scarring? "

Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine

"We have only ever had this result from a cream that cost a staggering £335. This is well worth 40 quid."

Weekly News Weekly News

"My eczema scars were scaring kids"

Baby London Baby London

"A Dream Cream"

Staffordshire Living Staffordshire Living

"Plastic Surgeon Turns Back on Silicone World First: New Studies shows effectiveness of natural substance scientifically verified to shrink scars."

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Aesthetics Magazine Aesthetics Magazine

"Solution for Scars aims to minimise scars before they establish."

Mail Online Mail Online

"Scars Shrink with Green Tea"

Mail on Sunday Mail on Sunday

"Skin cream containing green tea has been shown to reduce scars."

Surrey & London Times Surrey & London Times

" 10 Beauty Products you need in your life RIGHT NOW."

Angels & Urchins Magazine Angels & Urchins Magazine

"We just love this new topical treatment for scars, from bumps and scrapes to burns and itchy chickenpox scars."

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