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Top UK medics launch new skincare brand which harnesses the ancient healing powers of green tea

Two of the UK’s top medical experts have joined forces to create a new skincare brand which harnesses the ancient healing powers of green tea.

Science of Skin was founded by award-winning cosmetic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge, and Dr Ardeshir Bayat, an acclaimed skin biologist, based at the University of Manchester.

Their ground breaking research discovered that a specific active green tea changes the way the body heals itself at a molecular level.

Whilst green tea has been consumed in the Far East for generations and is traditionally recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, the Science of Skin team discovered it also shrinks scars and stretch marks. It also reduces the redness and irritation caused by a variety of skin complaints from chicken pox to insect bites and sunburn.

This led to the launch of their new skincare range which includes Solution for Scars, Solution for Stretch Marks and Stretch Mark Defence.

Solution for Bites is due to launch in 2017 along with the Science of Skin – No.1 Range, which is aimed at the adult acne market and includes a treatment moisturising serum, Micellar Cleanser and intensive treatment mask.

The skincare range has developed a cult status among beauty bloggers worldwide and was described in British newspaper, The Sun, as “miracle cream”.

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, one of the most published clinician scientists worldwide on the topic of wound healing in human skin, wanted to find a solution that combined the best that science and nature could offer.

He said: “Although the inclusion of green tea may seem common, it’s an ingredient made up of many different compounds.

“We’ve been developing the research into various individual components of green tea and, following exhaustive experimentation; we identified a particular extract, which is the key active ingredient in our products.”

Douglas McGeorge, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, added: “Our research has broken the mould when it comes to effective products to make a significant difference in the successful management of skin care problems.

“Our products work differently and far more effectively than some of the existing products on the market. Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – and we now have the scientific evidence to back it up.”

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