What can Solution for Scars™ cream be used for?

Solution for Scars™ cream can be used for any scars that are symptomatic (red, sore, irritable). It is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars and reduce the thickness and redness of scars. Use on surgical scars, chickenpox scars, acne scars, laser surgery scars, burn scars, cuts and grazes.

What type of scar would benefit most?

Solution for Scars™ is for treating all types of scars, but its active ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of any scars, new or old, that are symptomatic (red, sore, irritable).

Can Solution for Scars be used on babies?

Yes, Solution for Scars™ can be used from birth and is suitable for babies. Please note, do not use the cream on the nappie area or any open wounds.

What are symptomatic scars?

Symptomatic scars can be new or old but they remain red, sore, irritable.

What does Solution for Scars™ do and how does it work?

Solution for Scars is a scar treatment cream that works to reduce the appearance of symptomatic scars (red, sore, irritable). Our special formulation takes a particularly active Green Tea extract that cleverly works to support your skin and has been clinically proven to reduce some scars by over 40%.

Is it safe to use on sensitive skin or near eyes?

Yes, all our products are alcohol, fragrance and paraben free and certified by the Vegetarian Society. You will find a list of ingredients on the product, so please check to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them.

Be gentle when you massage the cream in and be careful to avoid getting it in your eye, as it may cause irritation.

Does Solution for Scars™ work on old scars?

If the old scars are still symptomatic i.e. red, sore, irritable then they should respond well to Solution for Scars.

We don’t rule out scars of any age but it’s unlikely that using the product will make much difference to very mature scars that are no longer symptomatic (red, sore, irritable).

See case study of 20-year-old scar treated with Solution for Scars (https://www.scienceofskin.com/before-and-after/emma/

Can you use Solution for Scars™ on an open wound or after an operation?

You can start using Solution for Scars as soon as your skin is intact. So if your wound has healed and once the stitches are out, it’s the perfect time to start application.

Does it work on acne scars?

If your acne scars are symptomatic (red, sore, irritable) in any way then they should respond well to Solution for Scars.

Read a review of acne scars treated with Solution for Scars here https://www.scienceofskin.com/reviews/very-good-results/

Can you use this product on radiation scars?

If your radiation scars are still symptomatic (red, sore, irritable) then they should respond well to Solution for Scars.

Read this review from a consultant surgeon, who used it after breast cancer treatment https://www.scienceofskin.com/reviews/highly-recommend/

How long should I use the product for?

We advise applying 2-3 times a day but the levels of the active ingredients in the product are very high, so a small amount goes a long way.

What is the shelf life of Solution for Scars™?

It is safe for you to use for 6 months after opening.