Yvonne* - Burn scar

Yvonne suffered nasty burns and blisters after she accidentally spilt boiling hot fat from a tray of roast potatoes onto her leg.

Her doctor told her it would take two years for her scars to fade.

Yet after only one week of using Solution for Scars, she had achieved incredible results.

A specialist has told me that it will take two years for my scars to fade yet after just over one week using Solution for Scars the results are incredible. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product I am very hopeful that I will not be left with any scars. Yvonne Hill

NOTE: The before image from this case study is from when the trauma happened. Solution for Scars should not be applied to open wounds, weeping burns or broken skin and it should not be used on a sutured wound until all stitches have been removed.