Teresa* - Graze

Our customer Teresa got in touch to tell us how Solution for Scars helped after her son suffered an accident, which left him with multiple cuts and grazes across his legs.

He had also suffered deeper wounds to his knees, as these graphic images show.

After using Solution for Scars, once a day, Teresa contacted us to share the “impressive” results.

My son had an accident on 16 July resulting in numerous cuts and scratches on his arms and legs as well as deeper wounds on his knees. On my recommendation, he started applying sos to his legs, about a week after the accident, avoiding the knee area as these needed daily dressings. At first he was reluctant to use the product but preferred the texture and how easily it was absorbed without leaving a greasy residue, unlike Bio-oil. It also helped stop itchiness. He only applied it once daily despite my advice to use it more often but the healing has been impressive as the photos show. He is very pleased with the results and will now also use it on his knees as the wounds are closed. Teresa

NOTE: The before image from this case study is from when the trauma happened. Solution for Scars should not be applied to open wounds, weeping burns or broken skin and it should not be used on a sutured wound until all stitches have been removed.