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Nina* - Scar

Five-year-old Nina was injured when a metal bar punctured her face, in an accident on a bus on holiday.

Mum Michelle Price feared her daughter Nina could be scarred for life after she was rushed to hospital needing five stitches in her face, after she was sent ‘flying’ and landed on her face with the metal puncturing her chin, in Kos, Greece.

I thought it was going to scar her for life. It’s an L-shaped wound, which was quite visible on the left side of her chin. I was worried it would be a constant reminder of what happened. Nina was quite traumatised afterwards, she didn’t sleep and she still has nightmares about it, and she doesn’t want to leave my side. It’s such a relief to see the scar fading. She’s got such a beautiful little face and I was worried about when she grows up that you’d still be able to see it, but now I don’t think you will be able to see it. I just can’t believe how fantastic the results are. We call it the magic cream and so does Nina, for me it really is a miracle to see the difference compared to how it was in the beginning. I’ve read that it usually takes seven months to two years for a scar to effectively heal but this has been a really dramatic result, and I’m seeing it change every week it’s getting better. At first people look at you like: What happened to your daughter’s face? Now people are commenting on how well it’s healing. Michelle Nina's mum

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