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Gillian* - Acne scar

Gillian tried out our Rescue No. One to tackle acne scars on her face and chest area.

Firstly I loved the texture, smell and lightness of the cream.  The areas I focused on were my face and décolletage where I have a lot of acne scars.  To begin I found the texture of my skin particularly on my décolletage to be smoother after just 7 days of use.  The uneven skin tone in my chin has also improved immensely.  The scars have significantly improved and lightened.  Overall I was very impressed with the difference using the product made, particularly on my décolletage, I feel I need to use it for longer to see the same results on the areas of my face. So I would certainly carry on using it.  Gillian

Love Your Skin

Natural · Cruelty Free · Vegan

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