Andy G * - Scar

Lifeboat volunteer, Andy, suffered a horrendous gash to his leg in a freak surfing accident.
After the fin of his surf board ripped into his leg, he needed multiple stitches and, unfortunately ended up with a nasty infection too.
Once the wound had healed over, he started using Solution for Scars.
After only a few weeks of treatment, the large, raised and sore wound had shrunk, flattened out and left only a light pink discolouration, which is continuing to fade with further treatment.*

I thought I was going to be left with a really gruesome scar, but it's just discoloured skin now. The cream is really good and really worked. Andy G

NOTE: The before image from this case study is from when the trauma happened. Solution for Scars should not be applied to open wounds, weeping burns or broken skin and it should not be used on a sutured wound until all stitches have been removed.