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Our cult scar treatment cream combines the most effective ingredients from science and nature to help reduce the appearance of scars, reduce discomfort, soothe irritable scars and lessen redness. Solution for Scars’ powerful formula contains a naturally active green tea extract that is scientifically proven to shrink some scars by 40%. Paraben and fragrance free.

Tackle stretch marks as soon as they appear with Solution for Stretch Marks, especially formulated for mums. Developed by our team of skin and scarring experts, this formulation works by combining active green tea extracts, highly moisturising natural ingredients and vitamins C and E.

Before & After

Anne* Anne* Anne* - Scar

Anne used Solution for Scars after undergoing surgery for a melanoma o...

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Samina* Samina* Samina* - Burn scar

Samina used Solution for Scars to treat burn scars to her arm followin...

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Yamina* Yamina* Yamina* - Acne scar

I have been struggling with acne for about 3 years and I always though...

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Yuzra* Yuzra* Yuzra* - Acne scar

Yuzra used Solution for Scars to treat acne scars on her face. ...

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Dizzy Brunette* Dizzy Brunette* Dizzy Brunette* - Acne scar

Blogger, Dizzy Brunette, used Solution for Scars to help with the side...

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Anna* Anna* Anna* - Acne scar

This is my progress of the Solution for Scars after just one bottle. ...

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Olivia* Olivia* Olivia* - Acne scar

I have used SOS for over a month now and although the photos don’t d...

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Eunice* Eunice* Eunice* - Scar

I have scars from the removal of some skin lesions/cancers. Here are m...

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Lydia* Lydia* Lydia* - Acne scar

Definitely seeing a big difference in my acne scars one month on. They...

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Loulabelle Rose* Loulabelle Rose* Loulabelle Rose* - Acne scar

I was very kindly gifted a product designed specifically for scarring ...

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Jenny* Jenny* Jenny* - Scar

Jenny suffered a nasty injury after she fell over, causing her teeth t...

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Louise* Louise* Louise* - Scar

I had breast reconstructive surgery in April following a mastectomy to...

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Cliona* Cliona* Cliona* - Acne scar

Cliona had scars on her face as a result of acne and also a previous c...

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Leigh* Leigh* Leigh* - Scar

Leigh used Solution for Scars after undergoing a hair transplant, whic...

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Tommy* Tommy* Tommy* - Scar

I purchased Solution for Scars about five months ago and have been us...

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Danielle* Danielle* Danielle* - Acne scar

Danielle suffered severe, hormonal acne which left her with scars acro...

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Sue Hutchinson* Sue Hutchinson* Sue Hutchinson* - Chicken Pox scar

My daughter (5) had 2 very bad patches of chicken pox on the back of h...

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Lesley Van Hoey Smith* Lesley Van Hoey Smith* Lesley Van Hoey Smith* - Scar

I am amazed how well this has changed the appearance of the scar and c...

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Georgina B * Georgina B * Georgina B * - Stretch Marks

After having my beautiful son in October I was left with lots of tummy...

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Alex Baker * Alex Baker * Alex Baker * - Acne scar

I have always had theses spots but they pop and scar, I have been to t...

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Harry Amelia * Harry Amelia * Harry Amelia * - Stretch Marks

Big Brother star Harry Amelia described the stretch marks on her stoma...

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Sheila * Sheila * Sheila * - Scar

I first used Solution For Scars at the beginning of the year when I su...

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Steve – cancer biopsy * Steve – cancer biopsy * Steve – cancer biopsy * - Scar

Steve underwent a biopsy for suspected thyroid cancer and was shocked...

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Gillian – surgical scar * Gillian – surgical scar * Gillian – surgical scar * - Scar

Gillian used Solution for Scars after having stitches removed followin...

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Lucy * Lucy * Lucy * - Stretch Marks

Lucy, from Preston, contacted Science of Skin for help with the stretc...

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Helen * Helen * Helen * - C-Section Scar

Blogger Helen had a large, 5-year-old Caesarean scar, which was very r...

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Mark * Mark * Mark * - Eczema Scars

Mark used Solution for Scars on a long-standing eczema condition. R...

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Martha * Martha * Martha * - Chicken Pox scar

Emma, a marketing consultant from Lancashire, used Solution for Scars ...

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Emma* Emma* Emma* - Burn

Emma, from Lancashire, had a large, red scar on her arm after sufferin...

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Beauty blogger, LittleMehrBlog * Beauty blogger, LittleMehrBlog * Beauty blogger, LittleMehrBlog * - Stretch Marks

Our products helped this 20-year-old beauty blogger, whose stretch mar...

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Emma * Emma * Emma * - Burn scar

Emma, from Lancashire, suffered a nasty burn after an unfortunate enco...

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Emma *

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