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The back to school “boo boo” fixer

The back to school “boo boo” fixer

The last days of the summer holidays may seem like a lifetime ago as many of us begin the great big, back to school preparations.

Buying the latest school shoes (which we all know will only last 24 hours before they are scuffed beyond recognition), sewing name tags onto EVERYTHING and the annual trip to the stationary shop to buy the latest must-have pencil case, felt tip pens, compass and protractor (both of which I have no idea, what they are actually for).

This year, we suggest you also stock up on our new, bathroom cabinet essential, Solution for Scars.

If your children are anything like ours, then we expect that as well as coming home from their first days at school with the aforementioned scuffed shoes, they will also return with scabbed knees and all manner of scrapes and grazes.

As the name suggests, it was originally developed to treat scars by our founders, Dr Ardeshir Bayat, internationally-renowned skin and wound healing biologist and  leading cosmetic surgeon, Douglas McGeorge.

However, it can also be used for grazed knees, chickenpox, acne scars, minor burn scars, for reducing the itchiness from insect bites and it works wonders on sunburn too.

It contains a unique and potent extract of green tea called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, but more commonly known as EGCG.

It is nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant and has a significant impact on our skin’s healing processes.

Our research has found that EGCG reduced redness, soreness and excessive irritation.

It’s initials are not SOS for nothing, you know!


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