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Scientists claim EGCG can also significantly improve post-adolescent acne

Scientists claim EGCG can also significantly improve post-adolescent acne

By Dr Ardeshir Bayat, internationally-renowned skin and wound healing biologist and co-founder of Science of Skin

Science of Skin was founded after myself and my team at the University of Manchester uncovered the remarkable wound healing properties of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a unique and powerful extract of green tea, when applied as a topical to skin scars.

For years, we have been investigating the properties of this incredibly powerful substance, which has become the signature ingredient in all our products.

Recently, we have been particularly interested in the work of scientists, from the School of Medicine at the National Yang-Ming University, in Taiwan, who claim to have proved that even ingested (oral form) EGCG also improves acne in humans.

The results, which were published recently, found that “Acne Lesion counts decreased with green tea on the forehead, cheek, perioral area, and chin. These were evaluated to be statistically significant over the 4 week period.”

As part of the trial, 118 women, aged 25-45, were given either a capsule of decaffeinated green tea, or a placebo, three times a day before meals.

The results of this trial are particularly interesting to us as it builds on the trials we have been conducting ourselves, which have proven how beneficial EGCG is to skin health.

In 2016, in an award-winning double blind randomised clinical trial, we demonstrated that EGCG, significantly reduced both thickness and redness in human skin scarring.

Our clinical trial involved 20 volunteers, all of whom had a small punch biopsy wound created on the inside of both of their left and right upper inner arms. The wounds were identical in size and also placed in the same position on both upper arms.

Over a period of two weeks, one arm was treated with EGCG and the other with a placebo (also randomized to account for handedness).

The scars treated with EGCG shrank significantly over the 14 days, whereas the scars treated with the placebo only reduced in thickness by 3%.

What both these studies demonstrate is that EGCG is clearly one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants, which is one of the reasons it has such a significant influence on skin health.

You can read more about how one of our customers, who was suffering from severe hormonal acne, used Solution for Scars, which contains EGCG, to successfully treat her skin, by clicking this link






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