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Science of Skincare: Why do insect bites itch?

Science of Skincare: Why do insect bites itch?

In the latest of our myth-busting, Science of Skincare blogs, our co-founder and one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Douglas McGeorge, gives us the lowdown on insect bites.

Why do insect bites itch?

It really depends on what type of insect has bitten you.

Mosquitos secrete saliva when they bite and most people are allergic to this saliva so the itch is part of that allergic reaction.

Some insects, such as horseflies, pierce the skin so the itch is the result of that wound. Mast cells rush in and help to protect the body and create an inflammatory response to the injury. Itching and irritation is caused by histamines release, which is stored in your mast cells.  They are your body’s very own protection squad, helping you to get rid of unwanted guests.

How can I reduce the itchiness?

Use our Solution for Bites treatment, which comes in a pocket-sized roller ball. Roll it onto the affected site and massage the area for a few seconds until it relieves the itch.

How does Solution for Bites work?

Solution for Bites treatment contains our signature ingredient; the active green tea extract, EGCG, which is scientifically-proven to reduce inflammation.  It helps soothe and calm your skin.

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