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The secret superhero ingredient in green tea which helps treat damaged skin

The secret superhero ingredient in green tea which helps treat damaged skin

Green tea is one of the most popular “superfoods” on the supermarket shelves today, credited with everything from helping you to lose weight to reducing heart disease.

What is less well-known is that it contains a secret ingredient, which scientists have discovered has an incredible healing effect upon the human skin.

EGCG is an active ingredient in green tea which has extraordinary antioxidant properties and is scientifically proven to reduce some scars by up to 40%.

Our company  was born as the result of four years of research at the University of Manchester, investigating the healing powers of EGCG. We have focused our attention on how this active green tea extract affects the way the body heals itself.

Science of Skin developed the first commercially-available skincare products which contain EGCG designed to cross the skin barrier.

Our first product, Solution for Scars, dramatically improves the appearance of scars.

This green tea-based cream actually changes the way the body heals itself at a cellular level, switching off the inflammatory response that leads to abnormal scarring. The skin is allowed to heal without interruption from constant itching and inflammation, resulting in a smoother, less visible scar.

Solution for Scars is used for all wounds, ranging from post-surgery to common day-to-day accidental cuts. It is applied as soon as the wound is closed and it is absorbed through the skin, enhancing the cellular function in both the upper and deeper layers of the skin.

Importantly, it alters mast cells, the cells that release histamine, which is responsible for many of the symptoms of inflammation. This promotion of early intervention has been proven to change the course of the healing process, an exciting new concept that has not been contemplated previously.

This research has broken the mould when it comes to effective skincare treatments. Solution for Scars works completely differently and far more effectively than many of the existing products on the market.

Solid scientific research, harnessing the very best that nature can offer, underpins its development.

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