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Top 5 multi-tasking products every new Mum needs in her bag

Top 5 multi-tasking products every new Mum needs in her bag

I remember very clearly the excitement of going to buy my new baby bag during my first pregnancy.

I have no idea why but the thought of carrying a huge, heavy bag with multiple sections and zipped pockets filled me with joy.

I also remember all the completely ridiculous products and accessories I bought to put in my lovely, new, neat bag, which I had, no doubt, would make motherhood a breeze.

Fast forward a few months after giving birth and the designer, matching bottle warmer & baby change mat had been slung in the bin in favour of a mish mash of nappies, encrusted pieces of unidentifiable food, a million muslin cloths and screwed up, emergency sleepsuits.

With this in mind, I thought it was about time someone told all you Mums-to-be or recent mums what you really need in your baby bag.

Here are our top 5 tips for the best multi-tasking products.

Baby wipes

I am not actually sure how I actually managed in my pre-baby wipe world. Prior to becoming a Mum, I rarely, if ever, bought a pack of baby wipes. Now, every bag I own, inevitably, contains a half-used pack of wipes.

As well as the obvious uses (wiping up after your baby’s various dirty protests), they are also indispensable for all other multi-purpose cleaning requirements. I have used them to clean bird poo off the car, removed caked on mud off my trainers and even once used them to clean the kitchen (admittedly I mistook them for the anti-bacterial wipes, but they seemed to do the trick).

As a beauty brand we should probably not admit to this, but we have also used them on occasions to take off our makeup (although this is not recommended as they are probably not great for your skin).


Ok, this is an absolute staple for your baby bag.

It will soothe a poorly child, calm a teething baby and give every stressed out Mum a sense of reassurance just knowing it’s close at hand in case of an emergency.

I’ve even used the syringe that comes with it as a bath toy because every child will enjoy squirting their mother in the eye with water from it.

Cotton Buds

Again this is another of those bathroom cabinet staples that only really comes to the fore once you have had a child.

Use them to clean your child’s ears, snotty noses and even between their toes (you’ll be surprised how filthy they can get).

They are also great for your own emergency beauty routine as well. Use them to tidy up your messy, rushed nail varnish attempt (soak the tip in nail varnish remover & run around the edge of your nails), apply eye shadow and even smudge your eyeliner for a smoky eye effect.

Nars The Multiple

This is one for the new Mums rather than your babies. Please don’t put makeup on a baby, that would be weird…

As all new Mums know, personal grooming does often take second fiddle to the small task of looking after your little bundles of joy, running your house and working all at the same time.

This wonder product is regularly cited as one of the best-ever, multi-tasking beauty products and with good reason. Use it on your eyes, cheeks, lips or body for a lovely glowing, healthy-looking shimmer.

Solution for Scars

And, of course, you will not be surprised to see our own little wonder product on this list of invaluable, multi-tasking products for all new Mums.

Small enough to slip into your baby bag, this is not just any scar cream. Solution for Scars has multiple uses – help to soothe and quickly heal grazed knees, use to stop your child’s scratching chickenpox, dab on acne to stop it scarring, treat minor burns and insect bites.

I’ve even been known to use it as an overnight facial treatment (wake up to amazing, glowing skin).

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