Forget nappy rash cream for tattoo aftercare, there’s a new breakthrough product on the market

Forget nappy rash cream for tattoo aftercare, there’s a new breakthrough product on the market

If you google the phrase “tattoo cream”, the first product that comes up is a baby’s nappy rash cream.

Nobody seems to know why it works (or who first decided to try it for that matter!)  but tattoo artists up and down the country recommend this as the best aftercare product for freshly-inked tattoos.

I am writing today to suggest a more scientific alternative to you.

One of Science of Skin’s founders is Ardeshir Bayat, a clinician scientist, based at the University of Manchester, and for many years he has been studying how the body heals itself after an injury or wound.

During the course of his studies, he discovered an extract in green tea, which alters the body’s healing mechanisms and drastically improves the appearance of scars.

Besides scarring, the cream also helps with stretch marks, insect bites, sunburn, acne scars, chicken pox and accidental cuts and grazes.

It got the experts thinking, that the science behind the cream would also work as an aftercare product for new tattoos. After all a tattoo is technically a wound, of sorts.

The formulation of the cream speeds up the healing time and also reduces redness and itching.

According to most tattoo artists we have spoken to, itching is the biggest no, no when it comes to aftercare as it can remove the ink from the tattoo and lead to patches fading or disappearing altogether.

How does it work?

Solution for Scars is made with a particularly active green tea extract that is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of scarring.

It contains naturally active ingredients, including magnolia bark, that soothe and calm the skin, as well as free radical-fighting Vitamin E.

It also keeps your skin hydrated while it works, containing microalgae and minerals from seawater to keep the skin moisturised.

Solution for Scars is a breakthrough product for tattoo aftercare and will help to speed up the healing process, improve the appearance of your tattoo and ensure there is no fading or ink removal due to itching.

So keep the nappy cream for your baby’s bottom, where it belongs, and try Solution for Scars instead.

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