6 Hacks for Solution for Scars

6 Hacks for Solution for Scars

It may be called Solution for Scars but in reality we should probably have named it “Solution for absolutely any household-based minor beauty/medical problem”

Surprisingly, our marketing team were not that impressed with that suggestion, something about it not being very catchy???

The truth is that Solution for Scars is definitely not just a scar cream. It is the ultimate, keep in your bathroom cabinet, handbag, emergency, cure-all product.

I have half-used bottles in multiple drawers, cupboards and handbags ready to be reached for in most eventualities.

Here are our top 6 hacks for Solution for Scars.

Help to soothe and quickly heal grazed knees

The green tea extracts in Solution for Scars actually alter the way our skin heals itself. It immediately reduces any itching and speeds up the healing process.

Chickenpox treatment

The main reason many people end up with unsightly chickenpox scars is because they have understandably scratched them.

Solution for Scars unique ingredients removes the irritating itch upon application providing immediate, soothing relief.

No more scratching = no more scars.

Acne cream

Just like chickenpox, the main cause of acne scars is due to squeezing or scratching the little blighters.

We know how hard it is to resist the urge to squeeze, so, if you do succumb, then pop some Solution for Scars onto the spot and, hey presto, no scar.

Treat minor burns

We’ve heard some amazing success stories from our customers who have used Solution for Scars to treat minor burns.

Our marketing guru, Emma, burned herself on an oven tray and after slathering herself in the cream, the 3-inch long burn had completely disappeared within a week.

Remember to run the burn under cold water first and then dab on some cream for the best results.

We add the proviso that serious burns should always be seen by a medical professional.

Insect bites

As someone who is a magnet for insects, this use for Solution for Scars has been an absolute game changer for me personally.

In the Summer, my legs are constantly attacked by insects and the bites tend to swell up and the itchiness is unbearable.

One of my colleagues suggested I try Solution for Scars and the results were instantaneous. The itching disappeared immediately and the redness subsided. Within a couple of days the bite had gone completely.


As well as the green tea extract, which is the wonder ingredient which works so well on scars, the cream also contains lots of other goodies for your skin, including microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

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