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The 5 Best Gifts To Buy A First Time Mum (and those to avoid…)

The 5 Best Gifts To Buy A First Time Mum (and those to avoid…)

Pre-baby the best gifts you could buy me would be champagne, chocolate, designer handbags and anything that sparkles (preferably of the diamond variety).

Post-baby the best gifts you could probably buy me are still champagne, chocolate, designer handbags and anything that sparkles (I’ve had a baby not a complete personality transplant!)

However, all joking aside, in those first few weeks of parenthood, you will receive many gifts for both you and the baby (mainly the baby, if I’m being completely honest, they are such limelight stealers).

Here’s the SOS guide to the 5 best gifts to buy a new Mum.

  1. A homemade meal

The nicest gift I received after my son was born was a homemade curry, microwaveable rice, brownies & posh coffee. She’d recently given birth herself so knew exactly what we needed. After days of living off unhealthy takeaways, crisps and chocolate, it was a joy to sit down to something homemade, healthy & simple to prepare. This is my number 1 choice for any new parents.

  1. Babygrows and bodysuits

I know it is so tempting to buy them a newborn football kit or that adorable princess dress but…they will NEVER wear them. What they will wear are lots and lots of babygrows and bodysuits. Admittedly they aren’t the most exciting of gifts but they will be the most practical and well used. Also, if you are feeling flush, buy them a variety of sizes. They will quickly grow out of the newborn size (and some newborn babies are already too big for them in my experience).

  1. A lovely blanket

The gifts I really appreciated were blankets, particularly the beautiful knitted variety. Good quality blankets don’t come cheap but they are the loveliest thing to wrap your child in, knowing they are all snug and cosy. It really is like giving them a cuddle wrapped up in a bow.

  1. Vouchers for M&S (or any other reputable supermarket)

I personally love to cook but in the mad, chaotic, sleep-deprived weeks after giving birth to your first child, there is simply no time to cook. While it is lovely to receive homemade meals, there is only so much Tupperware one fridge can take. Vouchers for their favourite supermarket means the new parent can stock up on their comfort foods, which will be an absolute blessing.


As I said in the intro, your friend or family member has had a baby, not a personality transplant. If pre-baby, they liked to take care of their appearance, then the same will be true post-baby. There’s just a little less time to pamper themselves. Make up a gift box of some of their favourite products and include some of our cult skincare range, Solution for Stretch Marks. Not only will it help them improve the appearance of any niggly stretch marks, the super moisturising formula will help them relax and feel wonderful.

So, that is your guide to the top 5 presents to buy a first time Mum.

But I also promised some advice on what not to buy.

I have only two words to say to you – flowers and Teddy Bears.

Only buy flowers if they already come in a vase. I had no desire, patience or time to start arranging flowers in those first few weeks of motherhood and my heart sank every time I saw an Interflora van drive past my window.

As for Teddy Bears, I could have hosted a Teddy Bears’ picnic for the whole of Scandinavia with the amount we received. I’m ashamed to say some were re-gifted and others went to the charity shop.

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