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Why 30+ Mums need to worry more about stretch marks

Why 30+ Mums need to worry more about stretch marks

By Douglas McGeorge, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and co-founder of Science of Skin.

There are many benefits to having children later in life but one of the downsides is your skin is more prone to stretch marks.

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity, so someone having a child in their 30s or 40s is much more likely to experience visible markings than someone in their early 20s.

Older mothers, who are pregnant with twins, are likely to be the worst affected, as their skin has to stretch so much more.

With glamorous celebrity mothers regularly photographed in swimsuits and bikinis, there’s a natural search by women for treatments to try and maintain the youthful appearance of their tummies and thighs and combat the inevitable toll pregnancy takes on mature skin– namely stretch marks.

As a plastic surgeon, I am regularly asked by my patients for ways to reduce these unsightly marks. Many request surgery after spending hundreds on ineffective over-the-counter products, which yield no results.

Approximately 90% of pregnant women end up with some stretch marks and a recent American study[i] confirmed that women have been ‘wasting their money’ on over-the-counter products that have no scientific basis and do little other than simply moisturise the skin.

It is astonishing to me that, in such a thriving market, there could be so little science behind the popular, mainly oil-based products targeting stretch marks and scarring. Products sell despite published studies proving their lack of effectiveness.[ii]

For several years, I have worked alongside the internationally acclaimed wound-healing expert and skin biologist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, exploring formulas that could be scientifically-proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

We identified active extracts found within the natural compounds of green tea. Research had not been previously reported solely on these specific extracts in relation to stretch marks and abnormal skin scarring (although green tea as a whole can be a common ingredient in other products), so through painstaking, peer-reviewed studies we were able to prove that an active ingredient can radically change the course of scar formation – seeing it reduce some types of scars by up to 40%.

We have spent a long time developing the formula for our new products Stretch Marks Defence™ and Solution for Stretch Marks™, based entirely on ingredients that have a direct impact on symptomatic stretch marks and scars, to offer women a viable, affordable solution which has a basis in science.

These anti-ageing products are scientifically formulated to rapidly and effectively hydrate skin as well as supporting the skin’s structure from the first signs of stretching. In addition, Solution for Stretch Marks™ works on the redness and irritation of already-formed marks to reduce inflammation.

For use throughout pregnancy, Stretch Mark Defence™, is an ultra-fine mist spray for the pregnant bump. The formula offers rapid and effective hydration, whilst delivering actives and oils to support the skin’s structure and help tackle early signs of stretching to derail their progress.

It’s also formulated to act as a relaxing, pampering treatment to soothe and nourish skin. It is light enough not to stain or mark clothing.

Once stretch marks have started to appear, the skin enters an inflammatory phase and as a result it can become red, dry, itchy and uncomfortable.

Where previous treatments offer little benefit other than temporary moisturisation of the upper layer of the skin, the formula in Solution for Stretch Marks™ has been designed and proven to immediately combat this redness, irritation and inflammation, to alter the course of the scar development, promoting smoother healing and reduced visibility of lasting marks.

At Science of Skin, we are focused wholly on promoting better skin health and finding real scientific solutions for better healing.

In contrast to the treatment options on the market, our formula is directed at producing a completely new, improved outcome for the appearance and symptoms of stretch marks.

Early intervention has been proven to change the course of scar formation, a concept that had never been contemplated previously. With these products, we are introducing a brand new solution for healthy, smoother and youthful skin during and after pregnancy.

Solution for Stretch Marks™ (£39.99) and Stretch Mark Defence™ (£24.99) are available via




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